997203_largerWorld of Goo just received its first update since 2011, and it's a good one if you have an iPhone 5. The sensational, and brain-tickling, physics-based puzzle game now finally supports iPhone 5's screen size. The free update hit earlier this morning and came with a note: "finally! sorry for the delay."

It was worth the wait. World of Goo holds up, thanks to its unique premise -- taking a bunch of balls of goo and combining them to make super structures -- and its technical excellence. Really whatever you play World of Goo on will be just fine, but it sure is nice to see it on the iPhone 5's larger screen.


You can check out our initial review here if you're curious about the game. There's a hands-on video in there, too, if you want to see it in action.

  • Matthew Rossman

    Well it's about time!

    (Good excuse for another playthrough though)

  • cobbyco

    Only took 10 months...

  • Infinity89

    They still haven't updated the universal HD version!!!!

    • Filipe Correia

      Seriously? I paid for the premium HD version, and they only update the iPhone/iPod version?...

  • sakara214ever


  • Peachydharma

    The version I purchased still hasn't been updated. It's the HD version. I suppose they figure they will sell more copies this way. I don't believe in paying twice for the same game, and there is no reason to shortchange the people who supported their early release. I do not support these tactics regardless of quality.

    In a consumer driven economy, the most important message we can send is how we spend our money. I will not be supporting any effort from this developer until they fix the problem.

    • dancj

      Maybe I'm optimistic, but it's possible they submitted both fixes at the same time and the universal one is still working its way through the system.

  • http://iqsoup.com/ iqSoup

    Awesome game!

  • Peachydharma

    Hey, Y'all

    I wrote 2d Boy about the HD version, they say they submitted an iPhone 5 update to Apple. Seems to be stuck somewhere in the pipeline.... but should be coming.