991828_largerWinning in Frozen Synapse [$9.99 (HD)] makes you kinda feel like a mind reader. You've got to be able to just KNOW what the opposing player is up to and cash in preemptively on his moves. If this -- or the game's turn-based competitive action, which is pretty good -- sounds even vaguely appealing, now's a great time to give it a shot. Mode 7 has slashed the price of the iPad version for the first time, bringing it down to an agreeable $2.99. It launched at $6.99.

That video down should give you a pretty good indication of what to expect. It might be kinda interface heavy, but the mix of competitive strategy and the complexity of setting up smart, tactical shots is brilliant. Also, there's that whole mind reading thing.

  • Louis Ace

    iPad only 🙁

  • MyAimIsTrue

    Any word of an iphone-version? 🙂

    • shaver

      Playing FS on a 4" screen would basically be "enhanced interrogation".

    • VeganTnT

      They have said they are looking into iPhone implementation on their website. It would "only" take a new ui as everything is zoomable. It's hard to justify taking the time for that when they are working on a new game (Frozen Endzone) and the sales of the iPad version probably haven't been the greatest.

      This lower price point and the direct comparisons to breach & clear showing FS to be the superior title might make them shift focus back to iOS.

      • LearnIIBurn

        I believe it was released for Android phones along with tablets. I know most android phones have larger screens now, but I feel like the i5 could handle this game with mild UI adjustments.

      • subshell001

        they said the sales were really good, at least in the launch week.

      • VeganTnT

        I don't doubt it sold well at first but at 7 dollars there's no way it could sustain that popularity even though it was featured by Apple. B&C is cheaper and universal so it's skyrocketed in sales to the point it's still in the top 5 paid apps, that's an insane amount of revenue and eyes on your game/company. No offense to the devs of B&C as I'm not trying to make criticisms against them, but that's attention I really wish Mode 7 had gotten.

  • Kozio235

    Get xRec to record your screen on non-jailbroken devices! Get it fast because Apple isn't a big fan of stuff like this...

    • joaquin_ondamoon

      And I'm not a fan of spamming the forums to push you're app!

      • joaquin_ondamoon

        *your *headslap*

      • PallaZ

        Actually I'd thank for this post otherwise I haven't seen this app.
        Hopefully the recorder is iOS 7 ready before Apple will kill it.

    • ridiculocity

      Nor are Apple a fan of code being ripped off. If it is deleted it will be because it was reported as a blatant rip off of someone else's work.

      Back to topic, glad I waited for price drop… awesome game!

  • flashbackflip

    I was on a fence with this one for $7, but i'm going for it for $3!

    Thanx for the heads up, TA!

  • Bloodangel

    Yeah any news on a iPhone version?

  • armilla

    I want an iPhone version!

  • calvo

    anyone got an extra redeem code lying around? 😉

  • GiHubb

    GOTY so far for me. Yeah, it's good. Definitely worth the original asking price, a steal at $3.

    • psiboy

      It's technically 2 years old, but still has not gotten the popularity it deserves.

  • Taclys

    $2.87 in my account.

    DANG IT.

  • Bantocks

    Bought. Thanks for the heads up.

  • vaelsh

    I am so glad I saw this heads up by TA! I have been curious as to what this game is all about for quite some time and now because of the price drop coming at just the right time I now have the chance to finally play it! This looks awesome and its only going to get better! Thanks TA for the heads up on this one!