479190_largerThe dark arts! Skeletons! Reanimation! Excitement! Supercell's latest update to Clash of Clans [Free] adds all of these things, courtesy the introduction of the game's newest unit: the witch. The witch unit practices good old-fashioned, chant and raise-the-dead necromancy. With her, you can turn the bodies of dead warriors into a horde of skeletons. This is a handy thing if you think about it, since they'd just waste away otherwise.

To get the witch, you'll have to upgrade your "Dark Barracks" to level five -- which is also a new thing this update brings to the core game. And while we're talking about new stuff: another key addition? Replay sharing is now a thing you can do. Word of warning, though: it appears this new functionality has wiped players' old replays.


There's a lot more stuff this update has ushered in, including the ability to mute users in global chat and various nerfs and buffs on units. Hit up the patch notes right here if you want the full skinny.

  • Jesse7277

    Is this game any good?

    • GameExp3rt

      Pretty good

      • speedyph

        VERY GOOD

    • deviladv

      It's a logarithmic progression game, much like Mafia wars. You build stuff, mine stuff, and raid stuff only to move onto the next building. The game gets progressively grindier but not progressively more interesting. It seems to create some very interesting social clans, despite the social aspect being woefully weak. It's free and it's a game that's whatever you make of it so if you are satisfied with your level of gameplay it's fun. Be prepared to spend money if you don't want to wait months to be any good. The game is all about taking "days" to upgrade one thing, and time is reduced if you buy builders, which cost "gems" and gems are an IAP.

      Note that updates like this are merely for people who have invested money (a LOT of money) and want the new units right away. It takes days just to get the upgrades one needs to get this new "witch" unit and yet people "rushed" the upgrade with gems and videos and screenshots were showing up an hour after the update.

      • Karzay

        "Be prepared to spend money if you don't want to wait months to be any good."

        Which is why it's also called "Cash of Clans." It preys on impatience.

    • themostunclean

      Absolutely nothing good about this game. The timers and ridiculous prices make it unplayable for a regular gamer. CoC blatantly targets "whales" (casual gamers who spend thousands on IAP) more that any other freemium game out there. It appeals to the narcissism and greed of people with way too much time and money on their hands.

      Get this if you like only playing a game two minutes a day for 3 years in order to get anywhere. Or if you want a new way to waste cash while showing off.

      • chuboi

        Terrible comparison this game is nothing like mafia wars. Each raid is an active deployment of your troops against another player.

        These guys whining about IAP are standard iOS spoiled gamers with no patience and an expectation for instant reward and gratification. While the game does have features that cater to whales its a lie that you have to spend like one to be successful. None of my clan gems for resources and we've reached the leaderboards. Its a free game so make your own decision.

      • Borus

        There is a difference between game "mechanic" and game "skin". Your comparing is about skin - in other words how the game "looking". deviladv's arguments are about game mechanics - in other words - how the game "internally works". Its definitely offer nothing new in mechanics comparing with mafia wars, - you "grow your estate" by investing time(by pressing build or upgrades buttons) and currency (that you can also
        "plunder" from other players). And only reward you receive after upgrade completion or successful attack - is an ability to build more of the same staff and send more men-at-arms to plunder other people "estate". Rinse, repeat.

      • chuboi

        @Boris - LMAO. With this logic every game is a derivative of Pong because I "press buttons, stuff happens and score goes up"

        Have you played Clash of Clans at all past the tutorial?! I guarantee you didnt bother to play until you joined a clan and probably never played til you actually attacked a player. Yes the fundamental of 'creating a base and improving it over time' COULD BE compared to Mafia Wars, but you've conveniently glossed over major mechanics which set it apart.

        - Every raid you make is like a mini RTS battle. Your SKILL and actual gameplay experience determine your success. For EVERY raid. After thousands of battles I still fail and theres tons of troop combos i havent even tried yet.

        - Joining and/or creating a clan which leads to the community and social aspects totally nonexistent in MafiaWars. Not only does our clan chat blow up daily we integrate our clan with our sister clan through other social media. Every player learns to be the best through the shared wisdom of fellow members.

        Your broad generalizations of the game show your ignorance of both this game and game development/progression in general. As I said before it's a free game people so make up your own mind and dont get infected with the jaded negativity of these other posters.

      • Borus

        Well though your generalization about Pong and "everything else" is correct, i suspect that there are far more differences between Pong and CoC then between CoC and MW. Like after lose Pong match i can immediatelly start new without waiting for repleshing energy(remobilize troops) for, emm, hours? and so on.

        By the way you miss a reference about building defense lines for holding attackers in CoC. But as i see we still talking about different things(mechanic and skin), so my arguments about why attack-defense system in CoC is internally similar to energy system in MW should be just wasted stuff.

        Completely agree with your advise to everyone make his own decision to play or not to play.

        Should skip parts about my incompetence and miserable personal CoC in-game experience; it's okay someone in the internet start to charge opponent's personality, not arguments. I can live with that.

    • toxiccheese

      It's ok, but you need A LOT of patience. It's a HUGE grind to the more powerful items. It's not really a game, as it is a city builder type sim with some lite social features. It's free so you may as well sink some time into it... Nothing to lose.

    • JoelCave

      It's ok. Takes a long time to upgrade things. I wouldn't spend $$ on it.

  • GameExp3rt

    Which looks like a vampire holding a staff

  • wolfgirl

    uhhhhh seriously the negative comments..... -.-actually I'm grateful to CoC for teaching me how to be patient and the rewards for waiting are hella great, the satisfaction is overwhelming — if only you bothered to wait. it's a subtly clever complex game which seems simple and money-grabbing to standard players, but to enthusiasts like me I can tell you that the complex system in CoC is one of the best and has the tightest "fair-ness" in all games. everything is made in a way that everyone is balanced and has a fair and square stance in every aspect. there is a lot of strategizing needed for every step you take esp what to upgrade first or where to place what.

    haven't felt forced to spend a single cent and am already reaching lvl 50 with Town Hall 7 with all the best and highest upgrades avail yet, I collect gems by removing trees which grow daily, and in a week I already have 100 gems. I've already gotten my 3rd builder some time back and am gonna collect trees till I reach 550, and there is an additional 450gems to be rewarded when I complete an achievement, which by then I could already get my 4th builder.

    so you see, the devs made it fair for me to obtain whatever I want if I had the patience, and it didn't feel too frustrating either, I was ok with waiting because I already understood that it's basically a game which needs to grow progressively over a long time.

    • andrew9oh7

      It's not fair,plain and simple.whoeever spends the most money is always going to have the advantage

      • Borus

        It is "not fair" if you want to be a king of the hill without investing a penny, not when you want just get some minutes of fun.

        Yup, it's "free to play" not "free to win" game.

      • andrew9oh7

        Yea I'm not saying its not fun,I play it myself 🙂

  • SealKingSyX

    You do not need to pay money to be good at the game. Yes you need patience but this game isn't dependent on that virtue. You can play the game when you have time , raiding is extremely fun. What makes it so enjoyable is you atk ppl in your range of trophies which u r rewarded by defeating others. This leads to gaining resources to upgrade defences n troops. Sure it can take a long time to lvl stuff up but that makes the game last longer in my opinion. Eventually the game becomes an endless grind but ive been playing for 8 months and im still loving the combat and lvling system. My only gripe with this game s the new updates mainly help ppl who r higher lvl and that have spent money to become he best. The games been out for over a year so there's no way u can become the best without spending money. Think about his "when ur the best then what?" Dont try and b the best just enjoy lvling your own base and battling. P.s. if u have lvl 5 or higher troops join my clan~ Red dragon