nslogoHere's something kind of crazy. Crescent Moon Games is teaming up with Tasty Poison Games to publish a new cyberpunk themed first-person shooter called Neon Shadow. That's not the crazy part though, as Crescent Moon and Tasty Poison have worked together previously on the truly excellent Pocket RPG [$4.99]. No, the crazy thing is that Neon Shadow will feature a same-device co-op multiplayer mode on the iPad, and to my knowledge that's the first time an FPS has done such a thing on iOS. Seriously, check out how it works in this new video of Neon Shadow.

Intriguing same-device multiplayer aside, Neon Shadow just plain looks like an awesome shooter. I'm digging the moody visuals which draw influence from games like Deus Ex and Mass Effect, and the gameplay is inspired from classics like Quake and Doom, so it should be very fast-paced and action oriented. I love me some modern first-person shooters, but sometimes there's nothing that can match the pure fun of an all out blast-a-thon in a game like Quake. Neon Shadow is expected by the end of the summer, so hit up our forums and keep an eye out for more information soon.

  • Garzhod

    I would just troll who I was playing with

  • CrispyCreamed

    Nice! This is hitting me with some Eliminate Pro vibes. Count me in. Looks awesome.

  • Louis Ace

    This is a great idea! I wonder if other big name developers like Gameloft might include this in their Modern Combat, or N.O.V.A. games.

    • rdw2552

      I wish

    • crazy dad

      One of thing I really liked about nova 2 was Bluetooth multiplayer. Made car trips more fun.

      • inf3rn0

        Dude, IKR? Holy crap, when NOVA 3 took this out, I was pretty pissed.

  • rdw2552

    Ow much will it be and is it for iPod touch?
    I sure do hope so. Bc it looks way awesome and iv always wanted the split screen support.

    • JohnnyJ301

      If this was for iPod touch, how would you even see the screen? Seriously you may as well thumb wrestle.

  • SmackDatButt

    Pretty innovative as far as iOS accessibility goes, great for those long car trips cross-country with your siblings 🙂

  • julian.bean

    Broken ipads lol But seriously this is an interesting idea! Plus Crescent Moon is my favourite developer for IOS so go team CM!!!!

  • hourglass

    Sounds good to me. I hope it has a decent single player campaign.

  • Tim Chaten

    Yea - I thought we were done with half screens and quartered screens ... sometimes you really should just get something from Nintendo, Sony or Microsoft ...

  • JohnnyJ301

    Looks like all thumbs to me.

  • Lostpop21

    My eliminate pro itch has not been wet for years till now...

  • BJorn_LuLszic

    PERFECT! "Smash the iPad on yo face" game when you lose.

  • Wizard_Mike

    I can imagine the countless "oops" moments when a player notices he's about to get killed and yanks the ipad a little to fudge his opponents shot, lol.

  • ImJPaul

    Sharing iPads? Savages.

    In all seriousness, that's got bad news written all over it. FPS' make you angry when you die. When you get angry you have a fit. When you have a fit you flail your arms about. When you flail your arms about you throw your friends $800 iPad. When you throw your friends $800 iPad you owe him $800. Don't share iPads. Get your own.

    • daftman

      Or you might have an anger problem...

  • TriploSix


  • pkmaximum

    Oh my God!!! This is reminding me of Eliminate Pro! I can't wait for this!

  • Protoman

    My friends don't get to touch my iPad, ever. So this is sort of a moot point. The thought of someone's grubby hands on my precious, is horrible. lmao

  • http://buzzabit.com/aaron/ Aaron Sullivan

    Visuals remind me a bit of Atari's old Xybots arcade game. Loved that game. It was cooperative two player in the arcades and had some novel controls as a behind the back 3D maze shooter in 1987.