A few weeks back, Vivid Games announced their latest upcoming iOS release to follow up last year's well-received boxing title Real Boxing [Free]. It's called Godfire: Rise of Prometheus and it's a 3rd-person action adventure based around Greek Mythology and featuring gameplay that looks somewhat similar to Infinity Blade. At least, that's my guess. A just-released trailer for Godfire teases what the game looks like in motion, but doesn't really divulge any specifics as to the gameplay.

Even with just this brief glimpse of Godfire, it's looking pretty promising, especially those massive enemies. The game is slated for an early 2014 release, so it's still a ways off, and I'm sure we'll be seeing many more details surface over the coming months. It also promises to be released as a "premium" title, though in this day and age of the App Store that could mean just about anything in terms of pay model. We'll have to wait and see, but in the meantime stop by the forums to voice your own opinion on how Godfire: Rise of Prometheus is shaping up.

  • Boris Nguetie

    cool but actual gameplay would be better. plus they already said the player will have full control of the character anytime so its a bit misleading to compare it infinity blade.

    • Mauiwoweee

      The game is probably made for the ios controllers cause the game looks more like god of war dont you think? Plus the way the trailer looks. It feels like playing god of war. Which means the game has more control layouts.For examples.... holding L1 and L2 together would make a special attack or L1 with B button to grab the enemy and do a combo on the enemy or to change weapons... I hope it comes to this.... No i think its possible for this game cause the ios controllers are coming out this year and the game is coming out next year and by the look of the game trailer, its possible to say that it will happen next year.

  • gandhimonty

    If it is action adventure like God of war, HELL YEAH...
    But if it is like infinity blade, i m not into it... Cause it gets pretty boring quick...

  • ngajoe

    I'd hate to see all this work on the 'pre-alpha gameplay' trailer fall flat on account of a derivative game in a bloated genre. I really could care less about the fancy gfx for any iOS game at this point (there's a whole sea of 'em); I hope there's some slick innovative gameplay in there somewhere. And I'm sure I'm not the only one about sick of virtual joysticks and WoW/Diablo spellbars...

    ...here's hoping for the best though! Good luck guys, you can do it!

  • klouud

    looks pretty sweet. nice site redesign BTW.

  • ksuther

    That was great!

  • fransoccer


  • Mauiwoweee

    Looks more like god of war to me. I hope it does cause if it is, it would be a five star. But the trailer didnt show enough about it. Better if had a gameplay.

  • lepke

    As a way to hype people, you got me, hope you follow through with actual gameplay :). Got myself a god of war vibe there.

  • Mr2far

    I hate how these amazing looking games never seem to have any time frames for a release date... I love touch arcade and hope in the future they makes these developers give a little more information regarding that. It sucks being a reader and never knowing when a games gonna come out. The anticipation can kill you I say!