684549_largerThere were a whole heck of a lot of great games that came out this week, but the one we all ended up coming back to was Square Enix's Bloodmasque [Free]. As mentioned in our first look at the game, this vampire-slaying action game revolves around the gimmick of being able to put your face in game. We thought it was pretty silly when we heard about it at E3, and, I suppose it is pretty silly, but that's a large part of what makes this game so awesome.

In typical Square Enix fashion, the game itself is totally over the top, with both a plot and setting that straddles the line of cliche grandiose world-saving themes along with a dark brooding art style that sets the whole vampire hunter scene very well. That's great and all, but when you add your own silly faces into the mix the juxtaposition between them is flat out hilarious.


There's way more to Bloodmasque than crazy faces, as the combat system is actually really neat and there doesn't seem to be any shortage of content between a constant plot line to follow, missions to accept and complete, and equipment to unlock and upgrade. Bloodmasque surprised us all, as we were expecting a gimmicky game of camera tricks and instead we got a really unique vampire hunter.

For more information on the game, give our TA Plays a look or dive into the forum thread. One thing to keep in mind, Bloodmasque requires a constant internet connection to play, so if you find yourself often playing games off the grid, this one might not be for you. Otherwise, rock on playing as a vampire hunter with the face of your cat.

  • TTotully

    This game is actually fun and a lot better than I expected. One tip, make sure you have good lighting when taking your pic for your character. I know that seems like a duh tip but unless you want a face that looks like your liver is failing then take your pic in a well lit room or preferably natural light.

  • dribblejam

    Can't even play. iOS 7 beta. Lol

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      I assume you're too busy working on iOS development to play the game anyway if you're running a beta operating system!

      • dribblejam

        Well then I guess you've figured out I'm not a developer then!:D

      • toxiccheese

        The beta is still really really rough. I had to take off my device.

      • TarePlays

        That's because it's for devs not normal standard users. I hate kids that think having iOS 7 is like hacking but they don't know jack.

      • Illuminerdy

        You hate people who use things out of curiosity and the desire to explore new tech? Christ, I remember when being a kid. meant you took shit apart and figured out how it worked. The Wild West of PC gaming was all about fucking around in file systems, modding stuff, adopting beta software early. Get over yourself.

      • JONfiero

        ^ My hero

      • marc0313

        Lol same

    • handycapman

      Really? I have the beta and it's working just fine for me. Make sure yours is up to date.

  • bwort110

    Not in german store?

    • iamcardboard

      It's not in the UK store either.

    • Eseres

      Not in norwegian store either...

      • Eseres

        Oh, never mind πŸ˜› I think the DL link from TA to AppStore have a bad day or something πŸ˜›
        Found the game in the Norwegian store when i searched for it in the AppStore.
        Why did i get the "not in your store" -message when i hit the DL button in this TA app?
        Anywayyyyyyys. Vamping around like there's no tomorrow now πŸ˜€
        I really must say, even though Infinity Blade is a great game, Bloodmasque is a touch better in my eyes.
        Then again... I really do love vampire stuff, so... (Zombie stuff too πŸ˜€ So don't tell my zombie girlfriend that im cheating on her with a vampire teen hottie :P)

  • toxiccheese

    So is TA starting a game of the week thing now? Do we get to vote on it?

    • http://matt-curtis.me/ Matt Curtis

      Not really, no, although I'm sure what they pick is to some degree influenced by what's popular with the community. They introduced this feature last week.

    • shortandnoisy

      Game of the week has been around for ages. I haven't seen it on the front page before, but it's in the forums.

    • themostunclean

      Half this site IS the forums ya' know. Try checking them out. GOTW is voted for on there.

  • tinkie277

    I don't know how I feel about this game yet, like the idea of being the main character though... Graphics are pretty good and the character models are very impressive... No pun intended here but are these swipe and slash games getting a little long in the tooth? All we need is a swipe and slash game with zombies!

    • themostunclean

      I think people are confusing mechanics with genre. When it comes to swipe & tap, this just happens to be an EXCELLENT input method for combat on touch screen devices. It isn't a genre unto itself.

      In the case of this game the genre emphasis is much heavier on the side of RPG as opposed to IB which is more an action title with some RPG elements.

      Horn relied on the tap and swipe combat as well but for some reason people weren't calling it a re-skin or clone. Bloodmasque is probably more like horn than IB.

      • tinkie277

        I agree with you and I wasn't referring to it as a genre, but there are other methods to make games, like I would of preferred a turn based RPG instead.... I really enjoyed Horn and I didn't think of it as a clone as it was the first title I played with the swipe and slash controls. I aren't saying the game is bad, I actually think it's quite good, but I think devs should explore different control methods....

  • LearnIIBurn

    This looks great! Can't wait to try it! Square Enix is really good at both impressing and disappointing lately!

  • Chaz42

    Not Sky Tourist? πŸ™

  • Bobonze

    Great game with a lot going on in it, but for the cost, There shouldn't be IAP to get blood gems. Or at least, more ways to gain them in the game other than leveling up, which doesn't yield that much so far.