inkleInkle Studios brought us what I consider to be the definitive digital gamebook experience with Sorcery! [$4.99] back in early May, and I'm very pleased to learn that Inkle has confirmed to Eurogamer that Sorcery! Part 2 is in the works and slated for release on iOS in late September or early October.

Sorcery! on iOS is a digital adaptation of the 1983 gamebook written by Steve Jackson, co-creator of the legendary Fighting Fantasy series of gamebooks. We loved Sorcery! in our review, and though it was a bit on the short side, the care and quality that went into creating a true game-like experience out of the popular gamebook has set the bar for any gamebooks in the future.

Fortunately the short length of the first game shouldn't be a problem with Part 2. Inkle provided the graphic above that shows Sorcery! 2 will contain roughly double the amount of content as the first game, with twice as many words, nearly double the amount of "scenes" and twice as many choices to make throughout the adventure.

The book version of Sorcery! is a four part series, so it's very likely we'll be seeing even more beyond Part 2, especially since Inkle revealed that the first game sold quite well on the App Store, pushing more than 40,000 copies. Another nice bit of info is that you'll be able to choose which save game from the first game that you'd like to continue off of in Sorcery! Part 2.

It all sounds very exciting, so keep your eyes peeled for Sorcery! Part 2 to land in the App Store in the coming months.


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