039496_larger-3As we've mentioned in all of our previous cover of The Room [$0.99 (HD) / Free], you really should be playing the game- Especially with its new content update. This morning, Jared and I played the first ten minutes or so of the epilogue, and we really like what we see. It's basically The Room, but more, which is really all we could ever ask for.

SPOILER ALERT! so much of the experience of this game is figuring out these little puzzle pieces by yourself. You'll have an infinitely better experience playing through this totally fresh, so you're the one making all of the discoveries in the game. But, hey, some people just really enjoy watching us play video games, so, whatever!

The Room is currently on sale for 99¢, and I don't know what else I can do to convince everyone out there to download it. Especially on the iPad, it's one hell of an incredible experience.

  • Bobonze

    Loved this game!!! I'm not big into puzzle games, and this did get frustrating, but I so wanted more when I completed it. I might go through it again, this time without using all the hints. I hope the keep adding to it.

  • Turbobond

    This is an excellent game, and I would gladly pay a dollar per puzzle for as many as they'll make. But to hop on a soapbox for a minute, it's sad that so many people find it difficult or impossible to be patient, look around, think a little and take your time with a game. Do those things, and these puzzles are a cinch. A well-crafted, deeply satisfying cinch. What would kids these days do with Myst?!

  • SkyrimMaster

    What if this was the game of that horrible movie made by That weird guy on the subway that always looks at you funny? That would be terrifying.

  • Wizard_Mike

    Picked this up today and just finished it a bit ago. Didn't use any hints, because that just kills the fun for me in games like these. Love these kind of games and this was a really good one. REALLY good. I can't wait for the sequel.

    I need more games like this.

  • Adsinjapan

    Yurr TEARING meee apart LISAAAA!


    Sorry, the wrong "the Room".

    I'm a big fan of this game, so I'm certainly anticipating the sequel. I just hope they make the game far more challenging! I'd really like the puzzles to be an enigma, a real chin scratcher.

    The Epilogue was just too little of a tease for the following sequel later this year.