533456_largerSome games are so good that they never leave your device, and for us, The Incident [$0.99] easily falls into that category. We loved it in our review over three years ago, and it seems like it's only gotten better since then.

Using our weird video capture setup we play using the iPad outputting to my capture hardware while I use the super-cool but likely totally underutilized functionality to download and install the universal game on your iPhone and use it as a controller.

Check it out:

Download The Incident. Seriously. It came out in a time where these procedurally generated endless random games were all the rage, and it still stands out as one of the best.

  • Luigi_Mario


    • Smokey956

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      • nini

        Isn't that everyone's true goal here? Of but, you're here to troll and get downvotes or

      • nini


        Either you're here to get liked as everything is a game, a troll looking to get downvoted as everything is a game, an egotist who likes to hear themselves talk or none of the above in which case you're a liar.

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        You comment to get likes too 🙂

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        Err, some people comment in hopes of getting replies and exchanging ideas. You know, conversing.

        It's all fun and games till someone starts a discussion!

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        There's another one ^

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        Obviously asking for likes.

  • toph101

    Never saw the appeal of this game.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004773092030 Dai Lion

    I downloaded this game weeks ago for free, and as usual in those games, cute graphics bored mechanics.

  • nicktitle

    This is definitely one if my all-time favorite games on iOS.

    It takes a while to build the skills you need to finish, which makes that win feel so much more awesome.

  • http://waxy.org/ Andy Baio

    God, I love this game so much. It's a pixel-art lover's wet dream. Trivia: The Incident was designed and illustrated by Neven Mrgan, who wrote and designed the recently-released Blackbar, which was just featured on TouchArcade yesterday.

    • Dixon Koontz

      Wow, thanks Andy, I was not aware of that connection. I'm stumped in that new game but refuse to google it. I'll just keep going back and trying different 7-letter words and pondering it until I get unstuck. I better go back and try to make progress in The Incident while my subconscious chews on it. Surely he's hidden clues in there for his new game 🙂

  • squabs

    Oh wow, I didn't realize you could use iPhone/touch as a controller! Thanks for pointing that out, been playing all morning on my old ipad with iPhone controller, it's really good like that

  • Taclys

    Using an iPhone as a controller is really slick, I only play it that way. It's a fun game, but it lacks the depth to keep me interested more than a few hours.

    • ImJPaul

      A game that can keep you entertained for hours is a success in my books. Especially a phone game!!!

    • http://entrepreneurialblog.com Niclas Johansson

      I wish all the premium games could use this feature. Would be awesome to play Galaxy On Fire 2, Order And Chaos Online, Streetfighter games, NOVA, KOTOR, Deus EX, Bastion etc on my iPad with my iPhone as the controller. For some reason it's only the retro/budget games that get this treatment. One wonders why.