battlefriendsiconTequila Games' BattleFriends series is leaving the seas for the, uh, land. Tonight will see the release of BattleFriends in Tanks, a 2D turn-based game that tasks players with blowing each other up in a variety of colorful tanks.

The core of the game revolves around two phases: movement and attack. At the start of a turn, users are allowed to move around the game's spherical map until their tank's fuel is cashed. From here, they have the option to fire an arcing, sluggish shot at the user-controlled opposing enemy tank. Once a shot's fired, their turn is over.

This is pretty simple stuff, but there are a couple of twists. For one, maps often have environmental objects that you'll need to shoot over or blow up in order to get to your opponent. Also, there are special abilities, too. One type of shot, for instance, grows a tree wherever it lands, which essentially creates a barrier between you and an enemy. Weapons like sniper shots and grenades and their very different firing arcs add a cool tactical layer to the play.

Tanks is hitting in both free and paid versions. Both use a gold currency that you can spend real dough to accrue. In turn, you can use it to buy more special ammo, tanks or possibly even maps down the line. Since it's so early, it's hard to tell how much of a bummer the IAP could be. We'll have to keep check this out as we play.

Anyway, if you've got a strong collection of friends that like turn-based games, this might be something to go with. We'll have more down the line.

International App Store Link: BattleFriends in Tanks, Free (Universal)
International App Store Link: BattleFriends in Tanks, $3.99 (Universal)

  • Taclys

    Wait, if you have to buy gold currency, what's the point of the $4 version?

  • Wizard_Mike

    Yet another pay to win game by these guys.

    I really liked the Battleship clone they did, but the fact that you had to pay to be at top performance turned me off. I don't mind paying for stuff, but when an IAP system is designed for it's players to either blow money on every single match or simply be inferior to those that do, well... That's not what I call a game. Would you play a game of basketball if you or the other team could pay per game to have an extra player or buy extra free throws? Would that be a fair and legitimate game? No. It would be a scam. Yet people play these games like battlefriends and don't see any problems. Bleh.

    I have no doubt that this game will be a good scorched earth clone, but the mere fact that you can purchase better ammunition completely ruins it. Games need an equal playing field, not an equal paying field.

  • sweetdiss

    So is this a scorched earth / worms type artillery game?