2K's foray into the iOS racing scene just hit the App Store worldwide. 2K Drive [$6.99] seems to be 2K's answer to games like Real Racing 3 [Free], Asphalt 8 [Free], and other high-quality racers of the App Store. Featuring things like "RaceFace," which sounds a lot like the hilarious face importing process of Bloodmasque, 2K Drive seems to have boatloads of customization between tweaking out your garage of licensed supercars to your in-game driver.

As we've seen in the developer diaries that have been released, 2K Drive has loads of content to power through, both in the quantity and types of races as well as some more ridiculous game modes that use your existing cars and the game's physics engine in fun (and sometimes silly) ways. Of course it also sports full multiplayer, all sorts of social junk, and oodles of progression through unlocks to work towards.

Check out the launch trailer:

The release of 2K Drive this morning was a bit of a surprise, so stick with us as we start pouring through the game to see where it finishes in the proverbial iOS App Store racing game, err, race. Of course there's already a thread for the game on our forums with tons of first impressions, so take a look at that too.

  • Jzracin

    This game looks so badass cant wait till i get off so i can download this

  • Rman04

    I am so excited for this review!

  • B30

    $ 6.99, and two ingame currencies, highly sceptical!

    • Rman04

      Crap, I was so excited because I thought this was a buy once " premium" title. I'm still hopeful though asphalt 8 has some Iap and is still great.

  • TheGrimCreeper

    So I just bought the game. The game is good, customization is amazing, 27 beautiful vehicles, but only thing I hate is that you can never do your first race cause it'll always crash. It's disappointing.. But I don't mind waiting for an update.

    • Stustaff

      You should review games professionally!

      You stare it's good... But you can't start a race.

      • TheGrimCreeper

        The tutorial was quite short. Spoiler: you start off with a Ford GT, and the controls are just absurd. The game has good graphics, but 2K needs to work on the controls of the car, cause once you lose traction, the car starts drifting & swerving. Besides that, it always crashes upon starting the beginner's cup race. But on the good side, the customization is amazing. 2K was not bullshitting when they told you that the customization was up to you. Fire skin, camouflage skin, comic strip skin.. Rim customization, mirror piece, dashboard pieces, racer helmet & gloves, car paint, etc. Overall I'd give it 3.5 - 4 stars. If they fix the crashing issue and update the controls, I'll give it 4.5 - 5 stars.

      • B30

        Ok, but what's all the nonsense good for, if you can't play a proper race (control and crashing issues)???

      • evilelvis

        Agreed. A decent control system is essential and this doesn't have that.

      • lordyokomoto

        Yep been playing and steering is abit of a nightmare ie on today's daily challenge only once have I managed not to crash on the third corner it's a pity as overall it's a great game. Sort steering out PLEASE give another option instead of tilt and steering wheel like in RR ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • J0n072295

    Shouldn't have bought 2013.....time to get an iTunes card lol

  • David Barkan

    So far so good! The very first intro race with the Ford GT has some bad controls, but when you actually start the game you already have a Ford 500 Turbo in your garage, I didn't really understand it was mine, so I went in and spent coins on a 240z Datsun, only to notice that when I got into the Daily Challenges... when you get into that you're prompted to configure your Raceface which worked well, looks cool and all in the game.
    Then I went and configured the controls, and guess what?? Manual Gear!!! I can't believe it! This is awesome and new, it's not very intuitive at first... it's basically a flick Up and a flick down from your accelerating thumb... once you understand it (30 seconds), then works like a charm...

    The money system doesn't seem like a concern, there's 3 boosts you can spend you money on, but I got a good second place on my first decent run (first retry), the graphics are nice enough, but playing on my iPhone the HUD is a bit small, I'll try it on my iPad Mini later on.

    So far, I'm excited... been waiting for a decent Racing game for a while now... especially after Real Racing 3 disappointment...


  • one.sixty.four

    Thank goodness it's not freemium. I really hope they update the controls because I was really excited about this.

  • evilelvis

    Hate it. Controls are terrible, handling is atrocious and it's expensive. Asphalt 8 wipes the floor with it.

    • TheGrimCreeper

      Controls are atrocious indeed. But the game does seem very promising. They just need to update the controls and crashing issue, and the game will be top notch.

    • speedyph


      • evilelvis

        @speedy; sorry, is that comment supposed to be ironic or mocking? Either way, it makes you sound like a total muppet.

  • TheGrimCreeper

    You forgot the con of the game - controls. First race with the Ford GT, you have to admit, the controls are horrid.

    • David Barkan

      Its probably just a bug... after that feels pretty great!

  • BulkSlash

    First COD and now this? Is there a new iPhone and iPad about to launch or something? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I wonder if any of these games support the new game controller standard Apple have created?

  • worldcitizen1919

    Too many loading screens and cut scenes. So far I'm trying to like it as COD but its looking like I wasted $15 tonight.

    • evilelvis

      Me too.

    • TheGrimCreeper

      Yeah, too many cutscenes and crashes. CoD is just complicated, but they can do better.

  • Rman04

    Are the controls so bad that the game is unplayable? I was looking forward to this release but I'm thinking I should wait for an update.

    • evilelvis

      Yes, they are terrible.

  • Rman04

    How are the community featured playing out? That was a selling point for me as well.

    • Rman04

      Community features not featured sorry guys, shouldn't text and work.

      • 61050

        lol, i read it as 'features' anyway and was actually wondering what the hell you were talking about until i reread it.

  • Scarbir

    The driving controls are simply awesome. And what's more: this is a freemium game in a 5,99 euro package. Deeply, deeply disappointed. Actually, I'm kinda angry with 2K now.

  • evilelvis

    Deleted. Total waste of money.

  • Rothgarr

    So far I think it's pretty good.

    The opening race did control hard. Even the first real race was hard, but I'm glad I stuck it out. I think people just expect every game to control like an arcade racer, like Asphalt 8, whereas this is more like a simulator. They could probably tweak the steering centering a little, though.

    I was pretty disappointed to see the IAPs, but I'll reserve judgement to see they screw you over into needing them, or if it's just a way to cheat and get cars and upgrades faster.

    What excites me is the depth that this game appears to have. It's sad to hear some people judge the game based on the opening race and delete it... your loss, I guess.

    • evilelvis

      If you think this game is anything like a driving simulator, god knows what kind of driver you must be. The controls and general handling render the game totally devoid of any "real" driving experience; take away the brake assist and the car won't go round bends, despite any amount of pressing the brake button! as for the steering, it's truly crap. For the record, I've played beyond the first few races and it remains rubbish, although you're right about the loss, I've lost a few quid on this drivel.

  • Chris1a

    Was soo looking forward to this one. But dual currencies, IAPs _and_ waiting timers (that obviously can be bypassed with cash), all on top of the 7-8 bucks entry fee = no purchase.

  • Phil_Lapineau

    I was wondering if people were expecting arcade steering like Burnout as opposed to simulation steering more akin to Gran Turismo.

    • evilelvis

      But the steering is in no way a "simulation"!!

  • Jake7905

    So this is basically Real Racing 3 with a $7 price tag? Pass.

    • Wedge598

      I agree. I would only be interested in this if the driving physics were as good as RR3 and the $7 price was for a full version with no IAP. The IAP and timers in RR3 killed it for me and I didn't spend any money on that. No way I'm Spending $7 to experience the same thing.

  • Sabin Figaro

    Why are people saying "thank you for not making it freemium"? This is the WORST KIND of freemium -- the one that not only screws you with IAP/Timers/Currencies, but also demands a large entry fee as well. This is terrible beyond words and people are thanking 2K!? Seriously!? *facepalm*

  • lordyokomoto

    Tbh you don't need to spend, all races have a car included you earn cash and stars for good driving and placing ๐Ÿ˜‰ it's seems to be stuck between wanting to Be a GT/RR hybrid .... As I said in earlier post though the steering is really letting the game down

  • tranceforma

    Steering via tilt sucks but handling is great using touch controls.

    Ugly as sin compared to asphalt/RR but a lot more fun to play.

    Crashes like a mofo though

  • PresidentZer0

    Is,there only tilt to steer?

  • buzzbydj

    Everyone moaning about the controls need to stop bitching n go play a kids racing game, ie real racing, asphalt. Ok so the first tutorial race controls r pants but a click into the settings situated in your profile and change the controls to stick steering also turn off the assists then you have the best handling racing game on ios, FACT. Don't moan cos you don't have enough brain cells to learn the handling u little cry baby's.

    • evilelvis

      So, essentially what your saying is that this game is for "real men" such as yourself, eh? For your info, I turned off the various aids and the cars still handle like shopping trolleys. In the real world I drive an M3 and see no comparison between the experience of that and this game; mind you, I play games for fun, not to prove how adult I am, which seems to be your rationale for playing.

    • rewyan

      So just because a game is free or .99 makes it a kids game? Actually, Asphalt 8 happens to be a quality, complete game, at a very nice price. It isn't a kiddy game at all.

      Now for Real Racing 3, I'm not so sure....

  • rshkhsee

    What is that race face about? Can i wrap an orgasm pic from the web on one of those heads?

    • rewyan

      They just have to be in your photos, so you can get any pics from the web, put them in your photos, and use them.

      Use a cat, preferably a Siamese one. Or a dessert, red velvet cake is the best.

  • Rman04

    Bad reviews be damned I am downloading now, maybe I won't regret it.

  • Rman04

    Went ahead and got it, the tilt steer is horrible as promised, the touch steering is very good, however. The physics with the touch steering are great and I have had fun throwing the cars around the corners. There is a lot of depth here and so far I like the game. On a side note I cannot get the face thing to work, my age is 27 and I select that and agree to the terms but it just says no every time so I end up having to press decline, is anyone else having this issue?

  • rshkhsee

    Yeah id like to know too, itd be funny seeing a screenshot of a bunch of ":O" drivers cruizing around the track

  • inFamous2-VIC

    17 cars? Lol, 2K just needs to make a new borderlands game app, and I'd download it on day 1.

  • rewyan

    Considering Asphalt 8 is $0.99 and RR3 is free, I think this is a bit overpriced. However, it's definitely intriguing.