We don't usually spend a lot of time on these free to play builder style games, but being lovers of both trains and cities, Gamevil's Train City seemed like something we had to take a look at. What we discovered was a somewhat under-cooked version of Happy Street with a odd train delivery mechanic. Check it out.

Train City should be available in the US App Store at 11:00 PM Eastern, in the meantime, you can swing by the forum thread to see what our community is saying about the game.

International App Store Link: Train City, Free (Universal)

  • The Gamer Dude

    IDK probably overflowing with IAP's and gamevil's stuff has been blah lately.... But I have to check this out, something tells me this could be cool.

  • At

    It would be nice if the link worked, just brings me to a bunch of games made by the same people.

  • lepke

    Not over the genre but it would be nice to see a better game than what we got now for this genre. Shouldn't be too hard... But then again, I am still waiting for a great RTS and moba :/

    • ste86uk

      The beat of the genre as they said in the post is Happy Street. Waiting for someone to make a better game