junkjackx-logoThe road that Junk Jack X has traveled has been an interesting one. Originally, this was set to be an update of sorts to the first Junk Jack [$2.99], an awesome 2D builder similar to Minecraft or Terraria that launched way back in 2011. However, it seemed to spin off into its own new standalone game which developer PixBits officially dubbed Junk Jack X this past May. Basically, Junk Jack X will take everything great about the first game and add a bunch of new stuff on top of it, most notably online multiplayer and distinctive new worlds to visit. We got a quick glimpse of some of those worlds last month when Junk Jack X entered its beta period.

Today, PixBits announced on their blog that the beta period is just about wrapped up, as is the initial development of Junk Jack X. As such they'll be shipping the game off to Apple any day now, which means that we'll all be crafting, building and exploring in strange new worlds hopefully in just the next few weeks. I personally can't wait. Here are some new iPad screens of Junk Jack X to whet the ol' appetite.


ipad-3-announce ipad-1-announce

Furthermore, PixBits explains that they were able to cram in all of their ideas that they initially had planned for Junk Jack X, including 5 distinct worlds to visit and explore. Beyond that, they still have a ton of ideas in the pipeline that they'll be looking to add to Junk Jack X post-release via updates. Additionally, as PixBits has hinted at several times in the past, they are not fans of freemium and Junk Jack X will be $4.99 at launch for the entire game upfront. If you're as stoked for Junk Jack X as I am, then you've already got it locked and loaded in your TouchArcade [Free] Watch List, so keep an eye out for a firm release date in the very near future.

  • JohnnyHand

    ^ - ^ yes, yes yes ^ - ^

  • shadax

    Are we looking at tomorrow night by any chance?

    • dylanmannen


    • BlueFalcN

      I hope!!!! Now all we need is terraria!!

    • Grettir0

      The original post on the blog said in a few weeks

      • Th3R3n3gad3

        More like tomorrow!!

  • Bede-x

    Is there any chance this is gonna get controller support in iOS7? Really liked everything about the original except the controls, which unfortunately ruined the game.

    • shadax

      Exactly why I stopped playing. Side scrolling mining game with touch screen controls was beyond my patience unfortunately.

    • Grettir0

      It uses swipes idiot

      • Karzay

        A bit rude don't you think? Nothing wrong with adding a different control system. Most games have them already.

      • Atomos

        Clearly it uses swipe, and clearly you didn't read his comment. He was asking if it will support a controller.

      • RagerX

        Nice... He expressed an opinion and you call him names. 🙁

      • Papa Deuce

        Why do you call him an idiot, idiot?

      • Protoman

        Aren't swipes, uh, touch control??? You're silly.

    • Atomos

      I hope so too. It didn't sound like it was that hard to implement the physical controls in iOS 7. I know one of the rules is that if a game can use a controller, it must have non-controller controls as well.

  • Hatesville

    Guys should try Deepworld. Brilliant 2d a la minecraft.

    • themostunclean

      Couldn't get past the freemium shenanigans. Plus the multiplayer aspect was annoying.

      Art style and story were cool though.

  • RichRuzz

    I have a boner.... O_O I want!

  • anabolicMike

    Yay. Instant buy. I had tons of fun with the first one. I can't wait! And no freemium? My undying love is with them if so

  • FledgeFish

    Maybe they'll surprise us and release it tonight

  • Peter

    Hands down the iOS game I'm waiting for the most. The first one is fantastic, now with all these upgrades... can't freaking wait for it.

  • Broli95


  • pixel_girl

    If we already payed for junk jack..do we have to pay for junk jack x, too? If so i'm screwd

    • Zeldaniac

      Yes, you do.

    • anabolicMike

      Of course you do. These are guys trying to make a living whilst giving us enjoyment. Why wouldn't you want, let alone have, to pay for it?!? Hell if its as good as the first and they made it free id still look for a place to donate. Guys like this deserve their money for their hard work. I don't understand why so many people whine and complain about paying for mobile games. Some guys even jailbreak and get them for free! No! Just.... No. Those guys deserve your couple bucks. I hope you app pirates die.

  • Youtopia

    This or Terraria, guys?

    • Peter


    • themostunclean

      If you only have money for one, this. Although they're coming at least a few weeks apart so if you buy Terraria tonight you should be able to scrounge up enough for JJX when it comes out.

  • Zeldaniac


  • iOSPeace

    This looks like Terria

    • The Gamer Dude

      I suggest a visit to your optometrist pronto.

    • RagerX

      What a non educated guess... Nice try...

  • The Gamer Dude

    Oh boy the first one was so jam packed and had so many cool updates I'm just chomping at the bit. And yes pixel girl sequels are never free;) But rest assured it will be worth it! Shirley you can afford a couple of bucks for this awesomeness.

  • RamazAdelphos

    Omg... Terrtaria is coming out tomorrow night :0. So probaly gnna pick the up instead. Sorry Junk Jack X. Ill still enjoy Junk Jack

  • cwearly1

    I've been a part of Junk Jack since the beginning, and I have to say, this game is absolutely incredible!! I so cannot wait for it to be released!

  • FRnchFRy

    Awesome! So conflicted though on whether to get terraria or junk jack...or both lol!

  • Durduhdur

    best app news ive seen in months I've been waiting for this game for a LOOOONG time yayayayayayaa

  • Bigperm9

    I can't wait for Jun Jack X. I know Terraria is coming out tonight so I think I'm going to get both. I'm hella loyal to Junk Jack as it's the first sandbox/builder game of this type that I have played. I adore it to pieces. That being said, I kind of want to try Terraria. Not sure if I'll like it as much as Junk Jack, but if I don't, Junk Jack X is getting close so there is hope for me.

  • wigzisonfire

    Poor old Junk Jack X. They must have cried when they heard Terraria is coming out TONIGHT!!!!!

    • Beppe

      Such a polite comment. Seeing what a rushed turd with no multiplayer and old graphics is Teraria for iOS I wouldn't be too worried if I was a Junk Jack X dev.