096796_largerThe other afternoon, Jared and I sat down to play a little bit of the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch version of Grasshopper Manufacture's Sine Mora [$4.99]. If you're unfamiliar, it's a wonderfully animated and directed bullet-hell shooter with a really novel time mechanic that actually gives casual players a chance to have fun while giving pros something new to contend with. Also, oh man this game looks so good.

I ended up digging what we saw as we played, which I think says a lot since I'm not the biggest fan of these types of games usually, you know? Below, we've embedded the footage from our session:

Sine Mora is out, for reals, now and it looks like the game's developers are going to be supporting this release with updates down the line. That's pretty cool.

  • metalcasket

    Anything good you have to say about Sine Mora on iOS is wrong and the game is rubbish. Relative Touch controls FTW.

    I'm not actually serious. The game is gorgeous, plays flawlessly and is an absolute joy to own. I don't care how much flak the following comment gets me, but: Don't listen to the people complaining in the forum thread...the game is incredible.

    • Reignmaker

      "Don't listen to other people, just listen to me." Ok, got it.

      • metalcasket

        Which part of my post failed to imply that was PRECISELY what I was trying to say?

  • NOEN

    Totally agree with metalcasket. This game it the crown jewel of shmups IMO.

  • JRaynor

    so now people cant have different opinions about the controls

    • jamarohn

      Nah. Bottom line, the best opinion is your own opinion.

      With the control issue being so split into two discrete camps, it's time to agree to disagree, and for the folks who haven't tried it themselves to form their own opinion on the matter. Myself included.

  • Rothgarr

    Bought it last night. Saw that there were features crippled by not linking to Facebook. Saw that only half of my iPad's screen is used. Instantly hated the game. The visuals are admittedly beautiful. That Facebook crap is something you'd expect from freemium, not premium. Will give it another try, though. Hopefully I can get past the social requirement.

    • Bytebrain

      I hate Facebook creeping into games too, but in this case it really isn't much of an issue.
      Your progress is saved even if you don't log in to Facebook.

    • Adams Immersive

      Looks great, but that severe letterboxing is disappointing.

      Hard to think how they could fix that--screen shape being such a fundamental game design issue in a game like this. The only thing I can thing is just to extend the background above and below but not allow your ship beyond the current "borders." Force field maybe? Sounds a little lame, but the view would at least fill the screen. (Zooming in would work, except you wouldn't be able to see ahead enough.)

  • araczynski

    enjoyed this on my pc ($2.50 on steam).

  • http://www.nafna.com/ nadav bar kama

    yup, the backgrounds look awesome ... but the reality of the app store is that paying 6$ for a side scroller ... dont know about that?

  • Mister Bump

    Loved it on the Vita, can't really see it being much fun with touch controls though. Maybe for the masochists out there...

    • jamarohn

      ... or people without consoles.