Strap in, as this is a freebie that everyone with a compatible device needs to download. Gameloft's Asphalt 8 [Free] is an amazing arcade racer which we've both posted a glowing review and awarded it Game of the Week. We did a TA Plays too, which you can watch right here:

Yeah, it has IAP, but it's totally optional and buying IAP items basically just fast forwards progress... Which you really don't even want to do because just playing the game is so much fun. You really need to download Asphalt 8 while it's free.

  • Scape3d

    Whoa! Wasn't this just released a couple weeks ago? I'm grabbing this RIGHT NOW! I love the freebie alerts, Touch Arcade.

    • Thunder13

      It was worth waiting for though lol.

  • Bischi777

    Curse you gameloft!

  • kuly113114

    Fuk yeah

  • serjical

    Nothing better than waking up on a freebie alert. This made my day.

  • lr1919

    Up next: Tons of ads and required Facebook integration.

  • Adan Santos

    Crap game, hideous graphics worthy of 2009. Downloaded and DELETED.

    • Garzhod

      If you think that's 2009 graphics, check out the first asphalt...

      • Adan Santos

        Yes, but when the 1st Asphalt was released, there were no retina screens. What's really out of order, is that the screens advertised look retina ready.

      • Shadowking2214

        What device are you playing on? Maybe your device can't handle the full graphics

      • Adan Santos

        iPad 3

    • lanights

      You're just being ridiculous, seriously.

      • Adan Santos

        Seriously ridiculous or ridiculously serious?

      • Jake7905

        A little bit of both it seems.

    • Derprozess

      On iPad 3 look like crap, yeah. But is beatiful on newer devices.

    • ImJPaul

      Couldn't disagree with you more.

      • Adan Santos

        You disagree that it looks shite on my iPad 3???

      • Chester_Copperpot

        Yes. Next stupid question?

    • Jake7905

      Your loss, this is by far the best arcade racer on IOS.

    • SuperSoupy

      Actually it's the best racing game I've ever played on iOS. Graphics are alright man. In any case, gaming isn't about how good the graphics are. This plays better than Real Racing 3 could ever hope to be.

      • Adan Santos

        Yes, it may be, but I can't look at a game on my iPad that doesn't have crisp retina graphics. Yes, I have OCD 😉

      • danielboyz

        Not every little thing is ocd, people tend to forgot that.

  • defunct32

    Not a bad game but I should have waited. Anything free is always good regardless of its initial price.

  • Amenbrother

    Man they put that free real fast.... That kind of sucks. Oh well.

    • Ryan

      It's only free for the weekend. It'll return to $0.99 after this promo is over.

  • mr_wexer

    No one is downloading paid apps anymore... was inevitable

    • Jake7905

      What in the world are you talking about? This was selling very well before it went free.

  • marclimkopi

    great game, dont see a reason not to download! too big perhaps?

    • Jake7905

      That's what she said!

  • serjical

    How to trigger perfect nitro?

    • nooooddy

      Activate nitro then hit the nitro button again while the gauge is red.

      Also, this game is fantastic, download it now.

    • ImJPaul

      The nitro bar will turn part red when you press it once. Press it again when it's the most red. Your nitro will deplete much slower.

  • SerapisB

    Too big, and since multiplayer isn't supported on i4 I'm totally leaving this one be.

  • ollyb123

    great I will get it for free sometimes it's good to wait 😛

  • mirrorme

    If you need to feel excited and have some great expirience in racing game download NFS Most Wanted maybe its the most good racing game out there and plus you dont need to wait,buy,upgrade and fuc*ed stuff like IAP!

    • Chester_Copperpot

      I don't believe there are any timers in this one.

      • mirrorme

        Well I said this because Im shure they will add the freemium element soon enought you will see! We are talking about GameLoft the guys which talk only with and for money!

  • HeroComa

    For the people that's stuck in the past it looks like it's time to upgrade, you can't expect Apple or the developers to keep catering to the low tier models nowadays, accept it.

    • dancj

      I do agree - but I had hoped my iPad 3 would make it two years before it started to count as "old"

  • Morgan01

    How bad is the IAP model in this one? Definitely has a "Freemium" feel to it, especially going free for the weekend so fast after release...

    • Himmat Singh

      The balance is off. Need to grind a lot compared to A7 to progress at a decent pace.

  • khann

    This had freemuim written all over it. When this was released many people commented that they will wait for it so go free. It went free fast.

    • HeroComa

      You don't really need iAP to finish this game if you look at it it's only one currency and no wait times, so clearly this is a premium, the iAP is of you want to advance more in the game.

      • HeroComa


    • Ryan

      It's only free for the weekend. It'll return to $0.99 on Monday.

  • Evolution888

    The mere fact of this game not having timers gate your play time, deserves a download. I feel like i got my dollar out of it already.

    • Evolution888

      And yes, I bought it for a dollar. But i'm only done the first season and halfway through season 2

  • William Clay Surratt

    Man this game is awesome love it yeah I think 2k is better but this game still rocks

  • Richietherich

    I was not expecting this. I kept passing it by the App Store thinking about buying, but since I have a bitter spot for gameloft even a $1 for them was hard to give. If this is good I will restore my respect for them.

  • Chq

    The same boring shit as every gameloft-racer.

  • shawnsavage

    Woke up and saw it free and couldn't believe my eyes

  • shawnsavage

    A moment of silence for everyone who spent 99 cents on it...

  • sakara214ever

    Guys when you say iap is only needed if you want to advance more what exactly do you mean? That without iap i can go to a certain season? Or that i will not be able to finish all seasons with 5 stars?

    • Himmat Singh

      You can play all the way without IAP. But the "balance" is more than a little unfair, especially compared with Asphalt 7. Here, the game is designed such that you need to grind A LOT or well, take the easy way out and buy IAPs.

  • SuperSoupy

    Yeah I got this when it was 69p.

    But don't care. IT'S 69 FRIGGIN' PENCE! I'd happily pay 10 times that for the best racing game on iOS!!!

    Erm yeah, if there's one racing game you need on your device, it's this. Trust me guys it's the real deal. And it's free. FREE! Those complaining about graphics need to get a grip and get over themselves.

    • sakara214ever

      I bought it too bro but i do not care. I haven't played this yet just 2 levels too busy playing junk jack x. But i was just wondering cause it went free now. Can i finish it with all stars and no iaps?

      • Himmat Singh

        After grinding your life away at it, I guess so.

  • goldsushi44

    Why u always wait a bit before buying asphalt lol!

  • ElectromagneticMelaniePulse

    Total grindfest, if a very pretty one. Certainly worth picking up for free, but I'm disappointed in how much time I've spent playing the same races over and over again.

  • MTX2013

    Every time I try to download the game, it says that it can't be downloaded, rigt before installing it. It's so frustrating.

    • marclimkopi

      might not be a problem with appstore bro, check your wifi? i get that sometimes too

    • hourglass

      It's an AppStore problem. My wifi is perfect, but I still have trouble downloading things occasionally.

  • hourglass

    That's a real jerk move, even for Gameloft. Offering a game for free mere weeks after releasing it is just wrong.

    • marclimkopi

      seems like gameloft pissed off alot of people, but hey, its not a permanent price drop, so i guess it isnt that bad? either its a great game for free! no complaints from me!

  • Himmat Singh

    Kinda what you expect from Gameloft...make $2million from 2 million sales in the first 2 weeks...then drop it to free to get all the "whales" (who curiously never pay for apps) to spurge on IAPs.

    Not to mention the fact that balance wise A8 is worse off than A7. The IAPs are less in your face but as you progress the pressure is much more compared to A7.

  • Snipyro12

    My problem with this game is definitely the physics engine. Does anyone else find the drifting REALLY weird? You kind of tap the brake and the car suddenly goes into drift mode and is slippery as hell. NFS: Most Wanted on iOS did it really well and I loved the drifting in that. I haven't been able to get into this at all.

    • Chester_Copperpot

      I find it kind of funky, but I have a hard time with non-sim racers in general.

  • Ramaz1234

    So happy 0.0