Well this should come as no surprise, but EA has announced at Gamescom that the forthcoming mobile version of their star soccer franchise, FIFA 14, will be a free-to-play title. With the recent success of Plants vs. Zombies 2 [Free] as well as the stupid amount of money they're raking in from Real Racing 3 [Free], The Simpsons Tapped Out [Free], and The Sims FreePlay [Free], all free-to-play games, it's no wonder FIFA 14 will be joining the f2p party.


This doesn't always mean a bad thing, though. We were incredibly impressed with just how generous Plants vs. Zombies 2's free-to-play model was. You can play the entire game for free without hard paywalls, timers, or any of that other annoying stuff. The flip side to that would be Real Racing 3, which started out alright when it launched but was slowly tweaked and tuned through updates that eventually made its free-to-play-ness impossible to stomach (for me, anyway).

We'll have to wait and see how it turns out, and with the console versions of FIFA 14 set to hit next month I'd imagine the mobile iteration won't be too far off either.


  • Smokey956


  • ODMay

    I don't even play FIFA. lol

  • sakara214ever

    Well done E.A. If it has the same freetoplay model as PVZ 2 then i am ok with it.

    • rewyan

      It's not Popcap, so there's nobody behind this who partially cares about their customers.

      • fleshman

        Actually the folks who made PvZ are already fired from EA, just sayin...

  • Lerisbo1192


  • dancj

    Oh no!! You bastards!!!

    Oh wait a sec - I hate football games so I don't care!

  • curtneedsaride

    Wow. Glad I haven't deleted FIFA 13 from my devices in anticipation. I can see this going horribly wrong. I want a full-featured footy game,
    and I want the ability to pay upfront for the whole dang thing.

    I sure hope there aren't timers, IAP per club, etc. Otherwise, I'll
    be jumping ship and trying another footy game. Or just sticking with
    Football Manager 13/14.

    I'm tiring of EA. Haven't given them money since the last FIFA. And
    now it looks like I won't be giving them any money again if they keep
    this crap up.

  • NickyNichols

    I am ok with this. PvZ has completely restored my faith in F2P and EA.

  • fransoccer

    I remember when mobile games were becoming good and fun and had potential to be an amazing gaming experience but now it's all ruined with IAP and pay to win stuff, it makes me want to stop playing mobile games

    • Charger

      Amazing gaming experience? What do you expect from a phone/tablet?

      • fleshman

        Something not freemium, maybe

  • Smaug

    I have a feeling EA is changing. Seriously PvZ F2P model actually works out and they're giving out all their games on humble bundle for free- it goes to charity. I think they're trying to be less evil, hopefully they're not just trying to get better PR and then pull a 180

    • Leo281993

      That's why I still doubt ea. take a look at real racing 3. The iap was a but generous then after they got the praise and downloads, they pulled a 180 and increased the iap requirements.

    • rewyan

      I think PvZ2 is showing EA that taking the lenient freemium model actually works better. I love freemium when it's done correctly, otherwise I get annoyed.

    • andrew9oh7

      Evil?! Hahahaha are you 12? Maybe a little greedy but evil is a very big over reaction

  • slamraman

    In a word - p*sh. Saw it coming but very, very disappointing. The beautiful game somewhat tarnished.

  • iValerio90

    who care ? i hate football in every form

    • heresandypandy

      Probably most of the rest of the world who like football? Maybe... Just a guess mind.

      • iValerio90


        Rest of the world

  • rewyan

    I'm shocked.

    I think EA should change to FA. Freemium Arts.

    • B3nlok

      Whatever. Its still the same crap recycled psp port from the past years. I would not waste $0.99 for this pos anyway.

    • fleshman

      Or just FArts

  • JohnnyJ301

    I'm dissappointed. I'm not a huge soccer fan but this probably means that Madden 14 will be F2P also. I downloaded PvZ2 and I think they did a good job with the model but in all honesty I prefer the premium model. No paywalls, you get the whole experience without being pestered with IAP's. I admit to the fact that some F2P's can be done adequately but premium is always the best model. Unfortunately there is so much pirating going on, developers are almost forced to include a lot of IAP's.

    • ImJPaul

      These are my exact thoughts. I'm hoping that since they gave soccer fans FIFA 13 premium and us football fans some Free to play Madden garbage last year that they screw over the FIFA fans this year and give us a solid Madden.

      Of course, I'd like everyone to be happy here but we already know FIFA is gonn be FTP so I am just gonna cross my fingers for a premium Madden.

      • worldcitizen1919

        Madden freemium look like Madden Social revamped. You will need cards to To form your team the same as in Madden Social and I noticed Madden cash and ENERGY which means TIMERS. Looks like both Fifa and Madden are being destroyed. You will have to pay for everything you use and touch or wait hours for another game. Not for me. I'm outta here. Sports games can't be done right with freemium. It's all a cash grab.

    • Galenmereth

      Piracy has nothing to do with it; it's all profits.

      • JohnnyJ301

        I wish I could agree with that and call EA a bunch of greedy SOB's but I really believe that pirating is a big reason for IAP's and F2P models. Even indie developers have stated that without IAP's, they don't stand a chance at making a profit. By no means am I defending EA,lol. I believe they did a study on premium apps and their is a huge amount of piracy, cutting into developers profits and lack thereof.

  • fenderbendr

    I wish the free-to-play model was never invented.

  • Deixa

    EA - Electronically After your money

  • Mess

    For the casual gamer this is actually ok news, another high quality title for very little cost (read free)

    However for someone wanting a full gaming experience it's not good, as it's bound to mean timers and a premium currency - buy RVP for Ten Fifa Bucks, wait two hours for team to train or pay 1 Fifa Buck, you get the idea.

    I guess the question is how much these Fifa bucks will be and how easy you get them in game.

  • riChchestMat

    It was better in the old days. Jumpers for goalposts. Summers that never ended. Hmmm. Wasn't it.

  • Topbeast

    Nooooo >___> . This is the only game that I play (FIFA) and they make it free to play, that f**king sucks.

  • AlexsIpad

    This is disgraceful, what are EA doing

  • Jake7905

    I can't say I'm much of a soccer fan, and have never played this series or plan on playing it. My question (and concern) in all of this is, will EA ever make a premium mobile game again?

    Sure, PvZ2 was a balanced game and an example of free done right. But to focus only on EA's diamond in a sea of freemium coal, is to ignore the fact that the free-to-play model has failed gamers 99% of the time.

  • revolverblue85

    Really disappointing news. I was talking about FIFA 14 earlier today and how much I'm anticipating it. We shall see.

  • CricketDude

    I don't even see how you can put IAP's into FIFA other than coins

  • marc0313


  • stormchild


  • worldcitizen1919

    Actually they'll most likely use cards. It'll be a carbon copy of Madden Social. I predicted this would happen to Fifa before I even saw his thread. FIFA will be RUINED just like they destroyed Madden with timers and pay to play and ENERGY.

    To play you'll most likely have to buy energy and cards to form a team. And when you've played 15 minutes you'll have to PAY to play another 15 or so minutes or WAIT a few hours for timers to time out.

    And there will be hundreds of player cards and packs for you to buy going from $2 to $99.

    Freemium for sports games signals a death blow because everything you want to do you have pay for. Very, very sad.

  • greatnoob

    Anybody else realize why the title states "to no-one's surprise"?

    • Himmat Singh

      Yeah, like are you surprised? After seeing what they did to RR3, this is least surprising to the core mobile gaming community.

  • Arpan Bagri

    You've exhausted your quota of energy bars! Wait 2657 hours for the energy to recharge or else you can s**t money and buy energy! Pay $2.99 to unlock Manager Mode! F*** you EA! I was an ardent fan until this 'not-so-surprising' news popped-up! No more FIFA for me on my iPad! Time to show them whose the boss!

  • heresandypandy

    I could imagine this being pretty generous with IAP. FIFA is EA's flagship series, they won't want to upset such a massive fanbase by making their game inaccessible, especially since PES 2014 is apparently set to make a major comeback for Konami in quality-terms on consoles.


    Bought the last two and hardly played on them. It's half an experience if that compared to the consoles

  • josh nolan

    thank goodness i have fifa 2013...I am sick of IAP... well forced IAP that is .... if it is an optional one to a premium game..sure why not but rigging games so that you are forced....just makes me want to give up on this crap and just get a PS-vita...at least at the moment there are plenty of titles before they get sucked into this...worst part is there are dummies out there that fall for it and justify the $ so they keep doing it

  • lordyokomoto

    Pity pro evo could never made a decent game for iOS 😉 hint hint