gamer-media4fix-1Late last year we first got our hands on Gameloft's Duo Gamer game controller and it really left us scratching our collective heads. First off, it's super plastic-y feeling- Almost to the point that you wondered whether or not you were using their final hardware design. Also, it only worked with five specific Gameloft games. Then when you added the $80 price tag in to the mix, it just seemed insane. It didn't take more than a couple months for the price to get slashed in half, but even at $40 the purchase was hard to swallow.

If for some reason you've been waiting for an even more significant price drop, today is your lucky day. As pointed out by Twitter user @hmlresearch, the Duo Gamer controller can now be had for $6.02 on Amazon.

This very much is dead hardware, as with iOS 7 right around the corner and every accessory manufacturer under the sun making iOS 7 game controllers there's not much reason to pick one of these up aside from the sake of raw curiosity... But, still, you could probably do worse things with six bucks, and it ships with Amazon Prime! Gameloft seems to have removed all mention of the Duo Controller from their web site, but, here's the original list of games that were supported with it:

  • Smaug

    Non important

    • themostunclean

      Glad you took the time out of your day to let us know that.

      • Karzay

        I'm glad you took the time of your day to let him know that you appreciate the time he took out of his day to let us know that.

      • greatnoob

        The irony lol

      • themostunclean

        I'm glad you took the time out of your day to let me know you're glad I took the time out of my day to let him know I'm glad he took the time out of his day to let us know that.

        That was fun 🙂

      • Michal "Hochy" Hochmajer

        Damn, where was I? Yeah, completely lost in first sentence...Smaugs. 🙂

    • scdude

      I remember bnates gamer sucking Gamelofts ass for this

  • iammane

    Lol ahhh well... Good on you Gameloft, nice try.

    Looking forward to more MFi controller options. A full sized one for syncing to iPad is cool but I think I'm more interested in the controllers the phone fits inside.

    • loophole

      Lol I bought one for six bucks and its worth six bucks! It's super fun with nova 3. But I seriously cannot believe they charge $80 for that piece of crap quality. But for six bucks go ahead and get it its actually pretty fun if your big into any of those games on the list.

  • Boris Nguetie

    I don't get why this controller do not support all their games. I mean how comes they don't wanna support their own product?!!

    • themostunclean

      Because support for the controller had to be written into the game. Considering the lack of success, I doubt it was worth their time or money to go back and revamp their entire catalog.

  • B30

    "But, still, you could probably do worse things with six bucks, ..."
    e.g.: feed EA with six bucks

    • andrew9oh7

      Lol why is ea so terrible

      • Poo

        They murder games that could be good with their greed.

      • andrew9oh7

        Yea sometimes it is pretty bad,but google "why people hate ea" ign has a really good article on it

      • shadax

        RIP maxis games :'(

      • HisDivineOrder

        People feel guilty for feeding the Call of Duty and WoW machines, so they hate EA as a proxy for hating a company they actively support (ie., activision). By far, Activision is worse for gaming than EA, but people hate EA because they can't square in their head how they can play such horrible trash while knowing its trash by a trash company.

        Thus, EA has to take the hit because they don't have any game that hits as hard in the "stupid-ifying" as either WoW or CoD.

      • Benjamin Rodriguez

        Actually it's because of bad practice to the community as a whole. They only care about profit, and they will fire everybody to get that profit. It's an illusion if you think people rag on EA because they are big. It's because they are big, and use their weight to do whatever they want regardless if they put people out on the streets. They kill franchises sure, but when they go beyond the scope of just ruining games, and to the point to where the well being of everyday hardworking people is in danger, that's when they cross the line

      • Protoman

        Actually EA and Activision are the same type of corporate monstrosity. Honestly speaking, I'm surprised they haven't mated yet and had horrible spawn.


    I have one of these I picked up on sale at best buy for 10 bucks. It's fine but I only supports like 5 of their 50 games. Totally not with it....

    • demod1

      Actually this is not a complete list of games that it supports. I used it to play Wild blood (very good game by the way ), NFL Pro 2013 and real soccer 2013. I know that's not much of a contribution but I figured I would share

  • TheGrimCreeper

    Instead of giving us a controller that supports Modern Combat 3, give us Modern Combat 3 that supports iPhone 5 widescreen.

    • Pocketnova

      Here here

  • Silenus

    How do they sync, is this bluetooth?
    Maybe hack this for android?

    • loophole

      Yep it uses Bluetooth and its super easy to set up

    • Ihatehumans

      if you figured out how to hack this for android let me know

  • Kirs


  • Eseres

    Who would want a controller that only works with a few gameloft games anyways?
    If i ever get a controller, i would want it to go with ALL the games on my device. And with all the dumb choises gameloft have done lately, i don't even wish their controller the very least of welcomes. As probably most of the mobile gamers, i'd rather wait for a controller made spesific for my device, in my case, the Apple controller.

    But on the other hand, how important is a controller for your mobile device anyways? Even if you get more of a gaming experience by seperating the controllers from the screen, will it not only be ONE more gadget to carry around with you, or to stick in your bag when you go for a trip? To me, the mobile experience is all about the one single gadget that fits in your pocket/bag, that you can whip out at any given time and just play your favorite game. A controller requires some thing to set up your device on, most likely a table, and sitting on a park bench playing with a controller on a mobile device will probably make you look stupid... But then again, i've been wrong before...

    • demod1

      True that mobile devices are meant for on the go gaming. But it is a nice enhancement to be able to play your mobile games on a big screen TV or with a controller when you're at home. I for one love playing my games with the ICade mobile controller. Much better to not have your thumbs taking up screen space.

      • themostunclean

        A lot of people also like to use their device with mirroring. Controllers make sense for that.

    • LOLCAT

      I agree with you 100%, but I do think that external controllers can add extra, often better control options when you're iOS gaming at home. (For instance, many iCade games.)

  • phonecats

    but guys i think this can be modded to work with HP touchpad.


    • jweevil

      It was also work with blutrol if your jailbroken pcat

  • jeffyg3

    $6, no thanks.
    I'll just wait for the 99 cent Gameloft sale 😀

    • robotsrock

      Just wait for it to go free to play

  • mindseyes

    I had this controller it was almost $50 then. Wow $6 now I sold mine on ebay for $25 and felt i shoulda got more. Decent controllers but I noticed it only supported a few games all large files.

  • JohnnyJ301

    The actors on this commercial deserve Academy awards !

  • hourglass

    Gameloft has started becoming a smaller EA. They murder games that could have been great, like Dungeon Hunter 3 and 4. Their new stuff has all been pay to win. That really pisses me off.

  • somedumbgamer

    Love my icade 8- bity controller. Think it was $25 usd on amazon. Im using it with HDMI to my 52" tv feels just like a console experience, although not all games are icade supported.

  • rednekzomby

    Seem to remember when there was a post about these things dropping to 40 bucks there was someone complaining that they had just paid 114 to have it shipped to NZ. Dear god I hope they dont read this update.

  • xStatiCa

    I bet I know why they are clearing them out. iOS 7 will have a built-in controller API in iOS for third party controller manufacturers. It makes sense that all game developers will be more likely to support a controller supporting an official iOS api rather than a controller that uses non-standard API. This older controller will probably be outdated on iOS 7 launch. With that said.. im ordering one too for $6. 🙂

  • handhoney

    This thing looks useless. However the iControlpad and Blutrol have made iOS gaming amazing for me for a long time.

    Sine Mora, Pokémon and Symphony of the Night being either portable OR playable the big screen without their respective systems.... It's been such an amazing thing for me. I love my iPhone and I love the jailbreak community (sans-pirating).

  • REkzkaRZ

    "Buy this amazing touchscreen device for $250+, and then don't touch the screen, but rather use this POS controller!"
    There's an interesting selling angle.
    How about this -- it ain't worth $6, it ain't worth spit.
    Go & pay for a good indie game on IOS, ya cheap bastids!!

  • Enjoo

    Well, since my ipod 4 doesn't support iOS 7, and its $6. Probably buying this.

    • Werner Ruotsalainen

      I only recommend it for Asphalt 7, unless you jailbreak and use BluTrol.

  • matus

    I got that as a present for Christmas at £80. The game loft basically dropped it with no though for those who did pay for it. Thanks Gameloft. Thanks.

  • Werner Ruotsalainen

    Some bad news for you all: Asphalt 8 doesn't support the controller. (Yes, I've tested.)

    Currently, the only game I recommend the controller for is Asphalt 7. Other supported games are much better played with on-screen controls.

    I haven't tested BluTrol's recent addition of Duo Gamer support. It MAY make it worth for other kinds of gaming. If you don't jailbreak, however, the only game you may want to purchase the controller for is Asphalt 7. Nothing else...

    • helpinghands

      Wild Blood is actually a really good game if you give it a try and don't mind hack and slash games. Brothers in Arms 2 and NOVA 3 are ok to play as well.

      • Werner Ruotsalainen

        Well, I've found the playability of e.g. NOVA3 significantly inferior with Duo Gamer. For example, the controller only has some three different moving speed (when panning the camera), unlike with onscreen controls.

  • teenstargatefan

    I know this is horrible compared to real controllers such as the SteelSeries Nimbus. But i really love NOVA 3 and it still doesn't have support. At this price I may as well get it. But does it work with the free version of NOVA.3