544885_largerAs we pointed out yesterday, XCOM: Enemy Unknown [$9.99] is seeing great success and is currently on sale, but just to top things off a nice big update has just arrived for the game as well.

The biggest new feature is the addition of the "Second Wave" content that launched as DLC for the console and PC versions of the game at the beginning of the year. The Second Wave offers a multitude of new options that let you tweak aspects of the game and play through it in interesting new ways.

The options include things like random stats for your characters, increased weapon damage, and many other kinds of gameplay tweaks that can make the game more difficult or require different kinds of strategies. Just to mix things up, you know? Initially only a handful of these options are unlocked, but as you beat the game on its various difficulty levels you can unlock the rest.

Also part of this update are many fixes and optimizations, including one that improves memory usage and should hopefully remedy the people who were having crashing issues with XCOM. Finally, you can now skip videos and the touch controls are said to be improved, addressing one of the only slight annoyances we could muster against the game in our review.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown was already a masterpiece and essential for any strategy fan's collection, but this new update sweetens the pot and the game is on sale to boot, so be sure to check it out.

  • toph101

    Best game on the iPad, and one of only a few I have completed.

  • Kirs

    GoTY 12 or was it 11...cnt recall..
    Headsup, i had 4GB of free space on my ipad when i tried to do the update but received the Not Enough Space pop-up...hmmm optimisation minibug?

    • SoyGreen

      Holy crap... Well... looks like I won't be playing the update lol! Is it almost better to just delete the game and reinstall - then restore the save file from the cloud?

      Why can't we get Delta updates people?!!?!? Warhammer Quest updates that way... the last patch was only like 40mb or something if I recall...

      • shaver

        Delta updates help over the wire, but you still want another copy on "disk" so you don't end up with it partially patched due to error. (Plus you have to maintain all the different deltas, but that's not a huge issue on iOS.)

      • SoyGreen

        Why do I want another copy on disk?

        Do you mean a copy on my computer I sync to? Cause yeah... I don't do that anymore. 🙂

        All I need is the delta updates to make the needed patch changes... not sure why we need FULL downloads anymore - just the changes should suffice!

      • rotopenguin

        That's the old way for deltas to work, but it's now better to use a bittorrent strategy to update. There's very little to delta in a game, the gigantic visual assets are usually static for the life of a game. If the assets do get updated, there aren't any delta algorithms that can help with "changed texture format and doubled rez". The only stuff a delta can still help with is the executable, which is too small to sweat anymore.

      • Greg Slomin

        The reason why delta updates are useful, and why we get such large massive unnecessary updates from some game publishers is the fact that nearly all games use some type of custom archive to store all of their assets.

        The reason why delta updates are useful is for example in a 5 gig asset archive you could just exchange the 3mb picture. Or what other companies do is allow newer packages to overwrite previous packages in the filesystem, so a _patch archive could be created.

        Unfortunately what a lot of companies are doing out of pure laziness is requiring you to download the entire asset archive all over agian. Whether or not xcom is doing this I have no idea.

        Edit: If this is updating through the iOS store and not within the app itself. ( I have no idea because I bought it a couple weeks ago). Apples algorithm for generating delta updates sucks, just like any other completely automated mechanism, and this is coming from an iOS developer. To truly make a delta update as small as possible it would have to be hand crafted by the developers, and apple just does not give us the tools, or the proper license agreement, to do that.

    • SpacePenguinBot

      It was released on consoles and PC in October of 2012.

    • Onikage725

      I'm still working out getting this on my iPad. I think I'm just going to update on iTunes and transfer over.

    • catwesterby

      Same issue here. Deleted all pics from my iPad to have enough space for the update, still can't download it. Ended up having to delete and re-install app, loosing all my save games. Not too pleased.

  • Alexythimia23

    Hell yes, this update sounds great, so looks like many more nights being up till 2am playing xcom on the pad lmao but about the issue people have with size, its just an unfortunate side effect of having a AAA game on a device which is already pretty much a pc, home entertainment system and add a gaming system to that along with everything else and you can see what an amazing feat this device is, so i know its a bummer but i think with the gaming side being so being for ios they will find ways to compress the games further, that or we can just get a higher gb pad!

  • Outrager

    Any chance they lowered the storage space of the installed game like Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes?

    • Bool Zero

      Honestly, there is not much more they can par off at this point... They have already taken a 10GB+ size game and shrunk its install size down to a little over 3GB installed. I'd say that's impressive enough as is!

      • Outrager

        I'm not impressed and that didn't answer my question.

      • Bool Zero

        Okay, fair enough, no need to be that way... Answering your question (which is already on the forum thread) No, the game is the same size it was before, weighing in at 3.2GB which IIRC was the same size it was before. As for can they reduce it more? I don't see how. Clash of Might and Magic was a bloated app to begin with when it released (they didn't care to compromise with the audio) so I can see just reducing the sound files helping to reduce the size if they don't want to approach compressing those sprites. With Xcom, they have already reduced the audio file quality, texture quality, cut two maps, etc... There is not much else they can do to cutdown the file size without taking out portions of the actual game at this point.

      • Outrager

        Okay. Thanks for the info.

      • LearnIIBurn

        Outrager is not impressed. Someone call 2K Games and get this person an explanation!

      • Outrager

        There's no need. Everyone has their own tastes and opinions.

      • themostunclean

        That was pretty rude.

        Hope you just hadn't had your coffee yet or something and you're not like that all the time.

      • Outrager

        I don't see how that was rude at all. Does not being impressed some how make me rude? I asked a question and was hoping for an answer to it. I don't think I'm rude in expecting an answer. I also don't drink coffee so I hope I'm not offending you or being rude to you in that aspect either.

  • iammane

    Man I love this game haha.. If anyone is still on the fence it's definitely worth the price. I bought it on day one and have definitely played it over 20 hours. $1 per hour of fun - passes the test :))

  • Tomate Diseño

    OK - Now I'm annoyed. This was a day one purchase for me becasuse:
    a) I like Turn Based Combat games
    b) I wanted to show support for AAA titles on iPad

    Despite the fact I knew I wasn't going to have time to play it for quite a while - why wait to buy - this is going to hold its value for some time and surely can't be on sale until Xmas…

    That was the last time I pay full price for a game on the iTunes store.

    • andrew9oh7

      It's only 5 dollars.....

      • hourglass

        With that 5 dollars I could have bought 4 different games or 4 different songs.

      • andrew9oh7

        Yea 4 endless runners,OH JOY

      • Tomate Diseño

        in UK money it's almost 33% off but it's not just about the money it's about being screwed over as someone who supports the product. If it's films, music, books, whatever, anything that is intangible, is a digital download it has no actual value based on construction materials, so why not just bring it out at $10 let the fans and supporters buy it en masse then let the price slide up instead of the other way round?

      • bilboa

        I've never understood the logic behind people feeling treated unfairly because something goes on sale after they bought it. Unless you think things should never go on sale, then your stance doesn't make sense. Any time something goes on sale, there are bound to be some people who bought it just before it went on sale. You could try to solve this by saying anyone who bought the item within the last say 2 weeks before the sale also gets a refund, but then people who bought it one week and a day before the sale will feel screwed because they missed out by a day. The only way to eliminate this "injustice" would be to eliminate discount sales altogether and require companies to decide on one price and stick with it for the life of the product.

      • Onikage725

        Furthermore, it sounds like you are mad at yourself. If this is your feeling, or how you budget, that's fine. Put games like this, that are pricey and you can't play right away, on your watch list. Monitor for sales, or buy when you're ready to play. Especially with summer being a heavy sales window across platforms, and this game being almost a yr old (just not on this platform). If your intent was to buy early to show dev support, then you are waiving any right to complain about future sales. The fervent day 1 supporter and the patient, semi-interested budget hawk are mutually exclusive mind sets.

    • VirtualBoyFreak

      Are you new to iTunes? If you were sure you couldn't play for a while, you shouldn't have bought it. With the way iTunes works, the only thing you usually get on a day-1 buying is having the game earlier than the rest to play more, so that when the sale arrives you've been playing with it for days/weeks...

      • dreaddead1

        It's the typical entitled gamer response. They weep and moan that they paid more for early access when the price drops later a la Defiance. With no consideration to the amount of enjoyment that they've received between then and now.

      • Maniacfive

        These guys would freak out if they bought indie PC games. 😀 'OH MY GOD! The game I bought a year ago is now in the humble bundle for 4$!'

        I expect their heads would explode like in Scanners.

      • Tomate Diseño

        Well I'm not an "entitled gamer", no idea where you get that from? Of course I've had the opportunity to enjoy the experience in that time - heck I have to buy console games here in Mexico for almost 150% the U.S. price, Borderlands was 1050pesos on release, if I hung around I could have got it for $9 in the recent xbox live sale, doesn't matter, friends and I played it every weekend for months.

        You've really missed my point though - I want product that's of quality to be made on this platform and when it arrives I buy it. I want the publisher to recover their investment and the studio to be employed with more work of a similar nature.

        Now what sort of perception is there of that product if it lands in the bargain bin after a couple of weeks? Nobody is buying it - slap a sale on and those people who got us this far - well thanks for your money but we're more interested in passing trade.

      • Tomate Diseño

        I bought my first iPod Touch December 2007 before there was an iPod touch, so no not new to it.

  • hourglass

    I updated, and so far the only thing I notice is that the aliens NEVER miss now. Thanks for nothing, 2k you asshole.

    • Cilo

      hourglass just delete the game and go cry yourself to sleep in your mom's basement.

  • jabbasoft

    Aargh. No room on ipad so deleted xcom to download the update, still not enough room. Deleted Baldur's Gate now can download xcom, but Baldur's Gate got removed from App Store?!? Now how do I get a refund, v annoyed as I haven't had time to play it and only deleted because xcom needed so much space to install :(.. Love xcom, shame it couldn't be delivered "smarter"..

    • themostunclean

      Did you back up the app file to your PC via iTunes? You can always re-install from there.

      If you're a TA regular, it was pretty big news that BG got yanked. If not, I'm sorry you got boned. This site is a great resource for news about stuff like that.

      I've gotten refunds for apps that had been out a couple of days and then been pulled but BG had been out for a while so you might not have the same luck. Worth a try though- find the purchase in your history using iTunes (have to use a PC) then click the "report a problem" and write a message. They should get back to you within a day.

      • jabbasoft

        Thanks for the advice, I'll try my pc backup and if not try for a refund. Re xcom update, I seem to have no saved games via iCloud but still have GameCentre achievements. Oh well I guess I'll start from the beginning again. I hope any subsequent update is a little more forgiving in terms of size.