Yeah, we've already posted a review, and nominated it as our game of the week, but it wouldn't be a huge game release without a proper TA Plays too. Call of Duty: Strike Team [$6.99] is the real deal. It's a great first person shooter, with a really awesome tactical overhead view that allows for complete squad control. Better yet, you can really play through the whole game either, or both ways.

Give this video a look, and grab this game. It's an awesome experience, and switching back and forth between the two game modes is something I'd love to see more of. It's a bit of a bummer there's no multiplayer, but, c'est la vie.

  • rdw2552

    Make it free

    • LOLCAT

      Stop being so cheap

      • Electric Salmon


    • Scot D

      Go play Candy Crush.

  • xx99

    I love that the whole thing can be played in FPS-only or TPS-only. The TPS is so good it could easily be its own game. The FPS isn't bad, but if it were the only way to play this game wouldn't stand out at all. Of course, seamlessly switching between the two views on the fly is incredibly fun and cool.

  • iPadCary

    I didn't like it.
    The controls are wonky & it's too dark.
    And that first-person/drone viewswitch is awkward.
    Waste of 7 bucks.
    Bring on "Modern Combat 5" & "Blitz Brigade 2", please.

    • marc0313


  • DanTheAzn

    I really hope other mobile gaming developers are taking notes! They need more of these games!

  • Taclys

    Being an avid CoD player, the FPS controls irk me. But the third person view is absolutely amazing, I play as much as possible from drones view. It's really fun that way.

  • lepke

    Good, bad, it is a shooter, whatever, TA plays, always good 🙂

  • chriscambell

    Any plans for an Arma Tactics review? I've heard so much about CoD from you guys that I wasn't really interested in seeing a TA Plays after all that. I would love to get your impressions on Arma though.

  • scooter29

    Nice video

  • madreviewer

    I like the new game play however that fps suck, that's not the cod I knew