It seems like only a couple of weeks ago that we were telling you how Plants vs. Zombies 2 [Free] had been downloaded more than 16 million times… and it was! It didn't take long but PopCap has announced that their latest title is approaching yet another milestone as it closes in on the 25 million download mark.


I know these download stories don't rev everybody's engine the same way, but I'm always blown away by the sheer volume that's possible on the iOS platform. 25 million is a lot of freaking people. Plus, Plants vs. Zombies 2 is just plain great. Be sure to check out our review and our free-to-play guide while you're at it, and if you haven't yet joined in on the nearly 25 million who've experienced the game then what are you waiting for?


  • RoundPiplup

    Plants vs Zombie was one popular game just to tell you. But in this game there are more In-App Purchases than the first one, so it's not gonna get that good thing. At least it's free to play through. (I missed the ice-pea shooter. I have to pay just to get it. ;-;)

    • toxiccheese

      Played it all the way through without spending one single penny on IAP. It's really really good!

      • wojovox

        Did the same, but it didn't seem as fun this time around. I got hooked to the first one, but after a few days with this game, I didn't find myself wanting to play. The IAP model did allow the game to be enjoyed entirely free, but I think the model somehow diminished the fun-factor. I remember some games where I was essentially forced to use a power up (lightning, pinch, flick things) and it felt almost like cheating, but I really had no other means of winning those matches. These are the side missions ai'm speaking of that you unlocked gates for,

  • Zaraf

    Damn, if every person that downloads the game pays $1 on IAP...crazy money

  • onejim

    Loved the first version. D/L'ed the second and deleted it a week later. IAP just too much to swallow and they made it just difficult enough so that you have to spend money. Ruined an otherwise excellent game...

    • Evolution888

      Many people have finished the game without spending any on IAP..

      • LeeDot

        Sure, but being able to play through the whole thing doesn't mean that it was as fun. I played it for a bit and it wasn't terrible and I could tell that I could play through it but it just wasn't as fun so I dropped it after about an hour. I don't know what to tell you but the new pricing model definitely sucked something out of it for me even though I had no problems at all paying for the original on multiple platforms and I have many friends that felt the same way.

    • shaymon

      I signed up just to reply to this. this post is absurd...Maybe you just need attention and like to go against the grain but this game in NO way pushes you to buy anything! I have not spent a penny. Sure if you are impatient and don't feel like beating all the levels you could pay to get to the next area. But in no way should you feel you need to. You can get pretty much every plant by playing the game. I absolutely hate iap that nickle and dime you. This one definitely doesn't. I'd love to see exactly why you think you need to.

      • Galenmereth

        Nice try EA.


      • shaymon

        We're you forced to do iap? If so for what. don't comment if you have no idea what you are talking about. And like EA would post here, lol.

      • LeeDot

        I'd hardly call their post absurd. Of course you're not forced to buy anything and you can play through the game but comparatively the difficulty curve was way steeper than the original and the constant ads to buy things were just obnoxious. Personally I find pushy salesmen to be annoying in real life as well and generally don't frequent stores where someone's constantly hovering over my shoulder.

    • themostunclean

      You must be really horrible at simple strategy games...

    • Eseres

      Even though i normaly are against IAP stuff, PvZ2 is absolutely OK. You don't have to spend a single red cent to complete it at all.
      But with that said in this case, since the game IS free, buying one single plant or something at least once to support these devs would be nice.
      The original PvZ did cost money, didn't it? This one was free, so quit complaining about PvZ2 and its almost none existing IAP.
      Enjoy your free game for what its worth, and maybe support the devs by buying one item.
      But that is really up to you. The bottom line is that this game is free, its fun and most of all its not forcing you to buy anything, unlike most of the other free games with IAP. Me personaly, i did buy every plant in the game just to support them, and i don't really use them in he game either.

      Thanks to the devs for yet a great game!

  • araczynski

    Too much like the first one to me, got bored after a dozen levels, never went back.

  • Sandalfo

    And it still refuses to play on my iP5 :'(

    • themostunclean

      You're the only one Ive heard of having this problem. Have you done all the normal stuff- hard reset, delete and re-install? Maybe make sure you're connected to a network the first time you play too.

      You really shouldn't be having a problem playing this game on an iPhone 5.

    • Zeital

      I haven't had a single prob on my IP5. It's also defaulted to be able to DL content updates over cellular so that shouldn't be a problem... Just to be sure though delete and reinstall on wifi and DL the content update.

    • Eseres

      Thats weird :s Why should you have a problem playing it on a iPhone 5, when my friend is playing it on a iPhone 4?
      You should try following some of the suggestions in the replys, because you should be able to play it on your iPhone 5.
      I hope you'll be able to solve this problem 🙂

  • iValerio90

    This game is a s*** and i dont DL it like other freemium cancer title...freemium games are an insult for TRUE gamers like me and the people with some brain