screen1136x1136-29Disney's Where's My Water? franchise is an interesting beast, as they somehow managed to turn what normally would just be a throwaway character added for a bit of flavor in an iOS game into an... Actual character in the Disney roster. That's an incredible feat. Starting with Where's My Water? [$1.99] and then moving on to Where's My Perry? [$2.99], Where's My Mickey [$1.99] along with a few other entries, the whole Where's My series has been stupidly popular.

Well, Where's My Water? 2 [Free] is an actual, proper, Swampy-centric sequel to the original. There's over 100 new levels, a challenge mode, Duck Rush mode, and a new free to play pricing structure which hopefully won't be too oppressive. Either way, we positively reviewed the original, which only got better with updates, leaving Where's My Water? 2 squarely in must-try column of my App Store spreadsheet.

  • HelperMonkey

    Downloading, but skeptical. The list of IAPs seems pretty extensive.

    • shaver

      That can be abundance of choice, rather than layered necessity, but maybe I'm too optimistic.

  • shaver

    Am I missing something, or is there no link to the actual game? Don't subject me to App Store search...

    • Eseres

      As soon as you enter the AppStore you should see a image of it on the main page. Klick it and it will take you straight to it 😉

  • DeadGuy427

    Definitely disappointed in the pay-to-play here...I made it to level 3 before being told I could wait 10 minutes for more energy, or pay .99...the concept is so much fun, and the new challenges could really make the game great, but only getting a few levels at a time is making it hard to want to keep going...

  • Flynn Taggart

    If free to play had a face I would punch it.

    • DeadGuy427

      You would probably have to drop .99 for the punch...

    • Th3R3n3gad3

      Haha, isn't Flynn taggert in doom?

  • macslayer118

    Did they drop the levels of the week for the first game? I'm ok with this if they had added them to the second one... But I don't see them.

    Also not a fan of all the Facebook stuff forced down my throat. And the energy? No thanks. I loved playing this game for hours and upon hours and now I can't without paying ridiculous amounts of money? Bad move, Disney. I had no issues with paying $1.99 for unlocking the other stories because they felt like new games. I've done that with all the "Where's My..." titles and would have done the same here

    • Eseres

      I totally agree with you on this Facebook thing. I too feel like they trying to force Facebook on me, and i hate it (AND Facebook).
      Im not getting a Facebook account with a empty friendslist just for a game. Facebook can go and suck it somewhere!

  • Eseres

    I've been playing a few levels now, and i must say i love it! The only downside i can point out at the moment is that energy thing. Its so fun to play and all the sudden you get stopped by the lack of energy. As far as IAP stuff (witch i normaly HATE,) i haven't had the need of spending real money yet. As cool as this game really is, i hope it won't be ruined by the IAP's. This sequel has gone through a nice face-lift since the original, and i really enjoy playing this. As mentioned, i am not a huge fan of IAP's, but in this case i would not let that keep me away from at least trying it. The game is very fun, so i do recommend it. If you should ever face the need of spending real money in it, you can always delete it if you want to. BECAUSE ITS FREEEEEEEEE!!! Enjoy it, people! 🙂

    • timborama

      if you really think it's free, you're sadly misguided.

      Walt is turning over in his grave.

      • Eseres

        And how does that make me misguided by saying its free? If you haven't noticed, it really IS free, so what does that make you?
        I have not spendt one single cent in it yet, and even IF there is a point in the game that makes me have to buy anything to continue, the game is still free.
        Now lets say for the sake of the arguement that if there IS a point in the game where you can't get through because you'll have to buy something, that is another arguement. But the game is still free! And by insulting me for saying that the games is free by calling me misguided, only say that much about your intelligence and really tells me and everybody else how misguided YOU are. I am totally against IAP, but as i wrote earlier, i have not seen the need of spending any money at all so far. I still stand by what i said about the game. The only new thing i've discovered after i wrote that, is that the game kind of tends to crash every now and then. But i belive they'll fix that in a update soon.

        Now, about how Walt is turning around or not in his grave because of this can be so. Personaly, i think that if Walt was alive today, he would probably be smiling when he had seen all the money come rolling in. Don't for a second belive that Walt did cartoons and stuff for free just to entertain you. He liked money and fame just like everybody else on this planet.

  • Karzay

    I don't see why I should have to pay to be a plumber for an alligator. Disney should be paying me.

  • Zaraf

    I won't understand why game devs think adding an energy bar is a good idea.

    • Eseres

      Yeah, its a dumb thing to do. I hate waiting for a long time between every time i want to play.
      I guess thats where the game is going to earn most of its money. But i won't pay for cutting down on the waiting time.
      What really will happen over time, is that people will be tired of waiting so they'll simply stop playing this game and move over to something else instead.

  • Stustaff

    Really enjoying this I think 'where's my wallet 2' is GOTW material.

  • vic_viper_001

    *sigh* Why...? Why couldn't it have just been a normal payed game? Even if Disney had charged the "bankrupting" sum of 2.99 or more, people would still be so excited for a WMW sequel, that they'd be frothing at the mouth and shouting "shut up and take my money".

  • Flare_TM

    Wish I could pay $3/5 and unlock it all

  • Flare_TM

    I do like the improved water physics/graphics though

    • Eseres

      Yes, the game looks alot nicer in this sequel.

  • hemmojock

    The loading times are whack. Whole game isnt very polished. So far i'd much rather play the original game

  • auhsor

    Stupid 'energy bar' concept that let's you play for 30 mins until you pay $1. Stupid - ruins an otherwise good game!