597298_largerWhat's up with all this sports stuff on TouchArcade today? I've got no idea, but MLB Live Challenge [Free (HD)] is the latest sports thing to hit the App Store. Oddly enough, at least from a very high level Konami seems to be doing something very similar with MLB Live Challenge when compared to what EA did with Madden Social. It's a baseball game, but not quite, as it's more focused on building your team than playing the game, which might be right up your alley if you're the kind of guy who spends the season obsessed over baseball stats.

All of that stuff flies several miles over my head, but if the whole baseball management thing is right up your alley and you don't want to play ball with Konami's just-released freemium offerings, consider giving iOOTP Baseball 2013 [$1.99] a look.


Where MLB Live Challenge seems to shine is in its ability to pull down daily statistics of your players, and it's totally cross platform with people who play the Facebook game. As someone whose enjoyment of baseball seems to be limited to eating hot dogs and drinking beers at Wrigley Field (Typical Cubs fan, am I right?) I'm finding MLB Live Challenge to be pretty intimidating, but if this kind of thing is your cup of tea be sure to leave a comment and let us know how you think it stacks up to the other baseball games on the App Store.

  • awrobinson

    Not my personal cup o' tea but I know some dudes who will love this way too much. Forwarding it along!

  • dribblejam

    When will there be a proper MLB game for ios??

    • RowdyDinglebery

      Have to agree I wish there was a true authentic title. But I'm hoping this is a nice start. excited to try it after work

    • daniel5457

      Who cares?? It's a boring sport.

  • Rattyfus

    As you're a Cubbies fan I'm not surprised you're not bothered about stats. You guys don't have any.

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      I couldn't even tell you one stat in baseball.

      • ScotDamn

        Era? C'mon Eli!

  • jForsythe

    Boo hiss not available in Australia.

  • thecool111

    Locked up on ipad 4 after I won game, lost energy but didn't win game. Has anyone else had this problem?

  • rewyan

    There's so many baseball-related games on the App Store, but its nice to see a new variation to the typical style.

  • curtisrshideler

    Doesn't look like anything new to me. This seems like same old freemium manager with a bunch of random players from every team.

    Thanks for mentioning iOOTP 2013. It's the only baseball game I've tried and KEPT on my devices. The rest hardly have anything to do with swinging a bat and strategically stealing a base.

    Too bad MLB came out with nothing more than that home run derby game. They used to at least try making full games. Can't wait to maybe play a real action baseball game on mobile again without all that social crap.

    Until then, I'll just keep listening to games on At Bat 2013 while playing iOOTP.

  • PeterJames

    I'm also a big fan of iOOTP games. I'm enjoying this game, just because I love baseball, but I really despise this type of freemium. I really just want MLB the Show on ipad.