116167_largerWe really liked Dark Nebula - Episode One [$0.99 / $1.99] when it was released back in 2009, so it wasn't much of a surprise that we also loved Dark Nebula - Episode Two [$1.99 / $2.99] when it was released almost a year later.

Both games are incredibly clever tilt-based ball roller style games that feel totally natural on the platform. Designed by the lead designer of Battlefield 2: Modern Combat, both entries in the series have super high production values and totally succeed at taking what is one of the oldest genres of games on the App Store and turning them into something that feels both new and fresh.

If you found yourself wondering where in the world an iPad version of Episode Two was, or if it was ever going to get iPhone 5 support, here you go. The studio just released Dark Nebula HD - Episode Two [$2.99] which has higher resolution art, widescreen support, and all that. If this is the first you've heard of the series, I'd say it isn't really necessary to play the first one before jumping into the second. However, they're both so good that you might as well.

  • qlpc

    So... They are basicly forcing us to re-buy the game if we want widescreen support?

    • themostunclean

      My thoughts exactly. At least add a ton of new content if you're gonna force us to pay for an update. BS.

      • Hans P. Köter

        A ton? I think eleven new levels are quite ok.

  • Hans P. Köter

    Worth every penny, downloading now... @qlpc there are lots of apps where you have to pay for the HD version extra, so what? (apart from the fact that this game looked quite good in 2x mode...) Btw these aren't even the same guys, who developed the earlier non-HD apps. You don't expect programmers to work for nothing, do you?

    • ColeDaddy

      As a consumer whose been supportive of the product, it absolutely matters. I've not heard about the franchise changing ownership, nor do I care. It's my money and I prefer not paying twice as much for something that was simply optimized for a bigger screen with little or no new, additional content. When it comes to iOS games, I care more about the end-user experience rather than whose name is behind creating the product.

      • Hans P. Köter

        Just to clear this up, valuable consumer: Of course there is new content- eleven new levels that weren't in the SD version, similar to Episode One HD. I'm just tired of people whining how expensive iOS games are and how this is beneath us to simply support decent devs who update apps which are several years old. Never mind.

      • ColeDaddy

        THAT is something totally different. I had no idea that there was new content since it wasn't mentioned previously. I don't mind spending money (I spent over $150 on apps, books and music this month alone and my wife and wallet hate me for it). My argument was directed towards paying again for exactly the same content with the only value-add being optimization for a larger screen. In this case, I wouldn't mind shelling out the extra dough. Thanks for the clarification.

      • SerapisB

        Maybe you should read before you open your mouth next time

      • ColeDaddy

        Hah! You should shut your mouth and follow your own hypocritical advice. The important detail about the extra levels wasn't mentioned anywhere in the TA post above at the time I initially posted my comment nor was it on this thread until Hans mentioned it. (Some people sound like absolute idiots when they shoot off prematurely like that).

    • shadax

      "You don't expect the programmers to work for nothing do you?"

      This comes off as a bit insulting. Of course we don't expect something for nothing. We've already given something and now we have to give more for the same thing but in a proper format?

      I humbly disagree.

      • Hans P. Köter

        There are eleven new levels 😉

  • Mr_Ugly

    well you pay for universal & widescreen.. but its not HD. The assets are simply scaled up from their previous resultion which is more than obvious on ipad retina devices with gfx glitches all over the place.. at least for episode one.

    highly dissapointed. because the original gfx on SD decives was just awesome.. but blowing them up does not do the original any justice.

  • ColeDaddy

    While I love the entire series and have even "re-bought" the first HD version when it first came out, I'm not shelling out another $3 for the entrance fee to play it on my iPad or iPhone 5. If it was buck, sure...This business model doesn't benefit the end-user one bit.

    • LeeDot

      The fact that people feel entitled to free updates on a game three years after it's come out when the game only cost them about $5 to begin with blows my mind. It shouldn't be a surprise by now but still it just seems nuts.

      It's attitudes like this that have caused the app store to become overrun with freemium drek.

      • ColeDaddy

        I personally dislike freemium and avoid them like the plague. But, if the only update is that the original game was simply scaled up for the bigger screen with no additional levels or content, there's no reason to pay an extra premium price.

      • Lomyr

        Right, so, because you bought the DVD, you're entitled to get the Blu-Ray for free...

      • ColeDaddy

        When it comes to movies I don't buy the blu-ray if I have the the DVD. Anyway, those items are two completely different products with completely different sets of end-user experiences and expectations, so your example doesn't apply here.

  • Jake7905

    I'm surprised they didn't do a sale on this like they did on the first one when it was rereleased. That would take some of the sting out of buying it again.