We've known an Angry Birds Star Wars sequel was in the works since July, and last month we learned that you'll be able to play as "The Pork Side" with the Piggies and that Angry Birds Star Wars II would be launching on September 19th. Well, Rovio is getting big time into the countdown to launch, revealing a new tidbit about the game on their blog each day until it's finally out. Today's treat is the actual official gameplay trailer for Angry Star Wars II, which shows some of the new Pork Side characters in action.

In case you missed it, yesterday's surprise was an update for the original Angry Birds Star Wars with 30 brand new levels set on the planet Endor, and in addition to today's trailer we also get a brand new level pack for Angry Birds Space. It looks like the rest of the surprises will be mostly character reveals, but we'll keep an eye on those in case anything truly mind-blowing pops up. Otherwise, saddle up for Angry Birds Star Wars II next Thursday.

  • phonecats

    i really thought you'd be building bases as the pigs and defending the attacks from the birds.

    no lets just throw pigs at birds. jesus.

  • Karzay

    I think it would be more fun playing with the pork side if you could build structures that prevent the Angry birds from killing the pigs.

  • marc0313

    So, we got Infinity Blade III, FIFA, and this next week? Maybe MC5, as well? Hope you're listening Gameloft.

    • Lerandir

      Too many games!!

  • Richietherich

    Dang! General Griveous (misspelled) I'm sold!!! This angry birds is looking yummy for my tum....I mean iPad! And like someone already said there is too many games!! Infinity blade 3 and this are my to buy-list. My debit card is ready...

  • Jeremicci

    When they announced that we'd get to play as the piggies, this isn't what we expected or wanted.
    Ill still buy it...but c'mon...all they did was switch the character animations.

    We want to build a base and defend it.

  • NoonLock81


  • lepke

    I'm done with angry birds.

    • SumoSplash

      Thanks for telling me what I don't care about.

      Really though, if everyone is going to bitch and moan about another Angry Birds game, then why bother with anything about it in the first place? Personally, I think this looks amazing, as I enjoyed the first Star Wars game too.

  • rewyan

    TA may have found out a month ago, but it was actually in some early trailers at least two months ago

  • rabidnz

    Ok if you are a child or someone of very low iq. In fact, its a great test to see hoe smart you are. If you play angry birds , then you arent.

  • gumminator

    Does Red Bird Anakin turn into a pig?