xunsungstory800.jpg.pagespeed.ic.Sp85cDuFR9Joystiq, reporting live from the Tokyo Game Show has an awesome scoop on a story that's sure to make fans of Final Fantasy Tactics [$13.99] fans squeal with glee: Vagrant Story and FFT director Yasumi Matsuno is in the midst of working with Playdek on a new iOS strategy game. It's called Unsung Story, and Joystiq has the premise on deck:

At the Tokyo Game Show, Matsuno explained to us that Unsung Story will be based around nine small countries, each one fighting one another. Matsuno is taking inspiration from the Saxon Britain of the 5th to 8th centuries, an era following the Romans' retreat. As the name suggests, Unsung Story will focus on the more ordinary people of war - the footsoldiers rather than the Eisenhowers, as Goodman put it.

It sounds like things are still in the very early stages, but any sort of alliance between developers making awesome iOS games and developers who have made classics is a very, very good thing. For the rest of the details, swing on over to Joystiq.

  • defunct32

    Please let there be magick, lore, summons, immersive battles and epic storyline!

  • Hiraether

    Finally. Maybe this will help end the most racist of words: Barbarian. Tactics was the true story of Judas, & we expect no less. I changed religions because of tactics. The import of this venture is incalculable. The vast majority are too ignorant to understand and I've yet to read a review that was correct for tactics. If you didn't read the gnostic works or about St. Ajora you failed Final Fantasy Tactics.

    • JJE McManus

      And then people ask me why I don't want to get into the whole FF thing.

      • LCRyan

        Clearly you lack appreciation for the Jupiter judas Laser Dragon. It's all expressed in the Dead Sea Scrolls via Japanese RPGs.

      • XvEsunavX

        Do you have time to hear about our lord and creator Arceus?

    • siveon

      I'm playing FFT right now and I have no idea WHAT you're talking about. It's not about Judas it's about this guy who traveled with the false- oh. You'd think you would hear more about that semi-anti-religion thing. Hmm. Awkward.

  • Bliquid

    Matsuno is the best writer/director/lore creator of Japan, and one of the best in the world.
    He inherited a western taste in world creating, processed it with eastern eyes resulting in unique, intense and"realistic" stories.
    So excited about this, i love this guy more than i love Suda 51.
    And i wet my pants for Suda's games.

  • shaver

    All of the words in that headline are joyous.

  • armilla

    SAY WHAT. I couldn't ask for a better collaboration!

  • Reignmaker

    Who wants to bet that this new "strategy game" is another collectible card game with loads of IAP?

    • JRaynor

      since is playdek and that they haven't done any game full of consumable iaps there is chance it would be good

      On my hand its goes to the watch list is this take at least some desing choices from vagrant story is a must have in my book

  • Peter

    Playdek? FF Tactics director?

  • Peter

    Playdek? FF Tactics? Vagrant Story?
    NOW we're talking!

  • siveon

    Bittersweet news. Yay for iOS users (maybe android?) but boo for everyone else. Unless there's some kind of port to something else. Not impossible, just seems unlikely.

  • 21tigermike

    FML how many RPGs in existence have the formulaic [Final Fantasy + Thesaurus] title?

    Moral of the Story: Don't call your company iRiver if you don't want to be compared to Apple every 30 seconds.