884809_largerIt takes a lot to get us excited about tower defends games on the App Store these days, and while Pirate Legends TD [Free] seems to have a lot going for it between its cool art style, multiple in-game systems (complete with tech tree) and more... It sort of falls in to the same trap that most tower defense games do in that it's potentially really soul-crushing to spend 20 minutes on a level only to die at the very last guy of the very last wave.

Consequently, that's exactly what happened in this video! Feel free to skip around too, as the first few waves aren't very interesting. We do end up using every one of the "premium" powers that you buy with the in-game currency though, so that's sort of neat.

From this brief playthrough, I'd say that Pirate Legends TD isn't the best tower defense game I've played, but it also isn't the worst. If you're in the market for another TD to dump some time into, love pirates, and liked what you saw here... I say, go nuts.

  • Morgan01

    Mini boss at the end was pretty cheap. Full health until mini boss came and ......fail.

  • jv_patel

    So out of interest, what is your favourite TD game on the iPhone?

    • Taclys

      Personally, the Bloons series is surprisingly fun, Kingdom Rush is great, PvZ sorta counts as Tower Defense, and Jelly Defense is wicked hard in parts. Just my opinion.

  • speedyph


  • Amenbrother

    I loved the $3.99 launch then half a week later 99c sale by the way..... NOT!

    • cameron331

      Right, because sales are evil, or something.

      • themostunclean

        Get your facts straight before being snide. They are a bad thing when you pay full price only to have it drop by 300% before the first week is up. Especially when the devs specifically promise on a forum that it's a premium game that won't see a sale for quite a while then load the it with IAP and drop the price after 5 days.

  • orangeposer

    Anyone else see this as a pirate themed Kingdom Rush clone? A good clone. But a clone none the less.

    • Zaraf

      My thoughts exactly.

    • themostunclean

      Kingdom Rush was not the first to use any of its mechanics. It was itself a clone of several TD games that came before it, like Ninjatown o DS.

      • London-SV

        IMO this was more fun that Kingdom Rush, just wish it had more levels and a little more depth

  • themostunclean

    Classic TD fail.

    When the big guy passes towers you're not going to need them anymore so SELL THEM and use the profit to upgrade towers further down the line. Seriously, guys, that's like TD 101!

    That and you NEVER fill all the spots first. Build on the most strategic locations, upgrade them and then add towers into the empty spaces when you've got the extra loot.

  • London-SV

    I didn't struggle with any of the levels even on the hardest difficulty without any power ups, I found them all pretty easy, in the video your tower placement isn't very good or your choice of towers for that matter, try having oil ones close to the bomb towers to bunch them all up to maximise the bomb towers effectiveness.

  • Flare_TM

    Wow try and sound at least a BIT enthusiastic about it

  • GiHubb

    The structure looks like it's completely lifted from Kingdom Rush. I'm quite surprised Jared & Eli didn't mention Kingdom Rush which is the obvious "inspiration". I don't know if I've been over exposed to TD games, but this does look quite dull. Generally I would recommend Kingdom Rush and GeoDefense as the top TD games. Tiny Heroes was also very cool and quite different. A shame it never got an iPad version which the devs were discussing. Sadly it probably failed financially.

  • daniel schroeder

    It's funny because Jared was talking about how Field Runners 2 is one of his favorites, and then the one thing that was often talked about when FR2 came up -- that you often play for a long time, only to fail -- happened at the end.

    I get that TD has some hardcore fans, but I'm perfectly happy with the less in-depth gameplay of PvZ. The hardest part is accepting that it's not the genre for me.

  • Sebastián

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