2KDrive_Logo_Horizontal_forLightThe App Store is full of racing games, and later this year we'll be able to add another to the mix. Called 2K Drive, it's a sim-style racer coming from 2K and Lucid Games exclusively to iOS sometime in the fall. What makes this announcement so exciting is that Lucid Games is made up of former members of Bizarre Creations, who you may know from the phenomenal racing series Project Gotham Racing, Blur, and others. With such a solid pedigree, it's easy to get excited for 2K Drive, but if you still need some help then just take a gander at the following trailer, which should do the trick.

2K is labeling this as a "premium" racing game, and you can expect all the typical features found in such a game. More than 25 licensed cars, real-world locations, and a ton of different modes for both single and multiplayer racing, as well as 20 mini-games. Also there will be something called a "RaceFace" feature which lets you put your actual face into the game a la Bloodmasque [Free], and it's stupid how excited I am about doing that.

No firm date is set for 2K Drive yet, but make sure you've got it added to your TouchArcade [Free] Watch List and we'll alert you when more news is available.

  • fransoccer

    This looks amazing, now I'm looking forward to this and Asphalt 8 it's a great week for car lovers

    • BradH


  • iOSPeace

    Ummm this has been a softlaunch forever over the pond. This isn't new.

    • toxiccheese

      Well it's new to the U.S.

  • GaZ-OiD

    Premium not Freemium. That's a good start and the game is looking good as well 🙂

    • pointaken47

      It's freemium

      • marc0313

        It says premium, dipshit.

  • toxiccheese

    It looks good, but the cars seem stiff like they have no suspension or weight.

  • Jzracin

    Finally a good racing game is coming to iPhone

    • Taclys

      -Asphalt series
      -Need for Speed wasn't bad

      There have been good racing games.

  • ImJPaul


  • Topbeast

    0:40 looks like a freemium racing game :s

  • nburcombe

    Made by Lucid no less - just upstairs from Playrise Digital (Table Top Racing). Saw it quite early in its development, looked very good.

  • marc0313

    Well, I mean, the graphics are inferior to Asphalt 8 and RR3.. But, eh. Whatever.

  • Rivalsan

    Someone said that it has already launched overseas. Has anyone played the overseas version? Any impressions?

  • rewyan

    2Kdrive....... that's a pretty simple name. I don't think it would be possible to create a 2Kdrive 2, because that sounds awkward, but they might make a new one each year and call it 2Kdrive '15 or something like that.

    I like the minigam thing, that looked interesting.

  • tranceforma

    Looks like loads of fun. Mixed classes and mini games, multiplayer online. I'm in, premium, freemium or otherwise. RR3 is getting real old, real fast with how expensive it's starting to become so I could use a new racer 🙂

  • buzzbydj

    Been playing this game for about a month now from the netherlands app store and i have gotta say this is by far the best racing game ever on ipad, forget real racing 3 this beats that in every way possible. Graphics really are console quality and the handling is spot on. £2.99 vip is all u ever need to buy.