The Anomaly series of games are really awesome. We loved the original so much that it was our 2011 Game of the Year Runner Up. The pseudo-sequel was great too, and really the only "complaint" we had, which is really only a negative if you didn't also love the first game was that it was just more of the same great gameplay. Anomaly 2 launched on Steam in mid-May, leaving iOS gamers wondering if and when we'd see the game on touch devices.

Well, 11 bit Studios is now ready to talk business, both in releasing the above trailer for the mobile version and teasing a nebulous "Fall 2013" release date. The PC version saw great reviews, with many mentioning the awesome new multiplayer mode where you can actually play as the towers and fight off a friend's assault. Of course all the singleplayer stuff is in there as well, complete with multiple endings depending on the choices you make throughout the game. Your actual units are cooler this time around too, with the ability to transform into unique mechs for situations that require a little more oomph than their standard form.

We're super-stoked for Anomaly 2, and you should be too. If you haven't yet, be sure to check out Anomaly Warzone Earth [$1.99 / $3.99] and Anomaly Korea [$3.99]. Play 'em with headphones too, if you can, as the sound design is out of this world.

  • speedyph

    I'm super happy it's comin to ios I WUZ wondering if it WUD come thank u it is

  • King Random

    One word:

    • REkzkaRZ


  • Garzhod

    Graphics look nice

  • Rothgarr

    Cool trailer. They spelled Android wrong...

    • loophole

      Lol adnroid

  • zergslayer69

    Pre ordered this on steam for PC version, still waiting on that controller support....Guess I'll just get the ios version and play that instead.

  • Schutzenegger

    I have to wait until fall to see the trailer?!

    • toxiccheese

      Uh, the trailer is in the article?

  • wimbuytaert

    Exelente!!! Insta buy

  • NOEN

    Finally! A game for my ADNROID device!

    • Tom Ohle

      Hah... ugh, yeah, we ended up catching that after it went up. Tomorrow we'll also release the full spelling-error-free version. This one's exclusive to TA!

  • PCKid

    Looks like a giant leap in the graphic department among other things. Can't wait loved the first two..