ios7logoAs iOS 7 has finally been unleashed to the masses, lots of little details about the new operating system are starting to surface. One major one that MacRumors has caught wind of is that Apple increased the over-the-air download limit from the previous 50MB to 100MB. This means that you'll be able to download new apps and update apps over cellular service as long as they aren't over the 100MB threshold.

If memory serves correctly, the original cellular download limit started off as 10MB when the App Store was first opened in mid-2008, but was increased to 20MB as many apps and games couldn't squeeze into that original 10MB limit. As years have gone by, games and apps have only become even more robust, especially with the addition of high resolution screens starting with the iPhone 4 and spilling over to the iPad side of things with the iPad 3. Those high resolution assets aren't small, and if you toss in the fact that a game or app might be Universal, then the app has to contain those assets for both the iPhone and iPad versions all in one, increasing its size even more.


As a result, Apple increased the limit once again just last year to 50MB, but it still wasn't quite enough for many apps and games. Lots of times developers have "cheated" around the 50MB limit by offering up a low-res version of their app which is what gets downloaded to your device, but upon launching it the game would then connect online and download a set of higher resolution assets. This could result in a wait time when first launching a new app or game, and in the mobile world where we expect instant gratification, could be an annoyance.

With today's new increase to 100MB, it should solve that problem for a good portion of today's apps that were struggling to slide in under that 50MB threshold. Of course as hardware and software both improve as they have over the last five years, even 100MB likely won't be enough given enough time, but it's definitely a welcome improvement along with all the other new stuff in iOS 7.


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      Good. Now double the storage space on the basic iPhones too so we have room for all these apps.

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        Quit spamming you loser.

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        Did you hit the FLAG? That'll get it dropped... uh, eventually. Theoretically. Maybe.

  • Adams Immersive

    It would be nice to set your own limit in Settings, rather than just on/off--and then if you attempt download something bigger than your own limit, a dialog would pop up asking if you wish to download xxxMB over cellular. Just to help manage data caps.

    • frozendarkness

      Game developers would have a tough time then.

      • Adams Immersive

        But no worse than now, since people would have the same two options they always had: download now, or wait for WiFi. This setting would just help people manage that decision.

      • con4224

        i don't see how it would be hard. already now, people can "set their threshold lower" than the one set by apple by just not downloading apps bigger than x. So actually apple's threshold is just an arbitrary limit to a decision that is otherwise done by the user anyhow.

  • Spudboy

    Very good news.

  • mr_bez

    Good. Now double the storage space on the basic iPhones too so we have room for all these apps.

  • iqSoup

    This is great news!!! Its really hard to fit everything into the 50 mb limit, especially with higher and higher res assets becoming a necessity.

  • GameExp3rt

    Finally I can download those games with 50.1 mb

    • Nekku

      Ye, but now u get stuck on games with 100.1 mb xD

  • Mace

    I am glad that the limit has increased, but I still do not really understand why there has to be a limit at all. I have an unlimited data plan with my mobile provider, so why not let me download as much as I want over 3G/4G?!

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    • darkcheetah

      I'd imagine its like anything with Apple. In order to maintain their perfect OS image they purposely hamper or throttle things that could cause a conflict. Since 3G/4G can stutter and stuttering could cause corruption in downloading apps I'd say they bump it up slightly whenever they feel comfortable their new OS can handle it. It's why Macs have such a vaunted stability rating, which requires them never be allowed to use anywhere near their full potential hardware-wise.

      • con4224

        already now iOS can perfectly handle interrupted downloads, continuing them later. That problem is solved for ages already (also in the desktop world).

      • darkcheetah

        I was more alluding to the fact Apple sets in governing based on what Apple thinks. Not what is logical. I mean, it doesn't make sense to buy a computer for 1000 dollars more than your average PC just to not be able to run it at full capacity, but that's what Apple wants.

      • darkcheetah

        Also as far as desktop is concerned I was talking about the actual hardware of the computer...not the dl capability of the Mac.

    • soundshaper

      I don't see why they had to put a limit for cellular download neither!? Should be up to us users to set this up as we see fit, it's really annoying to have this limit!

    • MidianGTX

      Mobile internet still isn't as stable as regular internet. Some providers are even trying to hold people back from using their phones too much like they would a PC. If everybody ditched their laptops and started downloading gigabytes of data on their phones right now, the bandwidth issues would be atrocious. The people pushing for more mobile internet usage are the ones who don't have to deal with the technicalities directly, as evident by how concerned providers were when Apple decided they want to allow FaceTime over 3G.

      • con4224

        don't how it is elsewhere, but here mobile providers push hard selling 3/4g usb sticks for the use with notebooks/desktops. these do not have limitations like that, so i don't know why it should be different with smartphones.

      • darkcheetah

        There isn't a mobile Internet provider at this point that doesn't slow your speed past a certain cap, that I'm aware of. I mean I guess a trickle is unlimited as long as that trickle keeps pouring, but you're not gonna watch a movie through it.

  • Sloany

    We'll I just managed to download a 159mb update?!?!?