We posted our review of 2K Drive [$6.99] earlier today, but to fully understand how clunky the menus are, you've really just got to see them in action. The crazy part is the actual simulation-style racing itself is pretty fun, but, man, those menus deserve whatever the exact opposite of an Apple Design award is. Yeesh.

The Race Face functionality, however, is just as much silly fun as Bloodmasque, so if you have 2K Drive, be sure to make a silly face. And, in actuality, seeing your ridiculous face in game and knowing other people are seeing it almost makes putting up with the menus worthwhile.

  • marc0313

    So if I have RR3, hacked, do I buy this?

    • toxiccheese

      How about you don't hack a game and actually support the dev. Don't be cheap.

      • Tommmy

        How about devs actually try and make the game people would like to support?

      • marc0313

        I don't hack paid games. I have no problem cheating EA.

  • JJE McManus

    Best driver face ever.
    I was really hoping this could be my new racing go-to game. Now I have a splitting headache from that menu setup.
    Have to disagree with you on RR3. Played it again a week ago and the changes they made seem to have made its IAP sink even more onerous. At the very least EA has gone out of its way to point out all the parts of RR3 that are blocked to you 'cause you didn't give them mo'money.
    So come to think of it maybe a total mess UI is a small price to pay along with $7.

  • shaver

    You're thinking of "Android Design Award", Eli.

  • whitestatic

    This is a fundamental problem with gaming. There's a huge lack of UX design in video games. As avid gamers we tend to overlook things like this because we're use to modal commands, modifier keys, etc. Mobile is a completely different animal and you need to invest in education and/or expertise in information design.

    I was thinking about this very thing when checking out Giant Boulder of Death. Freemium snarkiness aside, game originality aside, GBoD suffers horribly from the ability to quickly engage the game. Adult Swim throws up so many barriers between runs that it's impossible to enjoy the game due to clicking through multiple screens (no I don't want to pay to spin, no I don't want to post to facebook, yes I want to start another run, etc). Without turning this into another Freemium-rant, this kind of practice (whether intentional or not) is ruining gaming. Obstacles that interfere with the gaming experience (whether it be ads, annoying social prompts, nested menus, etc) is the quickest path to losing customers. I've grown weary of companies and developers creating a business model and then wrapping a game around it. Or creating a fun game and tripping at the 1-yard line because they didn't think through the final UI.

  • Rothgarr

    Agreed, some of the most confusing menus I've ever experienced. I am never quite sure where to go to access my garage, or how I tell what I'm supposed to do next in the career mode or whatever it's called... The whole menu interface is so laggy on my iPad 3, almost like every screen change must come from their servers.

  • James Gerbino

    This game is one update from goodness. And as far as pricing goes... I just got the special deal offer in my RR3 game... The Porsche RSR for only $60 real cash. People are upset at paying $6.99 for the game but they are ok with RR3's increasingly abusive F2P pricing. Now 2K Drive just needs to stop locking up when a notification banner pops up. I can't tell my friends quit posting to facebook for an hour so I can play 2K drive.

  • dave alberto

    Terrible controls, crap graphics and horrible menus. There, true review done.

  • Rick Moore

    After playing RR3 for about 250 hrs, i am having a hard time getting used to this game. I bought it mainly because I am sick of what EA/FM keep doing to RR3 with every update. My two big gripes with this game are speed and control. Speed: The whole game just feels SLOW. the cutscenes are way too long, everything takes forever to load, and the menus are difficult to get through. It's pretty confusing overall. Control: The steering and braking in this game are on the side of comical. Try and bake hard before a corner and you lock up the wheels and come to a stop almost instantly. In any car. Try and steer out of a oversteer or understeer bungle and you'll find yourself weaving back and forth, bumping into pretty much everything in site. I could never find a comfortable setting for the steering sensitivity. After a few times around a track I could start to pick it up, but it's too much work to have fun. I wish I had waited to buy this game...because I probably wouldn't have.

  • bigjack66

    This game is dreadful it's full of dross like knocking over cardboard boxes and other crap. If you're not online when you level up you don't get your coins and it resets to home screen constantly! You're lucky if you get one race in. The graphics are good but the handlings dreadful even when you upgrade and add a handling boost it still bounces from wall to wall then spins round the only way to stop it is to stop accelerating then the cars behind you smash into you turning you around its a godawful mess of a game!