516631_largerCreating a good old fashioned button-mashing brawler isn't quite as exciting when the buttons you're supposed to be mashing are virtual, but The Gamebakers seemed to have cracked that particular nut with their excellent gesture control system in Combo Crew [$1.99].

We really enjoyed Combo Crew in our review, and last week the team released a pretty huge update adding a final chapter to the story, some new character skins, and all sorts of other goodies, but that's not even what I'm here to talk about. No, what has my interest piqued is the vague teasing that Gamebakers and – get ready for this – Capcom are doing on their various social media networks. The Gamebakers have tweeted and posted to Facebook the following image.


So, a new character is in the works for Combo Crew it seems, but here's the weird part: over on Capcom's Facebook page they've reposted that very same image. Hey, maybe Capcom are just big Combo Crew fans, right? Well according to a tip from one of the Gamebakers themselves there really is a new fighter in the works for Combo Crew, and it's going to be a Capcom character. Who that ultimately ends up being remains to be seen, but go ahead and take a stab at what you think the silhouette might be, and we'll bring you more information just as soon as it's revealed.

  • wolfie9090


    • wolfie9090

      That's just a hunch cuz he's like the main character but the silhouette looks crazy idk who that is

  • Phoenixfire93

    Clearly this must be Dr. Wily. The silhouette could be his castle.

  • anoon

    Viewtiful Joe

    • Cactusboy00

      That's my guess, too.

      • eventide

        Mine too.

  • whitestatic

    I'm going with that plane from 1942.

  • l3aper

    I told you guys these Doritos were awesome but nobody listened did they

  • panama chief

    Look at the helmet. That all viewtiful.

  • 7lilwhitewolf7

    Tron Bonne?

  • ImJPaul

    Seriously. I have no idea who the balls that is. I'm just gonna say its Jesus. Capcom owns the rights I think.

  • eric12961

    It's Cthulhu