347022_largerIn the Doodle Army HD TA Plays, Jared revealed that a game was released that is based on the two things he loves most in life: Farts and cats. When I went to grab it to record some video, it turned out there's not one, but two. One is Fart Cat! [$0.99] while the other is the exclamation mark-less Fart Cat [Free].

As you can imagine, both are pretty terrible games... But which takes the crown for the best game involving farts and cats? Well, you'll have to watch the video to find out:

  • witedahlia

    I love TA.

    • nini

      I have no strong positive or negative feelings for TA.

      • Theifokit

        I like TA as a friend.


    I remember the Alpaca Evolution TA play. Now THAT was a terrible game.

    • LauraFitz4

      Thank you for mentioning the Alpaca TA Plays video.. Somehow I missed that one, so I got a good laugh when I looked it up tonight. This video was pretty funny too.

  • Eseres

    That game reminds me of my own long gone cat. She used to fart if i pet her too long 😛 I guess she got a little too relaxed and the farts just slipped out. But DAMN what a stink! But this is the first time i've seen a cat fart just to avoid getting pet 😀

  • paulkane

    My 3 year old daughter thought it was hilarious when the cat frowned after getting pet and she insists on watching the TA plays video again...she instinctively knows that there's no way I'd actually download Fart Cat and she's right! Hope this kicks off some Kitty Corner action this Friday.

    • JJE McManus

      The Return of Kitty Korner.
      ❗Is clearly better with all those cgi gas clouds

    • JJE McManus

      The Return of Kitty Korner.
      ❗Is clearly better with all those cgi gas clouds

  • bluecomb84

    That was one of the most enjoyable things I've ever seen!

  • saosijs

    What the fart!?

  • AsgerJ

    Rich Gallup!!!!!

  • http://www.galleytech.com Galley

    The foghorn sound effect is the best!