If you're not playing Blitz Brigade [Free] yet, you should really think about reconsidering that. It's a free to play shooter by Gameloft, that feels like a good blend between Battlefield Heroes and a smidge' of Team Fortress 2. The latest update adds capture the flag mode, and of course, Gameloft released a trailer showing this fact off:

We gave the game 3.5 stars when we reviewed it, and really, it has only gotten better since then. Gameloft consistently has some of the best multiplayer in first person shooters these days, so you really should check it out.

  • phonecats

    gameloft does not deserve as much coverage as they get on toucharcade.

    they should be paying for this kinda stuff.

    • http://ascii.textfiles.com/ iPadCary

      NOT TRUE!
      Blitz Brigade is one of thier more decent titles!
      Butter-smooth, creamy graphics & LOADS of fun!
      All they need to do is add first-person perspective to the vehicles:

      • Fablalous

        But it runs on freemium..that changes everything.

      • http://ascii.textfiles.com/ iPadCary

        Eh, so what?
        I've been playing BB since it first came out and
        I haven't soent a dime.
        And not spending money hasn't lessened the game
        not one tiny bit.

      • {SQUEEK}

        Agreed. This freemium doesn't stop some one that is a beginner killing and veteran. Play it before you hate it

      • http://ascii.textfiles.com/ iPadCary

        I mean, sure, you can spend a dollar or two
        to upgrade this weapon or that skill.
        What's a couple of bucks for such a great game?
        Spend a little, ya skinflint, ya!

      • Fablalous

        Well,i do admit that gameplay is rather smooth but as a BB player,it frustrates me to have a spender dominating the match with 0 deaths just because of his IAP cash gun 🙁

      • mutts

        It is a total rip off from dice/ea's battlefield heroes.
        And it is Gamelofts strategy to copy known IP's that shows the lack of talent to come up with their own.
        But then again battlefield heroes is misding so this is the next real thing 😉

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      Gameloft games are consistently the most popular games in our community.

  • lr1919

    I deleted the game when I realized I had to be on wifi.

    • iSupah

      Multiplayer FPS? Didn't you read that in the app description? Of course its going to be a Wi-Fi game. Maybe 3g won't work, whats wrong with playing it on Wi-Fi?

    • alex98909

      I deleted since mp didnt work (over wifi) and now ill try it

  • Ramaz1234

    This game is so much fun