Podcast-Illustration-0121We really liked how last week's episode of The TouchArcade Show turned out with iOS developer and Cooler Ranch Doritos expert Mike Meade, so we snagged him again for this week. Since the two big games, Call of Duty: Strike Team [$6.99] and 2K Drive [$6.99] hit after we recorded, we shifted gears from talking about tons of games to talking more about our hopes for surprises at the keynote ranging from iOS 7 controller stuff, to an Apple TV SDK, and other pie in the sky dreams like the mysterious (and potentially totally non-existent) iWatch.

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  • HeroComa


    • searching8442

      No Xbox one

      • daniel5457

        No, PS4.

      • TheSoldierAnt

        No, XBOX ONE

      • swisssk8er1

        No, PS4

      • Rivalsan

        After enjoying both the Xbox and the Xbox 360 I'm switching camps. Yes, PS4.

      • themostunclean


      • JJE McManus

        AppleTV with App Store

      • gamefreak23


  • lepke

    Yeah another episode ๐Ÿ™‚

    Keep up that great work.

    On topic, please tell me iWatch is not a stupid take on the stupid smart watch by Samsung?!

    As for next gen consoles, only something unique could make me buy ie a PS4 if it perhaps came with something like oculus rift feature for gaming. If not there is no reason to get one over an iOS device or PC. Still not impressed with Apple TV but I have hopes that will change and make me get one.

    • 21tigermike

      "On topic, please tell me iWatch is not a stupid take on the stupid smart watch by Samsung?!"

      Most likely the Samsung watch is a 'stupid take' on an Apple Rumor. Much like Ballmer's embarassing 'Slate' presentation prior to the iPad announcement.

      • http://rekzkarz.com/ REkzkaRZ

        that iWatch would have to be damned amazing to make me wear anything over my tattoos.
        That said, the Samsung watch looks like goofy dogshit that they said, "We can get it out before Apple!" And someone else said, "Yes, but we didn't spend months doing product design and making it kick ass." And someone else said, "Well, we can get it out there, wait for Apple's version, then put out an update copying all their features."
        And then more lawsuits.
        And I still won't want one of these weak phone-watches! These watches would need the following for me to be interested:
        a) connect to Oculus Rift
        b) provide a more secure way to pay for stuff
        c) charge by my motion, or solar, or ?, but not by plugging in (or risking dying)
        d) have facial recognition at all times
        e) spy on NSA for me, but don't spy on me for NSA
        f) remote control everything (my stuff & other people's stuff)
        Nah, even if the watch had all that crap, I wouldn't want one.

        (But eventually I'll go for the brain-implant / eye implant chip...)

  • rewyan

    How to make iWatch: put iPod Nano on wristband.

    Oh hey, it's been invented already....

  • Rocco

    I'm sold on the X1 features. It has more features then PS4.

    • themostunclean

      Superfluous features to water down the gaming focus of a console. Awesome!!

  • Xissoric

    PS4, simply because of developers like Naughty Dog, who made masterpieces like The Last of Us on the PS3.

  • Mr.Critic

    I will more than likely purchase a ps4 myself (unless something big happens in the coming months until they are released), if someone cares to know the reason just ask. Hate to write an awfully long post if nobody is interested :).

    • somedumbgamer


      • Mr.Critic

        For many many years I myself was a fanboy of Microsoft, but many things that they have done recently is just unacceptable to me as a gamer.

        Throughout the confusing week of e3 Microsoft clarified many things about their consoles including that it would have to always be online and that you would have to pay an additional fee to exchange games instead of freely doing what you please (used games). As most of you know they reversed these policies soon after announcing them, but even the fact that they were willing to implement always online in the console, means they had the nerve to give the cold shoulder to a large part of their fan base that has no internet connection or has a less than ideal one; even if they hastily tried to repair the damage later. PS4 on the other hand had none of these policies in the first place.

        Another thing I noticed, it seems like they are leaning more and more toward entertaining the wider audience rather than to focus on the core gamer. I don't know about everyone else but the reason I buy a gaming console is to play games (gasp!), not to watch television or surf the web, all things that I can do with the other electronics in my house! PS4 on the other hand has focused on the core gamer for the most part.

        Xbox one did score some big exclusive games (titanfall) most of them AAA games, but PS4 boasts 8 indie games coming to PS4 whereas Xbox one only announced that a new version of minecraft is coming. I myself think that indie games are becoming a bigger and bigger part of the game industry so whichever console gives the most support to them is the one I am going to stick with.

        Lastly, the price tag. Xbox one is 100$ more than PS4, most point this toward a new version of kinect being included. Personally though, i couldn't care less about the kinect seeing as hardly any game developer can make a decent game out of that mess. Pay 100$ extra for something I don't want or 100 less for a console that has many other positives, which sounds better.....? Well running out of room, nice knowing you guys, i will be seriously flamed for all of this :).

      • Mr.Critic

        P.S. told you it was going to be a monster of a post haha. Like someone said below me my main "console" will always be iOS, so much potential as to where this market could go, and so many great games to play as well!

      • Rivalsan

        This pretty much sums up my feelings. However, I will probably wait a year and see what shakes out.

      • Mr.Critic

        Same here. I will definitely not be getting them when they first come out (I never do), so I can scope out games and other things that will be coming to each console. As of this moment, however, PS4 is the clear winner in my eyes.

      • somedumbgamer

        Thanks for sharing, Mr. C! We have the EXACT same gaming beliefs as I also am only interested in playing games and could care less about kinect...I prefer to lay down and stretch out on the couch and only wish to move my thumbs too they're sore:). I also will wait for the second model to be released after being an early adopter for the ps3 and 360.

        I've also been considering the same thought as ooooooomonkey, that is sticking with iPad...and buying the next one that comes out that is significantly improved, with 164 GB, of course. I've really enjoyed the icade and HDMI experience, which feels very much like a console. Looking forward to the new controller too.

        What a great time to be a gamer!

      • somedumbgamer

        I'll go with ps4 if I do get a next gen console. I've pretty much concluded that MS sux since I got my Mac years ago.

      • JJE McManus

        If I had any desire to get either, which I don't, I'd stick with Sony simply because I found my ps3 a more reliable piece of hardware vis a vis the 360. There's little anxiety regarding missing out on "exclusives". I bought my iPad with the express intent of it becoming my primary game device. It's been a rocky road but well worth the trip. Nice writtin' there Mr. Critic. I hope you consider doing it again.

  • oooooomonkey

    I'm Sticking with iPad ๐Ÿ™‚

    • RoundPiplup

      Yeah I'm staying with my iPad too.

      I was gonna get a PS3(long time ago), but because of my brother we got the Xbox 360. I didn't really wanted to play that Xbox that much, but the first game just made me play hours. Just one game, one game. Then my brother gets "Call of Duty" games. I barely PLAYED it. Well my brother played more than that. Turns out like 2 years later, me and my brother doesn't seem to play it anymore. The PS3 right now seems cheaper on the used one. 100 bucks, was cheaper than that 300 dollars Xbox 360(Elite) from 2 years ago. Seems worth waiting.

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    • lepke

      Don't forget to use their awesome app.

  • NPeart


    For music making.

    Wii U for games.