923627_largerA recent free to play title from Triniti Interactive, Mini Warriors [Free] is a game focused on amassing attack power through recruiting heroes and training armies and using said power to take out opposing armies. As F2P, the game employs a standard combination of dual-currency combined with a power mechanic that limits the amount of battles you can partake in without waiting.

For those thinking there is some magical way to play Mini Warriors forever, I have some bad news: you're eventually going to reach a point (probably sooner rather than later) where you'll either have to wait for your power to regenerate or use some tCrystals (premium currency) to quickly regenerate. Thus, folks looking to have some extended play sessions will probably run through their tCrystal reserves relatively quickly, leading to having to purchase them.

Other than a general (obvious) rule of playing Mini Warriors in spurts to regenerate power, the purpose of this guide is to try and have you get as much bang for your buck as far as power is concerned.


Use the Bronze Refresh

The first (and second and third) time you probably pushed the bronze refresh button in the Tavern, you were probably grossly disappointed with the parade of one-star heroes being trotted out for recruitment, leading you to think you'd have to use up tCrystals or goblets to try and get a better shot at the elusive three or four-star heroes.

While those options will certainly give you a much higher chance of quickly obtaining a stronger hero, I'd highly recommend that you keep using all your daily bronze refreshes whenever they pop up for two reasons. First, there is an achievement tied to using it, so you'll earn a bit of gold eventually for doing it. Second, I've gotten three-star recruits from a bronze refresh so I can safely say that the chance always exist you'll get some good heroes without having to use your tCrystals.

screen1024x1024Don't Dawdle On Already Completed Missions

Upon completing a mission, Mini Warriors allows you to replay it to grind out gold, experience and items (assuming the mission has a chance for a droppable item). While you may be tempted to replay completed missions repeatedly to try and earn those items, it's better to just keep trudging forward. It takes a bit of time until you actually get to a stage that you can't pass and by that time you'll either have unlocked newer stages that offer better weapons and armor (or tools) which also give more experience and gold or you'll be able to go back and grind the items you need at an easier pace. Normally, I'd say there's nothing wrong with grinding, but there's no point in having a powerful army and having to wait until you use it because you spent all your power on leveling up.

Focus on Elite Missions Later Rather Than Sooner

Unlocked after earning 30 stars in a region, elite missions aren't a bad way to unlock stages with the potential to earn some nice equipment. They also cost more power to embark on than normal missions, meaning that they'll drain your reserves quickly. If you get to a point where you need to grind for any reason, the elite missions are a good way to do so. However, until you get to a point where you actually need to, I'd say to focus more on the main mission tract. As a general rule of thumb, the elite missions for recently 30-starred region are tougher than the normal missions for the preceding region.

Develop a Balanced Army

While spending power and grinding your army up is the easiest way to raise your attack power to plow through opposing forces, it's still important to pay attention to your army makeup. Specifically, keep in mind that Archers are strong against Cavalry, Cavalry are strong against Infantry and Infantry deals 'moderate damage' to all unit types. Generally, I'd recommend keeping a decent balance between all three types. However, if you get to a hard stage and you notice that the enemy is loading up on a type of unit, I'd recommend countering with their weaknesses.

screen1024x1024-1Always Work Towards the Gold Goblets

With enough time, you can grind out as much gold, experience and items that you need. However, one thing that you can never change is the raw potential of your heroes. Thus, it's imperative that you work towards filling out your ranks with as many 3 and 4-star heroes as you can. While one way to eventually do this is by using the bronze refresh (see above), a surefire way of getting a good hero is by using a Gold Goblet in the tavern. While expensive, there are a few ways to easily earn a few without spending all your tCrystals. For example, one achievement awards a goblet for buying 10 tCrystals, which costs $0.99. Considering goblets cost 80 tCrystals to buy normally, this is a pretty darn good deal. Thus, I'd highly recommend  trying to earn as many goblets as you can in order to outfit your party with high-class heroes.

Focus Your Skill and Army Upgrades on Your Best Warriors

Related to the above tip, don't waste resources on upgrading lower starred heroes that you should be replacing with 3 or 4-star warriors. Sure, if you have extra gold or items it doesn't hurt to outfit them (especially when you hit a grind point), but your priority should ALWAYS be allocating resources to the heroes that you plan to actually keep in the long term. Personally, if you have the spare tCrystals, I'd recommend using those to buy goblets and upgrade your heroes rather than spending them on items that cn be used to upgrade a lower-tiered hero.


When the Time Comes, Grind Strategically

A culmination of a few tips listed above, when you do eventually get to the point where you need to focus on improving your army, there's a few things you can do to make the grind more efficient. First, make sure you're always grinding on a level that also has the chance to drop an item. That way, you at least have a chance of earning supplemental items while you're gaining gold and experience. Relatedly, don't grind on a mission that is substantially below your potential; power requirements for stages never decrease so you'll simply wasting the opportunity to earn more gold and experience per power usage.

  • hourglass

    Triniti makes too many bad games. Why don't they just make one big, amazing game every couple of months instead of eight or nine?

    • Borus

      Because they are not trying making games but money.

      • Artfuldgr

        yeah, but trying to copy the governments tax system and nickle and dime you (without the power of a gun), means you just chase away the client eventually.. i know i am NOT going to spend money on game goodies... not in this came, not in elite dangerous on my top machine, etc.

        when it gets to that, i just move on to anther game and delete this one... so for the wont of money for game items, they lose the spy tracking sales..

        with thousands of games to choose from and new ones every day, there is really not much loss to moving on to other games and saving your money...

        its not a model that will last a long long time...

  • Avantyr

    The best column setup I've found is archers,cavalry, infantry.

  • Leeabe51

    You lost me at F2P.

  • http://www.thebassman.ca thebassman

    Triniti gets a bad rap (justifiably so), but this one isn't actually half bad. I haven't hit a paywall yet, which is always nice for a Triniti title. The "wait to play" is annoying, as are the occasional "cannot connect to server" errors - but other than that, it's pretty decent.

  • Warto

    Reliance on server connectivity slows the pace of this game.
    I haven't been able to play since yesterday due to "data errors" and "busy servers."

  • http://rekzkarz.com/ REkzkaRZ

    How do you play this 'game'?!?
    Isn't it just a store disguised as a game?

    Sorry, but please differentiate in future games where there is *no game* except shopping in a freemium store, and games where you actually get to play something.

    Yes, animations are neat. But the degree of 'play' in this game is nil. Zilch. Zero. Nada.

    So I give this app 1/5 stars bc you can shop & then watch animated fights. But as a game its a zero/5, and I'm stunned TA doesn't call it out as the piece of cr*p that it is.

    • Borus

      This is so called "zero player game" - a game that has no sentient players. Try google "Progress Quest" it's how game like this should be done for good.

      • http://rekzkarz.com/ REkzkaRZ

        Can we call it a "zero game" game instead? "Zero player" implies there is still a game, which is a point I'd argue.

  • Morgan01

    Seems interesting, but I've had my fill of Freemium titles. Pass.

  • amos38

    I like the game guides that touch arcade writers have created. This game though, from what I can tell watching Sanuku's video and the forums is that you can't control your troops. There's very little gameplay. That's sad. It looked kinda fun.

    • Elias Micheal

      you set formations and you DO actually get to call in troops or make AoE attacks or heals to effect the battle.

  • mutts

    This aint that bad, if you can connect to the server.
    At the moment 7 out of 10 times i get 'cannot connect to server' when i want to claim or go on a mission.

  • Max C

    The server problems here are pretty brutal. The game needs to talk to the server for pretty much every action.

    Having to click and wait for the server 32 times to level up a new unit is a joke. Then I got rolled back 3 missions due to a server disconnect.

    I'm enjoying this game for what it is, I hope these issues are a very temporary blip.

    • NtEzyBeingGreen

      This is spot on, exactly what has happened to me multiple times. This is a great game, and fun to pick up for a few minutes, but the servers are CONSTANTLY down, making it almost unplayable.

      • Max C

        Thankfully those issues seem to be resolved. I've not had a single error message this session

  • jay

    I'd like to know if anyone can tell me which gear is best suited for which hero. There are do many choices of combinations. It gets frustrating (part of the fun of the game I suppose) but I'm not sure which class goes with which gear.

    Can anyone help?

    • Rhys Pieces Nelson

      i find for the most part it doesn't really matter...most of the equipment does the same as the rest...e.g. a 3 star sword has the same stats as a 3 star bow or 3 star gun...there are a few exceptions but you'll see them and do whatever from there...hope this helps

  • Antreas Arkoudi

    I love this game i pay 200+ euro on this game to support the developer and still paying i have 17 or 18 purple heroes right now