In general, I'm not a huge fan of accelerometer games. Conceptually, finger-free control is a cool idea, but few games that use tilt are willing to really embrace the imprecision that comes along with the control method. As a result, you usually just change to an easier one: buttons.

That's why one of tonight's releases, Puddle, is kinda surprising. It's a tilt game that defaults to touch, and operates best as a tilt game. It's also pretty fun, though a little old -- it saw a release originally back in 2012 for a host of platforms.

To rewind a bit, Puddle is a physics-based ... almost puzzle-y game where you navigate a big glop of ooze through obstacles and eventually to an end goal. To give you a better idea, in the second mission, for instance, you're put in charge of pushing a puddle of water through a series of pipes while avoiding spots of heat that'll evaporate it. The faster you push the water through, the less likely it'll evaporate.

The overall design leans heavily on tilt to move varying liquids down and up and left to right, and it all feels pretty good. The physics on masses as they break into globs is a big deal, as they encourage you to tilt thoughtfully as you struggle to keep pieces from getting lost as you push onward.

This'll sound weird, but if you're looking for a good tilt experience, maybe Puddle will be up your alley. Just remember to switch to tilt from the Options menu.

Puddle hits tonight at 11:00PM EST. International link below:

International App Store Link: Puddle, $2.99 (Universal)

  • KillerSpecialK

    Playing this now for free on Ouya. Pretty fun game. Works well with the Ouya controller. We will see how this version works out.

  • Eseres

    That looks both fun and cool! Will be downloading as soon as it hits the store.
    Is it a world wide launch today, or just a single country launch for the US or something?

  • Marley Listmann

    I heard it *leaked* into the public early.

    • Happy W

      Yes, yes, "leaked", a water pun, very funny.

      Now, if we can be serious for a moment, I'd like to say I'm glad that the devs haven't given iOS customers a diluted experience of the original console game.

      • Marley Listmann

        I couldn't imagine why you'd think any different. It has the same level of detail as any pinball game turned mobile. The graphics are very simplistic when compared to other console ports, such as GTA III & Vice City, so I wouldn't imagine this game being "dumbed down for iPhone." Your point is fairly weak and would be more valid on a much graphically advanced game.

  • Himmat Singh

    Would recommend this whole-heartedly! Definitely one of the best games I played on Android and hopefully it's well received by iOS users.

  • Jake7905

    The overall concept of this game sounds like a perfect fit for tilt controls and, as Ridiculous Fishing proved, tilt controls can work very well with the right game. Though I'll most likely be playing this on my iPhone, because tilt controls on an iPad are more annoying then fun.

  • PlexShaw

    The game is not suited to tilt controls as some of the later levels are really difficult with it, particularly if you're going for Gold medals on all levels. It does have touch controls though, which should hopefully help.

    • Jake7905

      I'm guessing you've tried the IOS version already, based on what you said. So how are the touch controls? Do they work well? And, is it unplayable with tilt controls?

      • PlexShaw

        I've not tried the iOS version but I tried tilt on the Vita and Wii U versions and in later levels (particularly the blood stream ones), it just doesn't work well at all, so I see no reason why the iOS version will be any different. Maybe Neko have taken the time to optimise it for tilt but I've fully completed it on the Vita, Wii U, 360, PS3, PC and Android (Nexus 7 using a 360 controller), so I've got some prior knowledge of what the game has to offer.

      • Jake7905

        Gotcha. Thanks for the reply, hopefully they do a better job on the controls with the IOS version. But it's good to know there will be an option for touch controls, just in case they're of the same quality.

      • Eseres

        Touch controls on IOS works fine (on iPad4 at least), haven't tried the tilt controls yet.
        The game is very good.

  • xx99

    Reminds me of Fluidity on WiiWare. That game was a great implementation of tilt controls.

  • tknospdr

    I still can't believe that Archer Maclean's Mercury was never ported to iOS. What's up with that?