mzl.qkfzqmwl.175x175-75Chillingo's upcoming puzzle game The Impossible Line is kind of a hoot if you're looking for something a little more stimulating to pass the time. In Impossible Line, you draw a line from an arrow to an objective while carefully keeping the line from touching thick, chalky obstacles. That's simple enough, but the catch is this: after a few seconds, the obstacles go invisible. So, you've got to memorize where everything was and then execute with your line. This is harder to do than you think, especially as the game ramps up and adds moving objects as obstacles.

This is free-to-play, by the way, and the game's hint and power-up system kinda factors into its model. As you beat levels, you'll gain a weird kind of currency that allows you to buy power-ups that reveal obstacles. There's a flashlight, for instance, that reveals obstacle boundaries in your immediate area. You can buy this currency for real money, if you choose. You can also turn off the game's ads for $1.99, if they get to be too much.

We've got the trailer below, if you were a little unclear on the premise. This should clear things up a bit:

Anyway, The Impossible Line is due out tonight at around 11PM EST. We'll have more on it down the line, but definitely consider giving it a shot if you're short on puzzle games at the moment.

International App Store Link: The Impossible Line, Free (Universal)

  • Taclys

    This sounds like awful freemium. Anyone who buys the flashlight will have a much, much easier time. I thought chillingo was above freemium.

    • yaboyrasp

      If you don't want the flashlight then don't use it?

      • Taclys

        It's an absolute massive advantage. Flashlight users will wreck the leaderboards.

      • PadreTomasito

        Oh My God! The Leaderboard! Most important thing since the invention of wheel!

  • wassupbiloxi

    Doodle Golf came out four years ago with the same premise and no IAP, so it's just a question of whether this has better level design.

  • GamerGuy


  • loophole

    Not gonna lie... This looks fun

  • audiotaku

    Horrible. There should be some type of algorithm to find a suitable ratio between length of a level and the frequency of on-screen ads and pop up ads. Screw up enough times in a minute and u can see 20 ads. And advertising Wonga is a joke, given all the bad press they get in the UK for their despicable business model. It even leads to the age verification on the initial launch.