We already let you know that 10tons will be releasing Joining Hands 2 this week, but they've also got a new game in the pipeline that is the first release under their publishing initiative. It's called Trouserheart and features a hearty, bearded, and… pants-less hero hacking and slashing his way through some incredibly colorful environments. Check out the teaser.

10tons calls Trouserheart an "instantly accessible hack'n slash" and along with all that hacking and slashing there will be some light RPG elements as well. I'm liking the look of Trouserheart just based on the teaser, and I'm always onboard for a new hack'n slash game. If you feel similar, make sure Trouserheart is added to your TouchArcade [Free] Watch List and keep an eye out for it to launch sometime in September.

  • defunct32

    It's cute and it feels like a hundreds of other games that's already available in the App store.

    • RagerX

      I agree, but without trousers.?.?

    • SyKot

      Can you point me to some? Thanks.

      • defunct32

        It's almost littered everywhere in the app store, look and you shall find! The basic core of gameplay is almost the same; walk around and break stuff, collect items and loots, a bit of puzzle thrown in and wala~ .... except this one is cute and without trousers.

      • MrAwesomeSauce

        That doesn't answer the question at hand. Specific titles would be nice. Your answer is extremely vague. With about 148 apps being released this Thursday alone, it just shows how over saturated the App Store is.

      • defunct32

        Recently released games? Try Kingdom Falls, other titles would be Mage Gauntlet. These are paid games that has about the elements or in the vein of Trouserhearts. Oh, please don't take it literally when I said "hundreds of other games" I'm sure are a handful but I'm mot going to look for them or list a hundred down here.

        All I'm saying the game Trouserhearts feels like a "been there, done that" with a couple of twist, get it?

      • defunct32

        I'm sure there are a handful*.

      • defunct32

        Not* ~.~

  • Amenbrother

    Please please please can we get a Diablo clone already?!? Wait I mean a good Diablo clone... Lots of loot and lots of different character classes with no timers for anything! No freemium crap either.

    • memphis12

      Lesabel is the closest App Store has to Diablo. Path Of Exile is the game the App Store needs. It's what Diablo 3 should have been. It's free, but research this one. It's something special.

      • bilboa

        I found Dungeon Hunter 2 to be a very decent mobile Diablo clone also. Don't let the Freemium yuckiness of Dungeon Hunter 3 and 4 put you off; DH2 is the real deal.

  • RegularStormy

    Does the music in this trailer sound like it uh... "drew inspiration" from the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time music in the starting area (Kokiri Forest)... or is it just me?