493388_largerA long time ago, we ventured out into the darkness of space in an attempt to fix, uh, something in the awesome iPhone simulation game Astronaut Spacewalk [$1.99]. It didn't go so hot. Actually, I'm pretty sure it couldn't go worse. We've been looking for a bit of redemption since and now seems like the perfect time because Spacewalk has, finally, been re-released as an iPad title, complete with new UI and content. The name? Astronaut Spacewalk HD [$1.99 (HD)].

Join Eli and I as we go into space again and totally not fail like the last time.

  • http://matt-curtis.me/ Matt Curtis

    I...am sorry, but this looks like a really difficult, really boring game. I'm not sure who the intended audience is. Space fanatics?

    • http://ask.fm/MidianGTX MidianGTX

      Damn. You're onto something. Somebody call Nintendo and suggest they market Mario Kart to fans of Mario and racing.

      • http://matt-curtis.me/ Matt Curtis

        Ha. I suppose that's obvious.

  • paulkane

    Snarky bisch!

  • Scot D

    Lmao! Thanks for the hilarious video of you guys. That's why I dig your podcast and your TA plays videos. The game looks horrible though and should probably die a slow, suffocating death. More TA Plays! Perhaps trying out the obviously terrible titles with you guys going at it back and forth. Gold!

    • scamper

      Like Mystery Science Theater 3000 for bad games. I'd totally watch.

      • Scot D


  • heresandypandy

    Eli's audio seemed to be a little out of sync on this one. Amusing as ever though, TA Plays are the best part of the site, they need to be more regular!

  • rurmel

    Terrible? More like freaking awesome! I love this game, it's so damn satisfying once you get use to the controls, and there's something beautiful floating through space. One of my favourite ios titles, brilliant audio and visual design, and just a fun game to play. Not for those looking for a bombastic life endangering experience, unless you spin out into the never ending abyss of space 😉

    • rurmel


    • Scot D

      To be fair I have not played this title. I certainly don't need a game to be bombastic life endangering, however I do need to to be engaging, perhaps a bit of strategy involved. That's the beauty of the iOS market place though, there's nearly something for everyone!

  • http://iqsoup.com/ iqSoup

    Horrah! Another TA Plays! Your original video of this was one of my all times favorites--I love seeing it revisited! More TA Plays please!!!

  • swarmster

    Eli, count me at least as psyched for Gravity. If you haven't seen the last movie Alfonso Cuarón wrote and directed, it's a little flick called Children of Men and one of the best sci-fi films of the last decade.