584735_largerIt's been an insane week, especially with Terraria [$4.99] and Junk Jack X [$4.99] launching within an hour of each other. Since then, in every comment thread imaginable the debate has been raging over which game is better, and while I'm still holding fast to the idea that if you're interested in these Minecraft-likes you should totally get both... If you had to get one, we're leaning more and more towards Junk Jack X. We're talking a real photo finish here too, as both games are incredible, but what's putting us ever-so-microscopically-over the line in Junk Jack X's favor for the Game of the Week nomination is two major things.

First off, it's not a port and features native touch gestures for controls. As cool as Terraria's zoom functions are concerned, it's increasingly transparent that you're working with a virtual mouse pointer- Particularly as you find yourself trying to build more intricate things without screwing up. Most importantly though, multiplayer in Junk Jack X is amazing. Take a look at my first multiplayer session with Jared:

Sure, Terraria has tons of discovery and other neat things in it as well... But there's just something about playing these games with a buddy and discovering those things together. Multiplayer Minecraft has always been my favorite way to play, and Junk Jack X has all those same feelings flowing my direction.

Where we're sitting right now, if you can only get one, I'd grab Junk Jack X.

  • Flynn Taggart

    An excellent choice sir. I was originally more hyped for terraria but ended up going with this instead and I am most pleased.

    • Ben Norvell

      So you haven't played terraria? Than how can you say it's an excellent choice?

      • Flynn Taggart

        Played it on 360

      • marc0313

        Not the same, dude.

      • Nick

        Um, how? If you've played the 360 version, you have an overwhelming understanding of the entirety of the game. The 360 version has what the iOS version does, and THEN some.

        That said, I bought both. I already own terraria on the 360 and other than the changes to the control schemes, it's the same base game. The same goes for something like Bastion, I played the console version and the iOS version is almost exactly the same.

        - MP
        - Natively designed for iOS
        - Is being run by a team which has an impeccable track record of their involvement
        - takes something we had experienced and really expands on it
        - The ability to turn on creative/peaceful mode as well as turning off continuous time

        - Far more action, it's 2D Zelda meets minecraft
        - Hilarious NPCs that further the game
        - Insane skills, items and such. I mean, muskets!
        - magic, stars, epic boss fights.
        - LOTS of comic sans fonts πŸ˜‰

        Decide for yourself.

        I'll tell you the only correct answer, though: buy both. If you don't have the cash, hit up the free gnomes things or whatever, or sign up to do ipsos Reid surveys and cash that in for iTunes cards.

      • shadax

        The fonts honestly do knock the game's quality a lot. It makes if feel so elementary, like I'm about to play someone's first flash game.

      • amandamar321

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      • JJE McManus

        Terraria has a much deeper adventure. That can't be denied. Whether that has made it's way to iOS remains to be seen. Terraria gets real difficult and honestly, after just a couple of hours with it, I don't know if the touch controls are up to it. But for that matter I've noticed JJX has nastier mobs than I remember.

      • PallaZ

        It's just simple: you buy it, you play it. And if you enjoy it with no regrets: let'me be
        This kind of fanboy war is getting me nuts.

    • lepke

      Got junk jack and loving it. For iOS it is the better choice.

  • kaZangy

    I had never played a game like this before, and got stuck between Terraria and Junk Jack X. I chose Junk Jack X and am extremely pleased with it. It's awesome!

  • Ben Norvell

    Bad choice in my opinion, Terraria is so much better, and believe me, I've played both.

    • Stuart98

      But, how much time have you devoted to each one? Also, might I ask if you've played Terraria on iOS or on the Steam or Console versions?

    • daniel5457

      But Terraria is a port....

      • http://ask.fm/MidianGTX MidianGTX

        A great port of an amazing game.

      • Pocketnova


    • LOLCAT

      Agreed. I have played both as well, and Im finding JJX increasingly boring and repetitive. I love how Terraria focuses more on exploration and skill rather than just being a 2D knock-off of PC Minecraft. Don't get me wrong: I've spent many good hours with the original JJ and loved it. But Terraria has entertained me for hours on end, and shows no sign of stopping. It's always fresh and new challenges, and the crafting system never gets in the way like JJX's does. The whole game just flows great, and is a ton of fun.

  • Pocketnova

    I still think Terraria deserved it just a bit more, but to each their own, I suppose.

    • Ben Norvell

      I totally agree.

  • SkyrimMaster

    I love Terraria but when I played it on the PC I got bored pretty quick. Looks like the iOS version has decent controls over the weird Xbox controls.

  • ptdshiznit818

    I'm going with Terraria for MY game of the week because I prefer the retro look and rpg feel that accompanies terraria's gameplay, but man junk jack x does look pretty great too. Most definitely will be picking it up as well.

  • curtneedsaride

    I just wish ONE of these sandbox type crafting games would also include Autumn colored textures. We get plenty of green which I'm sick of. And we get snow. But where's the orange and reds?!

    • FlipBeef97

      Well JJX has different planets to explore too, you gotta find 3 portal blocks then build the portal and you can travel to the 5 planets available now, and I think they said that they are going to add more planets in updates! πŸ˜€

      • curtneedsaride

        I decided to jump into the first Junk Jack first thanks to all of the seasonal goodies and the fact I can plant pumpkins, wheat, and grow apple trees. And those hats make it all the more worth it. I have so many pretzels and beer right now, I'll never die!

    • Stuart98

      The final world has plenty of red, although it isn't due to autumn.

  • revolverblue85

    Loving terraria right now. Definitely picking up jjx tonight.

  • Retro Nug

    The fact ya don't need multiplayer to make the experience "better" compared to JJX is the main reason I decided on Terraria.

    • Reignmaker

      Superior controls for iOS has nothing to do with multiplayer.

  • RamazAdelphos

    Congratulations to PixBit!! Honestly I like Terraria more but have been playing both so much due to Junk Jack X having Multi Player. But anyways congrats


    Regardless of which anyone likes, the real winners are those of us who appreciate content-packed, premium games. It's a step in the right direction, for sure.

    • imdakine1

      Exactly! Supporting companies that figured out how to create games as a full purchase price with truly optional IAPs will be a lesson for all other producers!

  • Scot D

    Ok I was going to buy JJX since I really like the original. But I also would like to get Terraria. I'll get both eventually.

    Take away the multiplayer in JJX, does Terraria win it?

    • Rejera

      I'd say yes. Terraria is more combat oriented and has a BUNCH of biomes to explore. Plus it has boss battles. I think the controls for terraria deserve more credit because they are really well done.

      • Scot D

        Cool, thank you for your insight!

    • Reignmaker

      I'd say JJX still wins based on what TA said about the control scheme and feel. I adore Terraria. Played it on the PC for hours. But it's been out for a long time and what you're getting is the same game that has been out for a long time.

      JJX by contrast was made for iOS devices and it's apparent by how smooth and polished it is. Furthermore it has better graphics, more content, and a dev team that is dedicated to adding more in the months to come. In short, it's had time to add to the Terraria model.

      Compare what the two dev teams are saying right now. While Terraria's team is talking about bringing the exact same game to Android and Windows Phone, the JJX team is talking about more content.

      • Scot D

        Solid points. I know to expect updates after experience with the original JJ. What got me side tracked was the sim and rpg aspects of Terraria. I have not played it on the PC so it's completely new to me. Still, I'll end up with both down the road but I totally see your points.

      • Reignmaker

        Ah, I see. Well they're both safe choices. If you're looking for a different experience from the original JJ and multiplayer isn't an issue, Terraria might be the one to start with for you.

      • http://ask.fm/MidianGTX MidianGTX

        I'd say Terraria wins the single player battle because JJX feels more grindy. In much the same way Minecraft can be, if you're not playing creative then a lot of your time is spent going back and forth hauling rocks and ore. Once you know what you're doing it's far less of an adventure and may eventually feel like a bit of a chore, while with Terraria, every time you leave base camp, you're going adventuring. Returning with supplies is just the added bonus.

        I've actually been playing more of JJX though as I'm waiting for the Terraria PC update to hit.

      • Scot D

        Cool, thanks for the input! I'm glad to hear you're digging JJX more than the original JJ!

  • Rejera

    Totally think terraria is the better game. Played the original junk jack and it just seemed to lack motivation. If you can only get one, get terraria!

    • Stuart98

      Hey, Terraria doesn't have any motivation either when you get top tier gear.
      Anyway, Junk Jack X does introduce multiple planets that you unlock by playing further into the game. Believe me, finding them all and getting to use them in creative or non adventure mode worlds is a big motivation.

  • darkprophet2088

    terraria could use a dedicated jump button. perhaps on the bottom right corner

    • iammane

      Barggghhh, seriously. I'm hoping for MFi controller support or something, I dunno... A cross between a controller and mouse would really be ideal (controller for movement/combat, mouse for building)

  • Reignmaker

    Planned on getting Terraria because that's what I have on my PC, but took a chance on Junk Jack X when I read the loaded laundry list of features and viewed the beautiful screen shots. I'm not sorry I did at all. It's very polished and has grabbed me in the same way Terraria did on PC.

    From the reviews released so far, it seems like the consensus from people who have played both agree JJX deserves the edge when it comes to mobile devices.

  • nicodemus82

    Glad to see JJX getting the attention it deserves. The first JJ game was way overlooked..

    • anabolicMike

      It was. I spent hours with it tho

  • metalmandave83

    I have both. I like Terraria more but I like the crafting and polished controls of JJX better.

  • anabolicMike

    Good article. I also chose jjX. Mostly because the controls on Terraria are utter crap. Like I want to give it more of a chance but I keep getting frustrated. I'm about to go Dan Lugo on its ass I swear!

  • Stuart98

    Even leaving out the controls and multiplayer, JJx still wins due to its more in depth weapon/armor system (sure, terraria has all of this armor and weapons, but they still do the same damage to everything when the defense divided by two is subtracted, as opposed to JJx where there are different weapons with different mobs that they're good at and that they're bad at), a much better tutorial, more stability, multiple planets (and loads more biomes than Terraria), more monsters, and the findable treasures.

  • flashbackflip

    I chose JJX (also based on list of features and visual style) but the more i read about Terraria in comments the more i want to give it a try.. The only reason holding me off downloading it is i don't want to distract myself from JJX πŸ™‚ I think i will get Terraria when i reach the second planet in JJX

  • Jay G

    I agree with this for game of the week if for no other reason than the fact that I've played 100+ hours of Terraria on PC already, and would rather play something different.
    I don't envy the choice of people on the fence about which one to buy first. I would buy both for sure if I had never played either one, though. The only thing I can say is that I think JJX is a much more leisurely game, while Terraria is a bit more combat-oriented and faster-paced. (you will die...a lot.)

  • runliketurtles

    Terraria is the better game, when played on PC. On iOS it's a much tougher call.

  • babeve

    Played JJX&Tr 3 days,I prefer Tr.
    Btw,I also owned JJ and played JJ more than a year.

  • ommojob

    I believe both cater to two different play styles. Its the same as comparing battlefield and call of duty. While they both exist in similar styles, neither are in any real danger of stepping on each others' toes.

    Ive played terraria on the 360 and can say that it is a phenomenal game, and it was hard for me to put the controller down when i got in the zone. For that reason i decided to pick up junk jack. I will say i see as much potential for this as i did for terraria. The multiple worlds aspect is very intriguing. It feeds your inner urge to, "pack up and head west." The list of content is given in its appeal but it also balances that with quality. Its not something you see a lot.

    That being said, terraria is up to its eyeballs in content and quality. The fights, especially when coordinated with friends, are superb. Boss battles are worth the trouble to craft gear from the most dangerous depths. Like someone else said, you will die a lot. It takes time, skill and a whole lot of effort to farm even a fraction of some of the items needed to craft, sometimes only to find out you only have enough for either a piece of armor or a new sword. It harkens back to actual skill in a game. But you can only be as skilled as the controls allow it. I pretty much had my buy button set for terraria until i learned about the controls. Tight and fluid controls are absolutely crucial for a game like terraria.

    Both are worthy of purchase. However, i highly recommend, get terraria for the console and junk jack for the ios. Both will then have multiplayer as well. Junk jack on the go and Terraria has four player same screen. Thats awesome!

  • Kane

    I haven't played Terraria or Junk Jack X yet, is something wrong with me?

  • Lostpop21

    I played Terraria on PC and never really got into it. I played Minecraft day-in day-out for the longest time and really enjoyed the crafting/surviving aspect of it. That aspect is what i'm looking for. I played the first JJ and while it was enjoyable, i found it repetitive and bland. I got JJX because i support the devs, and never really expected much more than a polished up JJ. Holy Hell was i mind-blown! Not only does the game ooze style and character, they fixed some of the tiny little details i hated from the first one. A select-all delete funtion? Amazing. Keep one quick-slot free? Genius! I also noticed that exploration is much more rewarding, i have found mineshafts, spider layers, and i can only guess what else is waiting down there. 10/10 cant wait for updates.

    • Lostpop21

      My only complaint is the iffy combat controls. Tap to hit is ok, but it seems like my attacks miss half the time.

      • Reignmaker

        I'll second that. It's better now that I've gotten used to it, but I'm generally never a fan of having to tap on something multiple times continuously when it comes to iOS games.

  • tvp61196

    If you have the option of getting Terraria on a PC or Console, I highly reccomend getting that, and then getting Junk Jack X. If a console or PC version of Terraria isn't an option, please do yourself a favor and get Terraria.

  • lindobomba

    JJX is really a great Game, Terraria has to wait .... πŸ˜‰

  • dbarkan

    I've been playing JJX for the past couple of days, but couldn't get around the fact that I loose everything when I die, and when I go to pick it up again, if it happens that I die, those original items are gone... it really sucks.

    • Reignmaker

      That happened to me too! I actually like it. It provides an element of challenge that isn't always present in today's hand-holding games.

      If I end up dying far away from my spawn point, my return trip is now a carefully planned out journey where I'm armed to the teeth!

  • lilneo

    No multilanguage like Terraria. No buy!

  • zipsesh

    Hi there,

    Could someone explain to me what these two games do that separates them from something like Blockheads?

    • somedumbgamer

      Mainly because they're different

      • zipsesh

        Care to elaborate?

  • King Random

    I was really stuck between JJX and Terraria but I wasn't prepared to pay 6 quid if I went 'wrong', so I KINDAAAA made a compromise, seeing from most of the other comments and the TouchArcade review, there wasn't a HUGE difference between the original JJ and the JJX, apart from the multiplayer, (which I don't really care about). So decided to get the original JJ and see what that was like especially as it was a quid cheaper (Β£1.99). After downloading it and playing it for a while, I found that the game is AWESOME!!!! Even though its the original game, there are tons of mobs, ways to farm, crafting recipes, (over 380) and its just nuts the amount of detail they put into the game. I mean, you can even craft SOFA's!!! πŸ˜€
    The game also has a 'fantasy' aspect with a weird kinda biome with some skeleton head and stuff, although I'm pretty sure there are no portals to other planets like in JJX, you will still be playing it for ages! (I have a feeling that I will!) As there are so many items to make and craft there's something about the game that makes me keep coming back for more to make bigger, better and more awesomer stuff πŸ˜€
    I highly recommend the original if you're not sure about JJX and Terraria and the money, you can't go wrong with this game!
    However, if you're willing to spend the extra dosh, judging on the original game, it's a MUST HAVE!