619282_largerConsidering it's been nearly two years since we've seen a Call of Duty game hit iOS, we were pretty surprised when the folks at Activision seemed to conjure up Call of Duty: Strike Team [$6.99] out of thin air. Even more interesting was Strike Team being billed as a whole new Call of Duty adventure, and not just a port of a gameplay mode from a console game. While this alone would make most gamers hyped to check it out, I'm happy to report that Strike Team is simply an incredible game in its own right. Successfully taking the essence of Call of Duty and infusing it into a mobile package, Strike Team is a must-own.

Set in the Black Ops II universe, Strike Team follows a squad of troops as they look to battle Cordis Die, a pseudo-terrorist organization with ill intent. Call of Duty games of late have had stories that border on the ridiculous, and Strike Team is no exception. More importantly, I found the overall campaign narrative to be pretty enjoyable with just enough intrigue to provide encouragement to keep going. There's also a decent amount of content simply in the campaign, something that I appreciate.


As a CoD game, Strike Team has a few elements up its sleeve that show that it really was designed for mobile. In addition to the standard first-person shooter mode, Strike Team allows players to switch to a birds-eye third-person tactical view that lets you direct your squad with simple move and attack commands. While FPS mode is what you'd expect on a touchscreen (complete with virtual buttons galore), tactical view is an excellent addition that works really well on the touch screen. Even better, both modes are always available, meaning players can easily switch between them at a moment's notice.

This leads to a great deal of supplemental strategy that isn't even found on console CoD games. Tactical mode lets you see all visible enemies at the same time and also provides the opportunity to initiate flanking techniques, retreat orders, and stealth commands. The fact you can instantly switch to FPS means when the going gets tough, you can start taking out enemies on your own without having to rely on the AI. The game's relatively short missions also make the game very approachable in bite-sized chunks.

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Supplementing the game's story and gameplay is an impressive amount of depth and quality of presentation that can be found throughout Strike Team. Visuals are top-notch while preserving that fast framerate that Call of Duty games are known for. There's also a pretty deep squad load-out system, with experience earned in-game unlocking weapons and perks that can be used to outfit your teammates. In typical series fashion, the game does a great job doling out experience for lots of different actions. Survival mode and social network hooks round out the features by supplementing the game's campaign with additional replayability.

If you've managed to check out Strike Team's App Store page, you'll notice the appearance of IAP in the form of premium 'Token' currency. Tokens are primarily to unlock perks and weapons sooner than the prescribed levels, but they are also used to purchase grenades, claymores and medikits, which are used in-mission to revive allies that fall (no unlimited respawns in this game). At first glance, I thought restricting the purchase of an item as important as a medikit to premium currency was going to be a deal-breaker, especially considering the difficulty increase in later levels.

However, to my delight, Strike Team does a great job of liberally awarding Tokens based on mission completions, leveling, and excelling in survivor mode. Items and Tokens are also awarded for playing consecutive games, and the game's 'Challenges' (taken straight from the console multiplayer mode) also provide another avenue to earn Tokens. After a decent amount of playtime, I think Strike Team's IAP is actually pretty fair and pretty much unnecessary.

There's a lot to love with Strike Team, but I think the most important thing it nails is that simple feeling of playing a Call of Duty game. Levels are filled with explosions, story cutscenes mimic the console feel, and there's enough variety in locations to showcase the nice visual engine. Sure, the FPS controls are little tough, but a host of control options along with optional auto-aim go a long way towards assisting players when popping baddies. Otherwise, this really is a Call of Duty game miniaturized for mobile devices with a pretty awesome tactical mode included. Multiplayer is the one aspect sorely missing, but if future Call of Duty games manage to incorporate it, Gameloft's gonna have a lot to worry about.

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  • Louis Ace


  • VirtualBoyFreak

    @Eric Ford: in the review I understand you've finished the ampaign mode. How many hours of gameplay is the game worth? Is there any replayability incentives as in XCom? Thanks

    • Rhys Egner

      Honestly, for seven bucks, it's absolutely worth the price. There's a good 5-6 hours here, with Veteran mode adding a lot of replayability. Future updates have also been discussed, based on early reception.

  • CalebHall1

    I'm surprised by the score

  • TheGrimCreeper

    After playing a little bit of the campaign and a little bit of the survival, I was quite impressed. The game is an amazing spinoff to Black Ops 2. This game, if Activision had put more time into it, could have been an amazing full-on port of BO2. I mean, I'm surprised they've invested this much time into the game. I'm hoping for bigger updates, though. The game gets a 4 star rating from me. Activision has did a marvelous job with this spinoff.

    • Taclys

      Porting Black Ops 2 would have been a massive feat, which I don't think is possible on current devices. But that would be awesome.

      I'm glad it did well, I got the CoD zombies app a while ago and was disappointed. I'll pick it up when I buy my next iTunes card.

      • TheGrimCreeper

        Well, I like how they did survival/campaign in one take. Maybe they could do zombies (solo, online), and multiplayer (Bluetooth, online, local). I mean, it's possible. I would love to see a full-on port of the entire Black Ops 2 video game. It'll save me money for a console & a new game.

      • Taclys

        I would sell my sister for Bluetooth Zombies on mobile, assuming it had the same dynamics as CoD zombies and good controls. I certainly hope this app updates for iOS 7, supporting external controllers!

      • alex98909

        I bet you hate your sister anyway

  • ODMay

    Does it has online multiplayer?

    • o0oJAKEo0o

      No, did you read the review or the description?

    • Taclys

      Did you even read the title?

    • TheGrimCreeper

      *Futurama Doctor*
      I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

    • ODMay

      Im kinda lazy tonight. :/ Sorry

    • ODMay

      It was best for me not to type.

      • o0oJAKEo0o

        It's all good 🙂

  • KillerSpecialK

    Well, it's good to see some positive opinions on this title. Still feeling that I'm gunna have to wait for a discount though. Between the price and file size, I have a backlog of iOS games that take priority over this even though I enjoy console COD.

  • RamazAdelphos

    This better not be game of the week >.< Arma Tactics is so much worthy and its for sure a five star game.

  • speedyph


    • evilelvis

      You really are an utter idiot.

      • baker_tony

        Give him a break, he's probably not a native english speaker.

  • Shadowking2214

    I hope we see more CoD games on iOS. Now that we have this I just want a full fledged Battlefield game on iOS and I'll be even happier!

    • B30

      Battlefield = EA
      So, most likely, you won't see a good battlefield title on iOS.

      • Shadowking2214

        Hopefully DICE does something with the Frostbite Go engine. Or maybe BF 1942 port? Either one of the two is fine with me

      • Taclys

        So long as EA keeps their grubby hands off, I'd love to see a Battlefield game like this, or an old port.

      • iValerio90

        EA = 1$ for every bullet.....
        " oh noo your armor is broken...need a repair ??? 5 $ "

    • PresidentZer0

      Bf 1942 could even run on I devices with 512mb ram

  • Jake7905

    I'm actually shocked that a new COD game would be released on IOS without multiplayer. Though I always buy my games for the single player content, a good multiplayer mode in a FPS adds needed replay value.

  • Shirflex

    It is allways the same thing... US vs Russia. Why dont they change the conflict reason at least in one of their games. I'm getting sick of this. And i'm not russian if you're already thinking on that

    • lepke

      Well it seems Putin disagrees 😉

  • RamazAdelphos

    I also think MC4 is probaly way better than this game even though I havnt played it yet I have seen a couple gameplay videos. And I have played MC4 and it just offers so much more, including multiplayer.

    • toxiccheese

      If you haven't played it, then your opinion is without merit.

    • Raphael Alexander

      Modern combat 4 is way better, I played it.

  • Cpt.Badger

    Can anybody say how is the framerate on iPhone 4S ?

    • mantenner

      Apparently quite choppy 🙁

      • Cpt.Badger

        In that case I will pass. Can't stand devs that can't optmize their games properly, even if 4S isn't exactly new hardware.

    • FIFTHSUN2012

      Its smooth in drone view but very jumpy in FPS mode. I had to set the sensitivity way down to smooth it out a bit. Also, the FPS configuration needs to be reconfigurable the buttons are in bad spots.

      • Cpt.Badger

        Thanks for the info. You saved me 6 USD. 😉

    • Skullinton

      I actually get a crisp frame rate...

      • Skullinton

        On my 4s

  • FIFTHSUN2012

    So far I like this game, definitely close to SOCOM Tactical Strike if anyone remembers that one, one of my favorites. I haven't hit any IAP issues, the rewards are pretty generous. Smooth gameplay as far as switching between FPS and birds eye view. My one issue is that the FPS controls are poorly set up. They give you the option to move the trigger button but thats it. I would like the option to reposition ALL the buttons so I can have a better FPS setup. Other than that so far so good on my 4S.

  • mertcanmirza

    Please make it available at Turkish store please devs pleaseeeee

  • AlexMilo

    I have played the first few mission now, and like it a lot. I just don't understans why theres no multiplayer, maybe because Activition want to see if this game will be a success first. but I still wonder why they didnt wait for iOS7, so they could include controller support from the beginning. :S
    If they're going to include multiplayer in the future and add a bunch of more weapons, we could finally have an FPS game better than Modern Combat, which is about time. I seriously wonder why Gameloft is the only one who's making decent shooters at the moment. Deus Ex, Black Dawn, Rainbow Six, etc really sucks in comparison. To me it's only Dead Trigger and Armed Confilct HD that has potential.
    Give us a port of COD: Ghosts in november!

    • TheGrimCreeper

      God: Ghosts? Either go buy that or wait for MC5.

  • acespawn

    When will this be available in the PHILIPPINES STORE?

  • acespawn

    Very much interested in buying the game but sadly it is not available in the PHILIPPINES STORE on my iphone 4s

  • http://www.ebog.me/ Ebog

    Too amazing game! I really love it!

  • abdul.wahab

    Thanks but how big is the game ??

    The game description always lie

    Is it 1 GB ??

    • Sunny Anderson

      1.31 GB...2GB after complete installation

  • rewyan

    No multiplayer?! I'm not buying.

  • octopus

    I don't really understand why you guys like this game at all because it lacks everything:
    1) I’m not the guy who likes graphics and puts them in the first place but this game is not very beautiful even compared to the others Unity games.
    2) As FPS it lack difficulty, AI and drive. It’s just boring and easy.
    3) As a tactical games it lacks AI, depth and point. Tactical mode is boring, not useful, cheat-like and not very easy to use because of the controls.
    Yep, I should agree that the concept is very interesting, but the realisation is just plain and cheap. Well, I guess a mobile title and I don't even have a right to compare this game to the good ones.

    • octopus

      Forgot to tell that it costs 7 bucks and offers in-apps. Hilarious.

    • lepke

      I for one agree with you. But to me all shooters are crap on iOS and I think they will remain so for a very long time. You just can't compete in this genre vs PC and consoles unlike other type of games.

  • Chuck Ankenbauer

    Not a fan of FPS'ers on the iPad, but I really liked how they did this one, and really like the top down UAV view, almost wish the whole game was that way. Reminds me of Breach and Clear and/or Doorkickers.

  • Mekklesack


  • Mekklesack

    I don't know why people complain about touch controls for FPS's. Analog thumb sticks are, have always been and will always be, "tragic" for precise aiming. Mobile touch controls are the next best thing to a mouse and keyboard. I couldn't imagine a better and more comfortable way to to play this type of game on mobile devices.

    • PresidentZer0

      I guess you don't like. Moving, aiming and shooting at the same time then....

      • Mekklesack

        I have never had a problem.

    • con4224

      touch controls for movement and trigger button are definitely worse than physical stick & buttons. can't count the times where I missed the trigger 'button'. with touch you have swiping for view and aim, which is good. point is, with a iphone game controller you can have both, best things from both worlds...

      disclaimer: i've been enjoying fps on ios with touch controls so far. but i can imagine physical controls to add potential for making the experience even better

    • con4224

      basically 'swiping' is the next best thing to a mouse, but physical buttons of a game controller would be the next best thing to a keyboard, and much better than virtual buttons.

    • lepke

      Ridiculous, you cannot compare virtual buttons for a shooter vs keyboard/mouse and actual buttons/sticks and say it is even close as good and for sure not "better". iOS gaming is awesome but not for every thing, yet.

    • http://ask.fm/MidianGTX MidianGTX

      I will utterly destroy you using an analog stick with you on touch controls.

      I also make the argument that physical sticks are more fun than using a mouse. Perfect aim is boring, and bunny hopping headshots are unrealistic. Analog sticks are the closest you can get to simulating actual human error using a gun. You won't be able to get a man in the eye with every bullet fired, you might miss on the first couple of bursts, but guess what? That's how real firefights go. They're drawn out, tense, and exhilarating. Nobody wants to go up against robots with laser precision.

      • Mekklesack

        I'm looking forward to iOS 7. We'll see whose the fastest when the option for controller inputs are available. I despise the idea of replacing my own hand and eye with a piece of plastic coming between me and the action, but there's only one way to be sure. Bring on MC5 and Joypads, then we can throw down.

  • http://ask.fm/MidianGTX MidianGTX

    Let's hope they keep multiplayer out of it, otherwise you'll be seeing the exact same game every year for a decade. Maybe focusing on a single player experience will prompt changes.

    • lepke

      Sport games does it, why can't shooters? And just like with sport titles and such, you don't have to buy it every year. There is nothing bad about added value!

      • Peter

        Sport games have to update team members, at least they have an excuse.

  • Reignmaker

    How are the graphics? Are they retina? Is the frame rate good? How does it look and feel compared to Modern Combat 4?

    • TheGrimCreeper

      Yes, retina display & good frame rate on my iPod 5. If it were a full-on spinoff, with multiplayer, it would be way better than MC4. You can't really compare this & MC4, though..

  • TheGrimCreeper

    I'm scared that these iOS clans are going to do survival montages quick scoping the bots.

  • marc0313

    Do a TA Plays!!

    • Louis Ace


  • Nasif Rahim

    It crashes wate till update

  • workingman

    I've always said touchscreen was no good for a FPS but I can actually play this one. I'm not to fond of the positioning of the buttons but I'm getting used to to them. The survival mode absolutely feels like cod and I'm so hooked. If this comes out on google at and is optimized for my shield ill be in heaven

  • fishypandaman

    We need to spam The Multiplayer message lets join forces ,unite and bring call of duty multiplayer to touch devices

  • daniel89

    Dis games gives gameloft a run for their money honestly..5tars.

  • daniel89

    Dis game gave gameloft a run for their money..5stars stunning..ACTIVISION

  • ysbert97

    Why doesn't the sensitivity decrease when in ADS???

Call of Duty®: Strike Team Reviewed by Eric Ford on . Rating: 4.5