dd_logoA trailer was passed across my desk today for an upcoming game called Double Dynamo, and I thought it was interesting enough to share with you all. Now, keep in mind this isn't the prettiest game around, but I really think the core concept is quite clever. As a row of spheres of various colors and patterns scrolls across the screen, you'll need to tap either "Pattern" or "Color" when either of those two match up in the boxes on the screen. Then there's a mode which combines the two, tasking you with tapping the button for whichever circumstance matches up or both the buttons if they both match up. What's more is that if you tap along to the beat, you can score even higher, adding an almost rhythm game element to it. My explanation is pretty horrible, so it's probably best if you just check out the trailer for yourself.

As I mentioned, Double Dynamo is kind of rough around the edges in the presentation department, but it's not without its charm and I'm really sold on the idea itself. Brings to mind the deceptively difficult Critter Panic [$1.99 / Free] which has broken my brain on more than one occasion. Double Dynamo looks to be even a bit more complex than that, and I look forward to it breaking my brain as well when it launches sometime this month.

  • madmaxmedia

    Look out for my new iOS game- Run and Chew Bubble Gum!! 😉

    This game looks pretty cool-

    • handycapman

      So did the crap I had this morning and you don't see me bragging about it.

      • madmaxmedia

        LOL it was a joke. I mean Double Dynamo looks pretty cool-

  • MiniMe+

    I like how one of the side effects at the end was "laser-sharp focus"