LogoAs you may have noticed, in the last few days TouchArcade has gotten a complete makeover. Not only do we have a totally fresh new look, but we're also now sporting total feature parity with the app. We've redone the main content column to images and videos take the spotlight, and of course drilling down deeper into any story brings up the full article view complete with the comments section.

The sidebar has been totally redesigned, featuring a quick glance at both our latest game reviews as well as which games are at the top of our realtime hot games list. Under that, you'll find a slightly redesigned version of the previous forum thread listing which has been spaced out to be easier to read instead of just appearing as a massive wall of text.

If you want to see more of the hot games, the hot games tab at the top of the page displays detailed information with screenshots of the latest and greatest iOS games that are blowing up in our community. Additionally, if instead of a quick look at what everyone is talking about you just want to see the best iOS games, the top reviews tab serves as a constantly-refreshing version of our Best iOS Games features.

What's cool about both the top reviews and the hot games pages is that when you fiddle with the various buttons and dropdowns on the top right to drill down into each page, those pages themselves are all totally linkable and bookmarkable. So, for instance, if you want to check out the best free racing games of all time, here you go. Using these features you can really dig in to TouchArcade content to find the best games that you're interested in.

The TouchArcade app watch list also made its way over, just mash the watch list tab at the top of the page and if you're logged in with your same login you use with the TouchArcade app, you'll see everything on your watchlist. Additionally, each news story, review, and other subsequent article features a watchlist toggle which will similarly update your TouchArcade game watch list on both your browser and in any copies of the app you have installed across all your devices. It's super cool, and the best way to keep track of games you're waiting for sales on or upcoming titles you want to know more about.

We're still in the process of tweaking fine tuning some things like the forum sidebar display on the right. If you want to contribute to the conversation of what's still being worked on, swing into the thread in our site feedback forum. While the new site isn't entirely 100% yet, we're super happy with what has been an incredibly long project to make TouchArcade's site design look and feel as good as the content we pump out on a daily basis.

  • Vicente Ragal

    Looking sexy guys! Great work.

  • Aventador

    Hello new TA !

  • pinpoint007

    definitely an improvement!

  • Jet_Black

    Awesome work, keep it up! p.s Where's Brad gone?

    • nini

      Brad left at the end of August, to where we know not.

      • Royce

        Community manager for Uber Entertainment.

  • PresidentZer0

    App looks still the same.

    • brando

      Is this going to be an update? Still looks the same here.

      • awrobinson

        I'm pretty sure it's just the website that's being updated.

  • lepke

    Don't do too much now, loving your app, one of the best on all App Store, so don't ruin it! 😀

  • Protoman

    Will there finally be a down vote button for comments in the app?

  • KillerSpecialK

    The forums on the app need some makeover love. Like avatars showing up and maybe a refresh button.

    • jtfields

      ...and a fix for the page number bug in the forums.

    • pdSlooper

      And a "night" theme. It's way too bright.

  • webman2k

    Love it - awesome!

  • patrickleeadams

    Nice!! I'm loving the new look. I'll be using the site more because of it.

  • mutts

    Sorry haven't noticed it at all, using the ios app 🙂

  • http://tarasis.net/ Robert McGovern

    There is a website? 😉

  • Adrián Graña

    awesome! ^_^

  • araczynski

    looks nice, will be my preference on the ipad, can't get myself to like the ipad app, so this will make me happy.

  • London-SV


  • TheSoldierAnt

    I haven't noticed any change... Surely I'm not the only one?

    • ZarieoZ

      They are talking about the site being tweaked to match the app, nothing changed in the app, it's already good 🙂

  • Haanden

    Nice - gj!

  • flashbackflip

    Lol i've never seen your website, using app, but please take my sincere congratulations!

  • Adams Immersive

    Nice and clean! And not the same as every other tech/gaming site. I like it!

    But can the body text be changed to black instead of dark gray, for readability?

    It's already lighter weight than normal (300 instead of 400), which looks fine, but to also make the text faded is hard on my eyes. I find myself leaning in close, and it's probably worse on mobile.

  • Jay G

    The text needs to be darker, it's harder to read now. What is this, the Shades of Grey font?

  • http://rekzkarz.com/ REkzkaRZ

    Sorry to piss on the parade, but my work IE (8 or 9) won't render your site right anymore. Have to open Firefox to read, comment, etc.

    Just an FYI.

    • http://normalkid.com Arnold Kim

      send a screenshot to support@toucharcade.com

      • http://rekzkarz.com/ REkzkaRZ

        The screenie is in the mail.

        ENJOY NSA!

      • http://rekzkarz.com/ REkzkaRZ

        And suddenly ... it looks normal (ie like what I saw on Firefox, but I liked the old Touch Arcade. Oh well...)

  • Rob Johnson

    I'd rather say goodbye to it, it's ugly as hell.

    • pdSlooper

      I agree that it's a bit garish, but the functionality is superb. And really, my negative response to the looks is based largely on my dislike of the color yellow.

  • anabolicMike

    Only use the app. Don't think I've ever logged into the website itself haha. Meh apps good. I just wish we could down vote!

  • Dave

    Love it

  • Bzzz

    I have two big issues with new design, which greatly ruins the experience.

    1. News titles font is way too big and bold. Too bulky to perceive flawlessly and too much contrast with content text.

    2. Images and videos on main page do not connect visually to articles. It's hard to guess which article they belong to. Especially when some entries do not have an image.

    All in all - too much contrast. Very uncomfortable.

  • jon427

    Just bought an android tablet to play with along side of my iPhone but really wish there was a Touch Arcade for Android. 🙁

  • usagisan

    Great work.
    I realy like it.

  • the fish

    Great work with the new design, much better now!
    One thing: maybe it's just me, but I confuse the videos on the website with the article above. It would be better if you posted the video under the article. But then again, maybe I just have to get used to it.

    • jayjennings

      You shouldn't have to "get used to it" -- it's a big flaw. I scroll down and see an interesting picture and I have no idea whether the associated article is the one above or below. Sometimes it's apparent because of the title vs picture, but other times it's not. And the site shouldn't be a puzzle game.

      That could be quickly fixed with some kind of delimiter (other than a blank line) between one article and the next.

      • arn

        There is a delimiter between every article. The badge/banner line.

        I'll take a look at tweaking it a little.

      • jayjennings

        Is that the thing that says News, or Review? If so, that doesn't really help because on the videos/pictures it's a part of the video/picture which means it's not (apparently) a delimiter.

        Now that I know that's the delimiter I probably won't get lost so easily, but new people coming to the site probably won't read your explanation, so I still think you should make it apparent.

        Don't make people have to think. 🙂

  • Donovan1209

    Well, thank god Brad is gone, he was holding the site back, now it's just gonna be a non-stop PARTAAAY!

  • Th3R3n3gad3

    Hello New TA!!!!

  • bluecomb84

    I don't know if this happened with anyone else but I lost all the games on my watch list on the TA App after the upgrade.

  • pdSlooper

    Thanks for this. I usually visit the site on my laptop because typing's a pain on the iPod. It's great to be able to add games to my list from there, now.