730353_largerPerusing the top charts for games to capture video of we discovered the still-oddly-popular Doodle Army HD [$0.99 (HD)]. It's the bigger brother of Doodle Army [$0.99] and both games have a universal sequel, Doodle Army 2 [Free]. Jared and I are always sort of stumped when it comes to these games, as they're usually always very popular and they're really just resoundingly OK at best.

Watch us slay stick dudes, and lots of them:

If you're a fan of these kind of stick games, drop us a line in the comments and let us know what about them keeps you coming back. Maybe I just don't get it, but I'd love to learn what makes the typical stick shooter fanatic tick.

  • nini

    I don't think I get anything which contains stick people in relation to games.

    I blame xkcd.

  • paulkane

    This is a total snooze, but now that Brad is Audi, bring back KItty Corner!! I was not around during those days and still want to see the BEARDED ONE get his Cat on! Meeeow!!

  • Jake7905

    Why do these 'stick' shooter games stick around the App Store charts? My guess is repressed childhood anger. Give us a Sesame Street version of Zombieville USA and I guarantee it hits number one on the charts.

  • kioshi

    You know what you need to do a TA plays?

    The best and most underrated iPhone platformer, Miss Claire Garden.

  • Scot D

    The only logical answer is the simplicity. That's my best guess. iPad users who only play casuals but have some pent up aggression? I like the idea that Kioshi said about underrated games, any genre I say.

  • daniel schroeder

    I'm not into these shooters, but I really enjoyed playing Stickman Skater (and to a lesser extent, Stickman Snowboarder). It's definitely the simplicity that drew me in originally back in 2010. If you want just a quick skating game, it's pretty fun.