687954_largerDoodle Jump HD [$2.99 (HD)] is a weird game. When it was announced, few things were more red hot than Doodle Jump [$0.99], and the iPad was new and mysterious. Everyone was wondering what Lima Sky was going to do with Doodle Jump, and they played right in to that releasing ambiguous statements leading us to tease things like this:

They've actually been hard at work on the iPad version since they first got their hands on the devices, but instead of simply rushing a high resolution version of the same game to the App Store, the Pusenjak brothers are experimenting with all kinds of different graphics sizes, screen orientations, and features for a truly great Doodle Jump iPad experience.

What Doodle Jump HD ended up being was, well, basically a bigger version of Doodle Jump, and I'm A-OK with that.

I'd definitely recommend picking either the normal or HD version of Doodle Jump up, they're easily among my most played games ever, and they've aged incredibly well.

  • C. Stubb

    Liking all of the rewinds lately. Hope to see one for the original classic "Jet Car Stunt", especially since the sequel is supposed to be released soon! (That and the fact that it's one of all-time favorite iOS games.)

  • RoundPiplup

    I like this game. Ever since I tried it in a non-owner iPod I wanted to buy it.

  • Bluejunco

    I hate tilting my ipad. If they made so you can make it touch controls then it would be good