rymdkapsel-iconLasers! You think they're cool because they're multi-colored and make a sweet and subtle buzzing sound and can burn stuff without being fire, but you'll love to hate them really soon since tonight is the night that Grapefrukt's stripped-down RTS Rymdkapsel releases. In the game, you play as a minion overlord tasked with creating a self-sufficient space base. The catch is that waves of laser-toting enemies pop out in intervals, threatening to wreck what you've managed to build. And, seriously, these guys aren't pushovers.

If you haven't heard of this one yet, check out our preview of the game. Here's a short bit from that write-up, just as a refresher:

There is no micro game, really. There are only builder minions and one tap sends them to work. Either they're making rooms or they're harvesting resources. You don't need to sit these guys, in other words, since their abilities are limited. The rooms they build, for the most part, are set-and-forget, too, since they grow resources without your help.

The catch with all this is two-fold: (a) each room you can build is shaped like a Tetris piece and (b) at timed intervals increasingly powerful waves of enemies will appear. To survive, you'll need to build methodical, consolidated designs that allow easy access to weapons rooms for defense but are also sprawling enough to reach the obelisks. It sounds like an easy balance to strike, but it's most definitely not.

Spoiler: this is one of those games that you NEED to get on your iPhone or iPad. We'll have a full review a little later on, as well as a handy-dandy tips guide covering how to best defend yourself from those red-shoot-y things we've mentioned so much.

Rymdkapsel should hit in the US at around 11:00PM. We've got an international link just below. Yay, Rymdkapsel!

International App Store Link: Rymdkapsel, $3.99 (Universal)

  • lanights

    Been playing Cube World like a banshee on PC lately, and I can't help but see the visual similarity, even though the game is quite different.

  • lilnomad

    Great game to play on my Vita. Seriously, everyone should check out this game! It's awesome. Like mentioned in the article, it's basically like an RTS version of Tetris. You have to think about the layouts and minimize routes to your resources. You have to know the quickest ways to get to defense before you're blasted by the lasers. And it gets really tough as you progress!

  • http://www.zillow.com Steve Brownell

    I really wish there was more than 1 "level" to this game. It really hurts the replay-ability. All the mechanics and design are awesome, how hard would it be to toss in 5 more levels with some different monolith upgrades and goals to increase the play-time by 10x?