Last year when Worms 2 Armageddon hit the App Store, we made mention that it felt a lot like Worms 1.5 in that they basically took the first game, added a few things, and slapped a "2" on the box. That's sort of true for Worms 3 as well, except this time around the feature list of new things feels far more substantial than previous installments.


Designed "exclusively" for iOS, this Worms brings a welcome D-Pad control system which seems like it will go a long way to avoid those irritating wasted turns from fat-fingering touch gestures. Additionally, a buff system has been added which allows players to collect cards to form a deck full of available power-ups.

Customization has been increased as well, with new ways to visually deck out your worms as well as a class system which makes each worm play slightly differently. Of course the best way to play Worms is multiplayer, and it Team17 didn't skimp this time around. Aside from full online asynchronous play (both in "friendly" and "ranked" modes) there's also some really slick AirPlay functionality for playing locally with up to four players on the same device while broadcasting the battlefield to your Apple TV.

We're going to dig deeper into Worms 3 for a review in the not too distant future, but, in the meantime, if you're a diehard Worms fan you should probably just pick this up when it hits tonight at 11:00 PM Eastern.

International App Store Link: Worms 3, $4.99

  • Jef Crisis

    Dribble.... Ü want!

  • Wizard_Mike

    The airplay feature sounds pretty sweet. I hope more games use that in the future. There's some good potential for party and board games in a setup like that.

  • webman2k

    Very excited for this. Love the brand. There have been copies, but nothing has successfully gotten the balance and formula right, between humor and gameplay, like Team 17. Instabuy for me.

  • HelperMonkey

    I'll wait for for the review, but if they can match the console experience I'll eat it up. I have lots of fun memories from Armageddon.

  • Jake7905

    In a weak week for releases this new Worms game is tempting, but its going for 5 bucks so I'll probably wait for impressions.

    • abodi

      After purchasing at least 10 different versions of worms over the years, I'm a little burnt out. Everyone in the last 5+ years feels like nothing but a bland money grab to me.

      Unfortunate because the game has the ability to be great. Hopefully this one delivers.

      • Dueler

        Mhm, i dont feel like thats the case, i think they just dudnt try make enough other stuff and Worms isnt the kind of game that needs yearly releases. Look at alien breed when they branched out they did really well.
        Or i was a teen when i liked armageddon/worldparty and my adult brain just doesnt enjoy it.
        Either way i have been playing some worms 3 and the controls are great but thats all im really able to discern without replaying worms 2 again for comparison 😮 Other then the obvious changes of course like classes and new weapons. i think the wifi matches will help keep this one above water better then Worms2 or 1 tho. To say anything this is probably thw first one worth the price tag... maybe.