terrariaThe road that Terraria [$4.99] has taken to get to the App Store has been an interesting one, but at long last the game is finally available on mobile devices worldwide. A touchscreen port of the popular 2D Minecraft-like building game Terraria seemed like a perfect fit, and had been oft-requested even since the original PC launch of the game back in 2011. Xbox Live and PlayStation Network just got the game themselves earlier this year, with a Vita port on the horizon as well. It wasn't until this past May that developer Re-Logic confirmed that Terraria was heading to mobile devices in the summer, and just this week there were whispers that the game was slated for launch this Thursday.

However, Terraria didn't follow the typical weekly release routine that most new games do, which is being scheduled for a Thursday release and then slowly trickling out across the globe as each different time zone struck midnight, which actually equates to 11pm EST here in the US. Instead, Terraria saw fit to tease us all by playing coy with a specific release time, but all is well now as the developers likely just "flipped the switch" manually to set the game live across the world at the same time.


I think the rollercoaster of emotions we've felt as we waited with baited breath for Terraria will have been worth it though, as developer Codeglue, who handled the mobile port for Re-Logic, have a list of improvements they've made for this version. Those include a completely redesigned control scheme made for multi-touch screens, a complete rebalancing of the game to make it more conducive to mobile gaming, and Retina Display optimized graphics for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. There's also Game Center integration for leaderboards and achievements, and Facebook integration for sharing screen shots of your worlds and creations.

There's not a whole lot more to say, other than if you've been hotly anticipating Terraria you best get to downloading. You can join in on the discussion and read early impressions form gamers in our forums, and look forward for more Terraria coverage from us in the coming days.

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        The downward arrow is for, "Your comment sucks eggs."

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        I love you

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      Tim grow up

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    Terraria? Premium? Out now? OMG OMG OMG

  • http://endekks.tumblr.com endekks

    Either they aren't doing global simultaneous switch-flipping, or Japan is the red headed stepchild, because it isn't out here for us - and it's been the 29th for over 10 hours.

    They better not be holding it from my territory.

    • http://ask.fm/MidianGTX MidianGTX

      Are you able to click through from the link on the TA app? It didn't appear via search on the UK store either, but it worked from here.

      • http://endekks.tumblr.com endekks

        Yes. If I do it on my computer then I get the 505 Games page in iTunes (meaning that the app isn't in the store) and if I do it on my iPad I get a very unmistakable message stating that the content I want is not available in Japan, but IS available in the US store (which is just the default store it wants to direct me towards if content is not available in my region - not the only one available).

        I messaged Terraria Logic in Twitter directly asking if there was a publisher issue or something. Hopefully I get a response. But breath is not being held.

        I'm pretty disappointed, too, because I took my iPad to bed with me last night hoping to get in some mining and crafting before sleep hit me, but no dice. And I don't want to invest any time in Junk Jack with JJX hopefully around the corner.

      • Danny Perski

        From what I've seen, Junk Jack X isn't a whole lot different from Junk Jack in any way.

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      The red headed stepchild...I like that

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        ...you must be young

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        ...not because you like it, but because you've never heard the phrase

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      I think Japan seems to get skipped by a lot of developers actually. Quite a few games I've missed out on over the past few years

  • CypherColt

    It's out in Canada [probably North America in general]!
    The game controls are well done in my opinion. Loving that it gives a magnifying glass to show what block you are trying to hit!

  • Taclys

    So, which is better: Tereria or JJx? Need an answer soon, I'm only buying 1 now.

    • http://www.tap-start.com/ Mirkwood

      Based on the my exp with the PC and console versions of terraria, I'd say that.

    • Beppe

      I'd say that Junk Jack X is more suited to touchscreen devices since they built it ground up for these platforms.

  • braiden biletski

    That's awesome I always watch my brother play that for ps3 and I wanted it to be for iOS.

  • g0omba

    My only complaint so far (and its a big one...) is no map. If there is I can't find it. Anybody been able to locate it?

    • Willbie

      Terraria never had a map. Maps were only available via mods.

      • g0omba

        The 360 version had a map.

      • Willbie

        Interesting. You'd think they'd do the same for PC and mobile as well, but eh.

  • handycapman

    I really hope the same reviewer reviews both this, and junk jack x. Or at least have a comparison video of the two. It would help the fringe buyers (like myself) to know which one to get.

    • WillBz

      I completely agree. A video would be wonderful.

  • EpiCNeSS

    I got it and junk jack x both soo fun

  • JohnTS

    This coming from someone who has over 70 hours on the PC Terraria version. Terraria on IOS is a alot easier to play around with than JJX IMO. Maybe I just need more time with JJX as its systems are a tad confusing to me right now.

  • anabolicMike

    God the controls are difficult here in terraria. Very hard to build what you want. JjX and this same day?!?!?! What one am I supposed to play! Omg I am so lost what do I do? I'm buying both but but which..... Wahhhhh

  • anabolicMike

    JjX is much better in my opinion. Like OMG. I love it wouldn't even have got terraria haha. Meh I support em anyway

  • Roberga

    Does anyone know if this is like the console version?

  • kaZangy

    I'm new to both games - never played Terraria on PC or Junk Jack. Does iOS Terraria have multiplayer? Which one do you guys recommend? Thanks!

  • Edwin Zeng

    how are the controls? can users control the character with the kind of fast pacing seen in the PC edition?

  • PresidentZer0

    Where is multiplayer?

  • curtneedsaride

    Anyone replace texture files through a file explorer program yet? I want to get this, but only if I can change out textures in the app.

  • Dylan Veit

    Is this coming to the Google Play Store any time soon?

  • EZ Ice

    Which is better, this or Junk Jack X?

  • Senseiguy

    It always crashes on launch on my iPod 4! It works perfect on my bros iPad though! Anyone else have this problem?