SaleWell, it's Friday, and here in the US it's also the start of a 3-day holiday weekend. So naturally there are a ton of iOS game sales happening right now. Just in the past couple of days, we've seen Cut the Rope go free, Zombie Highway go free, and Time Surfer go free. Just those three alone could easily fill up your long weekend, but the freebies and price drops don't stop there. Below is a list of all the current sales that we could find, so don't be scared to go nuts and download games like there's no tomorrow.

Party Game Friday Sale
(Developers Tuokio and Otto-Ville Ojala have banded together to offer up their awesome same-device multiplayer games for free, so grab a friend or two and have a game party!)


Crescent Moon Games Sale


Miscellaneous Sales

As with any sale on the App Store, and we always try to mention this, the caveat is that prices can change at pretty much any time, so if there is stuff you like on this list and you like the prices they are at then it's usually best to download them asap. Also always double check that the price in the App Store matches what the sale price is, as I've made that mistake myself before. Of course, using or the AppShopper Social [Free] app are great ways of keeping tabs on all the action in the App Store including price drops and updates, and our Price Drops and Freebies forum and the TouchArcade app [Free] are very useful for that as well.

  • Scot D

    We were discussing this in the forums. These so called premium games that go free and implement ads and IAP needs to be addressed. I personally have bought a number of games that shortly after went free and added an IAP system or ads without reimbursing me in any way. I don't expect a refund, but I would like to see either a free IAP to remove those ads or better yet, the developer should make a separate free app. It's somewhat a slap in the face to the original supporters of the game.

    They change it to free because the sales slow down. So in an effort to increase revenue, they change it to free while adding IAP and or ads.

    PS- I'm not speaking about the games that have been on the market for ages or temporary sales, I'm talking about premium games that go free permanently. Almost a bait and switch tactic as someone else said.

  • XboxOne

    Ravensword: Shadowlands! 😀

  • jayfisch

    How do you choose from all these rpg's?? They all sound amazing!

    • Endscrypt

      If you have not already got it Ravensword:Shadowlands really is the stand out RPG amongst the price drops, the game is utterly amazing in so many ways so if yer on the fence with which one to go for, IMO you can't go wrong with that game out of all those crescent moon games this is extra special.

  • RickyBrooke

    Bloodmasque is not on sale in the UK store... 🙁

  • link6616

    Worth noting, bloodmasque seems to be a US store only sale.

  • bobish

    Not seeing Rimelands on sale in US. Still 4:99.

    • cofunguy

      Me too...bummer!

  • Jake7905

    'Momonga Pinball Adventures' is also still on sale for a buck ($3 norm). Just bought it last night, great little game.

  • Zeital

    Got really excited when my watch list said bloodmasque was on sale only to find out that the AU store isn't on sale. Stupid SE.

    • link6616

      Exact same situation here.

  • Be-Rad

    A lot of the recent App Store comments for Ravensword say it crashes. I want to buy it but I don't want a buggy POS. Has anyone been playing it?

    • Endscrypt

      I've been playing it on and off for the last month or so on my ipad mini 32 and haven't had any crashing probs, I read the same, but I believe most of the probs came from iPod 4th gen which they stated ran the game but didn't caused them to receive a lot of hate & bad reviews. I read up on it before purchasing at full price and what I got was that most had been sorted. The only other complaint is its rather short I didn't expect Skyrim for $7 so 15hrs is all good IMO, but you know "some people" lol

      • Be-Rad

        Awesome, thank you!

  • worldcitizen1919

    Many of these NOT on Australian Store. Have to play the RACIAL card here. When it comes to GOUGING on IOS and Steam Australians get gouged to the hilt but when there's a DISCOUNT only seems to apply to Americans.

    Waste of time listing these discounts when they are so discriminatory that all the games we want to buy are not discounted for our nationality. Only a select and choice few get these discounts so why bother listing them?

    • Robert McGovern

      To be fair it is a US holiday the sales are celebrating, I wouldn't expect the sales to carry over to other regions.

    • Pheebers

      Ummmm..... The select FEW in the US? Too funny.

      As previously mentioned, it's a holiday weekend in the states. Different regions get different advantages at different times -- one that instantly comes to mind is the PvZ2 release. The US had to wait & Australia / NZ didn't.

    • one.sixty.four

      toucharcade is a USA based site and labor day is a USA holiday so... what's the problem?

      • one.sixty.four

        Problem. Not proble... Sorry.

    • Taclys

      Also to be fair, last time I checked, Australia bans and censors a ton of games. At least console games. So, the market towards Australians is a little tough.

      • link6616

        Actually not many, it's just a few high profile games. And I believe the App Store is exempt from the ratings system in Australia aswell.

  • one.sixty.four

    is aralon any good? and is it open world?

    • Endscrypt

      Yeah Aralon is open world, ie. elder scroll type game! As if its any good I'm not sure not had time to play it bruv sorry

  • Creat1v

    Is there any difference between the usual pocket rpg and the iphone edition?

    • armilla

      Go with the pocket if you want a smaller file size, otherwise it's the same!

    • Endscrypt

      Yeah the difference is the iPhone edition is just that, for iPhone iPod. Hence not ipad so if your wanting to play this on both iPhone,iPod/ipad get Pocket RPG not Pocket RPG iPhone edition!

  • Endscrypt

    No sale on Rimelands in the U.K! I didn't miss it did I