728234_largerBaby Nom Nom [$0.99] eats its way into my heart with superior level design and a knack for mind-bending puzzling. Developed by Playrise Digital Ltd., this delicious treat is among my favorites as it combines spatial reasoning with time-attack gameplay.

Nom Nom is a playful and cute puzzler that has the potential to be considered among the pantheon of Angry Birds and Bridgy jones in replay value and overall satisfaction; however, the limited amount of levels keeps me from going head-first into its tasty rice bowl (even if I loved the sample).

Utilizing awesomely responsive swipe gestures, the task is to fill an empty bowl with rice so that the adorable infant can feed his fat face. I find the physics of the rice incredibly cool as it flows like water but can be broken into individual grains that exhibit the same density and fluidity. The challenge arrives when guiding the food supply through a rotating maze of corridors, spiraled teleports, hot lava, and many other obstacles.

Moving the mass of rice is a practice of sheer skill or insurmountable aggravation as those wonderful grains may systematically become separated from spinning the maze. The rotating maze then quickly shifts success into a matter of odds: Can I save a grain without losing the rest of the rice? Or do I save the majority and sacrifice the few?

These two questions determined whether I received 2 or 3 stars and 98.7% or 100% level completion. Ultimately, the risk vs. reward process of manipulating the maze is a great method to learn better ways of saving rice.

Baby Nom Nom’s art style is cool and has some rough edges for its own uniqueness. Animations are rich and there never seems to be a hiccup with the graphical performance that would hinder the precision play. Each stage encompasses a look that is amusing and with a spirited originality that keeps the visuals lock & step with mind-bending gameplay.

What keeps Baby Nom Nom from the reachable pinnacle it should strangle is the limited amount of levels. Even though I sped through the app, I will come back for seconds, thirds, and more. To see how much the TA community ate it up, head over to the forums for more app delicacies.

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  • nburcombe

    Thank you so much for the 4/5 review! Puzzled that our other game Table Top Racing (average 4.5/5 on the store) only scoring 3.5 but there you go...horses for courses. Glad you liked it!

    • lepke

      Can't argue this price and game, nice work 🙂

      Will check out your other games when I got the time.

    • Karzay

      Maybe because Table Top Racing was reviewed by different author with different tastes in games and genre?

      • nini

        No, that's insane!

      • http://www.playrisedigital.com/ nburcombe

        Yeah - thats kinda what I meant with "horses for courses". I do think that a lot of people get the wrong impression of TTR from the first championship. Ive seen countless user reviews change their reviews as they get into the game. Typically it goes something like - "its a bit slow" to something like (and I quote) "Ive been playing this game for 2 months now and I still have to bring my 'A-Game' to beat it - good work developers" - We're all very proud of TTR its a blast - I still love playing it and as any developer knows - if you enjoy playing your own game - you've done a good job. 🙂

      • Karzay

        I understood "horses for courses." My point was that both your games and their scores are not comparable. Personal preference is only part of the reason your games scored differently. They are not even the same genre.

        Sorry to hear you feel your TTR game was underrated. Personally, I don't think TA should score games. Their scores are arbitrary and shouldn't factor into systems of scoring like Metacritic. One author at TA might score a game based on how much he/she likes the game and another might score it based on how much they think the gaming public might like it. In most cases, those two scores are not the same.

      • http://www.playrisedigital.com/ nburcombe

        Concise and I agree 🙂

  • http://www.nitrome.com/ Nitrome

    Well at least you got a review...they covered our game Icebreaker 4 times including twise after launch but then never actually reviewed it. It looked from the TA plays that it was going to get a good review too...very gutted about it!

    • http://www.playrisedigital.com/ nburcombe

      Nice game - I enjoyed it.

  • Uncopyrightable

    Does the title of this article go to say that babies are tasty and less filling?

    I just woke up and found this... Odd.

  • http://www.yepi1.info/ Yepi

    it reached higher values ​​in the table top racing

Baby Nom Nom Reviewed by Marquice Johnson on . Rating: 4